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For my re-roofing and solar I went with ArtGreen Construction and I do not regret my decision a bit. These guys might be small and might not be well known like some other big names in Los Angeles area, but they definitely deliver best bang for the buck. Their estimate for the solar and for re-roof was very competitive, and unlike the other companies, they replaced all rotten wood (one of my big worries), something that other companies charge separately. I hate companies that employ pushy salesmen whose only goal is to sell whatever they are selling, usually ball drops immediately after. Haim with ArtGreen is opposite of that: no pushy sales people, everything is clearly explained, no bulshit, straight to the point. The weather this year was unpredictable, but when unexpected rain started, Haim sent a crew immediately to cover the house in the middle of the night. Company installs top of the line equipment, and does not go cheap on the materials and necessary labor. The roof, the solar panels, the inverter - all components are of a high quality and "latest and greatest". The solar system delivers what they promised, the included monitoring application is excellent. I like Haim's dedication to the end result and to delivering what was promised. There were delays, mostly because of the bad weather this year, but everybody was working really hard trying to complete the project as soon as possible. Overall I am very satisfied with the end result and with the crew. Only time can tell whether the company keeps their promise on the warranty for the roof and solar equipment, but as of today they delivered everything and I am very satisified with the end result. I will highly recommend ArtGreen Construction if you are in Los Angeles and in need of a new roof and/or solar system.

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