ArtGreen Solar - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Roofer

  • Electrical Contractor

ArtGreen Solar - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Roofer

  • Electrical Contractor

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

Our company experience and expertise comes from years of installing different products and working on all types of roofs as a subcontractor installer for some of the biggest brands and companies in the industry.
And this is what set us apart from most companies out there is begin vertical direct installer.

We are NOT marketing or home improvement company with huge sales force that needs to get paid commissions.
We buy directly from the manufactures using only the best brand and products and extend those savings to our customers.
We takes pride in our unparalleled commitment to excellence,integrity, and taking educational approach on how to be energy efficient.

We strive to offer excellence in everything we do. That’s why we consistently exceed the expectations of our customers on a regular basis.
Loyalty and dedication to the job are what helps us to stand head and shoulders above our competitors – while some solar companies will use subcontractors, this only results in sub-standard work, particularly when the workers aren’t familiar with the installation procedures or equipment they are handling.

Key Points:
- Made in USA.
- Higher quality installations.
- Consultative sales process.
- Higher quality equipment.
- More qualified labor.
- Lower prices offered.
- Aesthetically pleasing installations.

We only use our own dedicated team of engineers and installers who are fully qualified and trained in the art of solar array installation.
Our experts are familiar with each of the systems components we install, allowing our customers to expect a job well done, on time, every time.

More About Us

More About Us

When you choose ArtGreen to oversee the design and installation of your solar array system, you’re choosing a reliable team that will never compromise on quality.

With detailed, transparent installation processes and a crystal-clear outline of what we intend to do and how we intend to do it, we work with our customers to always ensure a satisfactory outcome.

We offer the highest quality products like Panasonic panels and services at the most affordable prices.

We believe that consultation, assessment, and installation are just as important as the solar panels themselves, so when you buy through us, all of these services are included in our price. You can be confident that you are getting clean, eco-friendly, affordable alternative energy solutions.

Our team of professionals will walk you through every step of the solar installation process and make sure that you are informed on every decision being made.

ArtGreen will never put profit before people. We see it as our duty to ensure that our clients are happy with the service we provide. We’re committed to helping our customers to access cleaner, cheaper energy, which is why we’ll always be incredibly competitive when it comes to pricing.

No job is to big or to small, and we specialize in everything from simple domestic installations to multi-purpose commercial projects.


Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Energy Efficiency
  • High Efficiency HVAC
  • Solar PV

Case Studies

Case Studies

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
42 Reviews
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"The Complete Package"
Reviewed Sep 15, 2019

I found ArtGreen Construction on Energy Sage. Best value for the money by far. They did a clean installation of 22 panels in 3 separate arrays in 2 days. They take care of everything for you with Edison too - no additional charge. Could not recommend more highly.

"Good experience 20 panels installed in Corona"
Reviewed Aug 27, 2019

I must be honest at first I was hesitant because ArtGreen Solar was a small company I had never heard about. However, after speaking with Haim I liked his simple approach to Solar Panels and he was very responsive to both emails and phone calls. Haim explained to me about the GMA upfront that was much more cost-effective than a full panel replacement. His crew was professional and polite. I highly recommend ArtGreen!

"Truly Excellent"
Reviewed Jul 18, 2019

We have been operating our solar for only two months, but we are thrilled with its performance. ArtGreen's crew was efficient and clean. Haim was flexible in his design and accommodated our several roof surfaces. Highly recommend!

"Haim is the man"
Reviewed Jun 10, 2019

Artgreen was the sweet spot for me. Not too small/new to make me worried on execution, and not too big to that a remote contracted crew is sent out.
He has his own dedicated team. his prices were highly competitive and helped me understand my options. he handled all change with my utility and inspections.

Haim runs his own business, has been around for a long time. I wish I could post photos here, He did an exceptional job on the install took 2 days, and everything went so quickly and smoothly. I vetted 8 quotes on Energy Sage and a few others off of this platform. (I really enjoyed using Energysage)

I recommend buyers to get multiple quotes so they can educate themselves and make informed decisions. After all the conversations and education, I knew Haim and his team were right for me. I've already referred him to other friends. He maintained excellent communication throughout the process.

"Go Solar with ArtGreen"
Reviewed May 27, 2019

For my re-roofing and solar I went with ArtGreen Construction and I do not regret my decision a bit. These guys might be small and might not be well known like some other big names in Los Angeles area, but they definitely deliver best bang for the buck. Their estimate for the solar and for re-roof was very competitive, and unlike the other companies, they replaced all rotten wood (one of my big worries), something that other companies charge separately. I hate companies that employ pushy salesmen whose only goal is to sell whatever they are selling, usually ball drops immediately after. Haim with ArtGreen is opposite of that: no pushy sales people, everything is clearly explained, no bulshit, straight to the point.
The weather this year was unpredictable, but when unexpected rain started, Haim sent a crew immediately to cover the house in the middle of the night. Company installs top of the line equipment, and does not go cheap on the materials and necessary labor. The roof, the solar panels, the inverter - all components are of a high quality and "latest and greatest". The solar system delivers what they promised, the included monitoring application is excellent.
I like Haim's dedication to the end result and to delivering what was promised. There were delays, mostly because of the bad weather this year, but everybody was working really hard trying to complete the project as soon as possible. Overall I am very satisfied with the end result and with the crew.
Only time can tell whether the company keeps their promise on the warranty for the roof and solar equipment, but as of today they delivered everything and I am very satisified with the end result.
I will highly recommend ArtGreen Construction if you are in Los Angeles and in need of a new roof and/or solar system.

"Smart, reliable installers"
Reviewed May 12, 2019

Art Green stood head and shoulders above the other two solar installers I interviewed. They had the best cost per kilowatt for my 27 panel requirements. Their depth of knowledge and understanding of my overall power needs were excellent. The system was installed quickly, cleanly and very professionally. They were very helpful at teaching me how to use the system after install as well. The system has been performing very well. Art Green is highly recommended for your install.

"Easy, Fast and Competent Solar Installation"
Reviewed May 01, 2019

Thanks to ArtGreen Solar for getting us on solar. The process was extremely smooth from getting a design of the solar panels to permitting by B&S/DWP and then installation. Work started on April 8th and final sign-off/PTO from the utility happened on April 20! Very satisfied customer.

"Superb customer service"
Reviewed Apr 07, 2019

I was impressed with the owner, Haim Vagas and his installation crew. Haim answered our many questions & coordinated permits with the city & SCE expeditiously. The 40 panel & converter installation only took 3 days including inspections. His crew was professional, efficient and tidy. Haim personally drove a long way to inspect the work & answer final questions. The system is performing very well. We are very pleased to have chosen ArtGreen Construction for our project. I highly recommend engaging his firm for your solar project.

"Smooth and Honest Process!"
Reviewed Mar 10, 2019

First we want to thank all the team at ArtGreen and specially to Haim Vagas the owner he was great thru the entire process.

When we start the process of taking estimates and meeting with different companies we notice right away the approach each company is taking about selling solar.

we chose to go with ArtGreen because the attentions to detail and communication we had with Haim from start to finish answering our email and phone calls in minutes.
always available to answer any question we had and explaining the process and every step.
we felt that if we went great installation we should go with the installer himself and the owner of the company if possible to be the main contact.
the benefit from that was also direct prices on the components and installation + quick completion of work.
ArtGreen gave us the best panels (Panasonic 330W) at the best price from the other proposals we had and deliver on everything they promise.

Keep up the good work and we already recommend them to our friends and family thanks again!.

"Fantastic experience with ArtGreen Construction!"
Reviewed Jan 22, 2019

I recently had a solar installation completed at my home with ArtGreen Construction, referred via Energy Sage. Haim and his entire construction team were all very professional and acted with great integrity. I was very impressed with the quality of their work and responsiveness. I selected to work with them based on my communication with Haim, competitiveness of their bid, and ability to fit within my schedule constraints. The materials they use are also top-notch. I absolutely recommend anyone considering solar to work with ArtGreen!

Reviewed Dec 21, 2018

These guys are the best. They are there to assist in the process from beginning to beyond the end. I am grateful that they took care of all the city requirements and were communicating with us through out the process. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of this company.

"His entire team was extremely professional."
Reviewed Dec 04, 2018

Shopping for a good, quality solar system can be frustrating. I mean that to the highest degree. Quotes can vary wildly, extra costs can be hiding at every corner, and any additional delay normally means an extra expense to the homeowner. Not to mention the materials themselves as solar technology is changing rapidly and it is easy to get sucked into buying older systems that are less efficient for more money. ArtGreen built us a top of the line system with cellular monitoring for much less than what I have seen in the past.

Solar is a process, not a one day install, and requires a lot of work with the city utility services to make sure everything is approved and can be connected. Haim and his team at ArtGreen made sure that 'extra process' all happened below our radar to keep everything smooth and running.

Our system has top of the line Panasonic panels rated at 325W, along with SolarEdge monitoring system attached to the cellular grid so we can see production stats through our phones and on the web portal. A great build for a very decent price.

Haim is a good man - and his entire team was extremely professional. He went above and beyond and took care of all paperwork, permits, and rebates. I mention rebates because that is something the homeowner normally has to do, but Haim took care of all the leg work to get it all prepped and done. Very courteous and each member of the team was great to work with on site when we were home. I would highly recommend ArtGreen Construction for solar installation needs anyone may have. They did a terrific job and we are producing a significant amount of energy back into the grid to not only save on our energy costs, but also to lower CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions from burning non-renewable resources. It is not always about ROI, as solar systems have a lengthy term to get all your money back, but it was the best decision we can make for being humans living on a planet that we want to take care of. Having the solar system also improves the value of our home dramatically. I want a planet that our kids will enjoy to solar was common sense.

The install itself was a breeze. They matched exterior equipment color paints to the wall, ensured everything is flush and up to code for inspection, and also gave a full walk-through of the system with us so that we had a good understanding of what everything was and what to do in the event of any issues. I would highly recommend ArtGreen for solar installations or any other services they offer. They have a nice referral program as well so you could offset the cost upwards of $500. That referral alone is enough to cover almost 1kW of additional power in panels depending on choice and cost.

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"Top Notch Contractor"
Reviewed Oct 23, 2018

We found ArtGreen here on (which I also highly recommend) and now that our system is installed, I can tell you that this was easily the most painless, transparent, fast and high quality home improvement project I've ever done, and I've done plenty. There's a reason for all of the 5-star reviews. Haim Vagas was incredibly responsive, even responding to emails at 9/10pm at night right as I was sending them, and everything went faster than we had anticipated. He used Docusign for processing all paperwork, which is super efficient, and provided detailed plans, drawings, proposals, statements of work, permits, etc., and when it was over, we got an aerial drone video of the final installation with stills. So not only was his price and proposal the best using the highest quality Panasonic panels, his installation and communication were exceptional. Very rare to find a contractor like this.

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"Awesome Experience"
Reviewed Oct 07, 2018

After doing endless hours of research and pricing things out, I ended up choosing ArtGreen Construction for a few reasons. The first thing that I noticed was the equipment that they wanted to install, all of which I consider top of the line. Second was the cost for the installation, very competitive with the other quotes I got on energy sage. Third was all the great reviews on energy sage and yelp.
Now my experience with ArtGreen Construction was great. From the day that I signed the contract they were busy taking care of all aspects of the project and always kept me in the loop as far schedules and documents. The installers were friendly, neat and took pride in their work, for example they matched the color of my house to paint the new conduits and made same day corrections after the first inspection.
Being in the construction industry myself, I know first hand how bad contractors doing residential work can be so its always tricky trying to find one that actually cares about its clients. ArtGreen is a great example of what a contractor should be, client first and do whatever it takes to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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"Smooth and Professional from Start to Finish : )"
Reviewed Sep 30, 2018

Let me start by saying Haim was amazing! He was very professional and helped us answering on all our questions. We looked around and considered our options trying to get the best price and quality... ArtGreen was by far the BEST OPTION for both quality and services they offers ... We had 26x325w Panasonic panels with SolarEdge optimizes installed... ArtGreen is definitely the way to GO when you look for great prices quality panels and professional installation.

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"Great Solar Installation"
Reviewed Sep 24, 2018

ArtGreen did a fantastic job getting our PV system installed. Haim and his team designed our system to emphasize use of the south facing side of our roof and was able to get more panels than other installers thought. They also gave a fair estimate of how life our roof has and did not try to get us to re-roof prior to our installation.

Installation was quick and easy and only took one day and all conduits were color matched to our house.

We would happily refer ArtGreen to friends and family for their PV system installations.

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"Happy Customer"
Reviewed Sep 22, 2018

From start to finish! ArtGreen has a customer for life. I have been looking for a system that would fit my budget. Haim came to my house showed a system that fit my budget and gave me a ZERO SCE bill. I only pay a $10.00 connection fee. The install guys were very nice and worked clean. 26 panels were installed and working within three days. Past inspection with flying colors. If you need a solar panel system for your home. CALL ARTGREEN CONSTRUCTION! My wife and I are very happy with the system. Thank you everyone at ArtGreen.

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"Completely Satisfied"
Reviewed Sep 15, 2018

After reviewing several competitive proposals, I selected ArtGreen as my installer primarily because they were a one-stop shop; the don't subcontract the installation out to another company, but instead use their own trained installers. I found them to be knowledgeable, courteous, and very conscientious. As an engineer, I tend to overthink things and ask a lot of questions. I dealt primarily with Haim Vagas, and he consistently and patiently helped me understand every step of the process.

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"Bad contractor habits"
Reviewed Sep 04, 2018

Kept rescheduling. Warns too late. Never came, even when I agreed to $500 for evaluation reports. Gets angry with a customer.

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Verified Installer
Response from ArtGreen Solar
Responded Mar 07, 2019

You chose to work with our company to be your solar provider out of 7 other companies because we offer the best deal... best products... we are honest... and simply the best.

We treat all our customers or potential customers with respect and expecting the same from them as well... When we requested to reschedule our first meeting (before paperwork or commitment) for the first time by ONE day to do site assessment on your roof.
You made insulting remarks that led us to the decision to respectfully of course cancel our meeting and advised you to find some else to work with...

Emails Between Customer to ArtGreen:
Customer: "It's noon, but there is no sun out yet. Therefore, there is nothing to be sorry about. Before coming out, please give me a call to make sure Irvine's weather is sunny."

ArtGreen: "I don't need the sun for the shade report... but it's fine we can do it tomorrow between 12-2."

Customer: "Please, make sure you come tomorrow from 12 to 2, calling me an hour before the visit. You are starting to sound as the contractors I tend to avoid."

ArtGreen: "I'm sorry for the rescheduling... sometimes it happens after long weekend... I do not appreciate your last comment about other contractors ... I think we should cancel everything and you find someone better."
Sorry for wasting your time...

Customer: "Agree 100%. Yelp awaits"

We have the right to choose who we want to work with and there is no reason to get upset and post a bad review before we even started working together ... we didn't get angry with you like you mentioned we just tried to "Avoid customers like yourself" using your words. Your review does not reflect on our performance or customer service at all. We take pride in our company and customer service. We have hundreds of actual customers that are very happy with the way we conduct business and their Solar system performance. Therefore most of our customers are based on referrals

"Don't Look Any Further GO With ArtGreen"
Reviewed Aug 22, 2018

I used ArtGreen as my installer for solar panels after finding them on energy sage. The panels they recommended for me look so good on my house (I was really worried about my roof looking ugly :)) and they were all around fantastic. They gave me a SolarEdge system that has a phone app where i can track my production and monitor to make sure they are always working properly. They did a very clean job on my install, even using my house paint to blend all of the connections that they ran down from the roof so they weren't unsightly. They also did all the work to submit my LADWP rebate. They pulled the permit and had LADWP out to inspect in a day. Then it took a couple of weeks for LADWP to update my meter and connect me to "the grid". ArtGreen gave me the best bang for my buck and I did a ton of research - but the best part was how nice and responsive they were throughout the process.

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"Great job!"
Reviewed Aug 20, 2018

I am usually a skeptic. I have had enough bad experiences with contractors that any time I need one I am very nervous.

In the end, this was one of the easiest projects I have done. After speaking with several of the contractors who submitted bids, I felt most comfortable with ArtGreen. They performed the work exactly as it was laid out in the proposal, and there were no surprises. The workers were all efficient, neat, friendly and fast. When a problem arose shortly after installation, I called the office and the electrician was at my door in about an hour. He fixed the problem and everything has been perfect ever since.

I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend ArtGreen. .

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"ArtGreen Exceeds Expectations"
Reviewed Aug 20, 2018

We had great experience with ArtGreen and it all started with filling out the Energy Sage profile. I began receiving quotes for a solar panel system for our home on 5/30. Out of all the quotes I received, ArtGreen quote stood out. Not only was it the best value, but also included the highest quality equipment per Energy Sage ratings. I was contacted by Haim from ArtGreen and I set an appointment for him to come out on 6/6 to take a look at our property and discuss the project and his proposal.
We decided to go with ArtGreen on 6/7 and Haim set up everything; he drew up all the plans, wrote up/revised the contract per our needs, handled the permit process with the city, and submitted the Interconnection Request with SCE. Once the plans were approved and we had permits from the city, the installers were out three days later on 6/22.
I believe the installation took a little longer than planned, however Mario and the rest of the crew worked hard through the weekend and blazing heat to get it installed and final inspection on 6/27 and PTO from SCE on 6/ day under the NEM 1.0 deadline!
Haim is the ultimate professional and a true asset to ArtGreen. He is extremely easy to work with, on time, and returns all phone calls and emails in a timely manner. I want to thank everyone involved at ArtGreen with helping our project run smoothly and meet the deadline. It was definitely the right decision and we could not have picked a better company. We are extremely satisfied and highly recommend ArtGreen.

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"Easy and fast!"
Reviewed Aug 15, 2018

One day install, next day city came to turn on! Panels are sleek and look amazing! Very professional install. Would highly recommend!

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"Very Happy Customer"
Reviewed Aug 12, 2018

I used the Energysage marketplace to obtain proposals from six different solar firms. I selected ArtGreen to work with because their production ratio and price per KWh were the best and because they had a number of very good reviews. I spoke with Haim about some specific concerns and clarifications. In particular I was impressed with the production ratio their proposal assumed because it was higher than everyone else and had the effect of making the overall cost less than others. He assured me that their experience with many different installations allowed them to not only use the higher production ration but also to offer a production guarantee based on that. I am glad to say that since the system has been operating it has generated power at or above the stated levels, so I am very happy. After the selection was done and the contract entered into, the whole implementation process was very smooth with ArtGreen taking care of all permitting, material acquisition, installation, inspection and connection with Edison here in Southern CA. Everyone I worked with was very helpful and I was kept informed of all necessary steps. The work was completed on time, done very professionally and all the installation engineers were very friendly and took care to do everything to a high standard.

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Reviewed Aug 05, 2018

I was very happy with my experience with ArtGreen I waited almost a year before reviewing because I wanted to see how the year went.

ArtGreen is very easy to work with. When we discussed the solar project initially, I indicated that I wanted to add central air conditioning. They told me that they can do that. In subsequent discussions they told me I could go with a 4 Ton unit instead of a 5 Ton unit if I upgraded my original leaky windows. They also were able to do the window upgrade.

I was impressed with how quickly the air conditioning and window project were completed. The solar took a little longer because we had some issues with the roof and needed to move some of the panels.

I sized the solar system so that it would cover most if not all of my energy consumption. This year has been unusually hot and I wound up using the AC much more than I expected to. Even with that, it looks like my annual electric bill will be about what my original monthly bill was. We had a bit of a slow start because of the panel moves, so the first month or two had lower output. I wouldn't be surprised if next year's bill will be close to $0.

I would also like to add that the individual workers that performed the installations were very conscientious, were easy to work with, and did a great job cleaning up from themselves.

I definitely recommend ArtGreen Construction.

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Reviewed Aug 03, 2018

ArtGreen Construction was able to assist my father with a Solar installation. Haim was able to give him an estimate that was within his budget, which enabled him to get the solar in the first place. My dad has been struggling with his energy bill being excessively high for years, since his house is on the sunniest block of his neighborhood.
Fast forward 2 weeks later. Haim comes into the picture and is able to fully install his solar system without any issues. My dad and I are very satisfied with the work they performed and the time frame it was completed in! Thanks so much for the assistance!

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"Very responsive and professional company."
Reviewed Aug 02, 2018

ArtGreen did an awesome job with our solar installation. They handled all the paper work and moved the project along faster than I expected. They handled all my questions fast and honestly.

The installation was clean and looks great. Very responsive and professional company. We had a problem with our electrical box during the inspection. They spent extra time and money to correct the problem and get it signed off that day.

The panels have been operating great for a couple months with ne problems. I would highly recommend ArtGreen.

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Reviewed Aug 02, 2018

ArtGreen Construction did a nice job installing solar to my new roof. I was told awhile back when I was first interested in solar that I would need my roof replaced before I could get it.

After getting my new roof installed, I waited about 3 months and then started calling solar companies for estimates. ArtGreen Construction seemed to be the best option because of their transparency in pricing, warranty, and quality of service.

Haim was straightforward and easygoing through the entire process. He got me up and running within days. I would strongly recommend checking out their solar options!

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Reviewed Aug 02, 2018

After receiving 4 bids, I made the decision to go with ArtGreen Construction. The first impression you get from every Solar Company comes from their sales person. Haim provided me with good information and with NO pressure, which I appreciated. I went with ArtGreen because of the quality of the panels they offered Panasonic HIT, the price, and the quality of the service and installation they guaranteed.So far, everything has been in line with what they promised. The quality seems to be good, and monitoring the system is awesome. the customer service is A++. Everyone I have worked with on their team has provided me with EXCELLENT customer service from the installation crew, to our project manager. and a very big shout-out to the office administrator Rachel. Anytime I send her an email with a concern or question she is always get back with me and make sure I am a taken care of and a happy customer. ArtGreen knows how to their customers and they understand that we don't have experience purchasing solar system and that's why they ultimately won me over about this company.

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Reviewed Aug 01, 2018

ArtGreen Construction performed on all fronts of my project. They installed my solar system with no issues. I explained to them that I had knowledge on solar and already had several quotes from other solar providers, so to either price match or give me a better price.
Haim decided to beat the price, so I signed on with them. I got a great deal and professionalism across the board from Haims team. They were able to provide me with enough time to prepare for the service and made sure to install it carefully. Since my roof is slightly inverted, it needed to be installed more carefully.
Overall, very happy with the experience. ArtGreen Construction exceeded my expectations and did right by me in the end. I've been seeing notable benefits of having a solar system already. Very satisfied moving forward with this!

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Reviewed Aug 01, 2018

I had ArtGreen install a 30 Panasonic HIT solar panels system on my house last April of 2016. We couldn't be happier with the system and my $7 monthly SCE bill down from about $225. Dealing with Haim was great experience. So many of my neighbors have had poor experiences with other solar companies with installation, service, poor quality panels, installation broken promises, and delays with their system being turned on. ArtGreen team knows how to do it right- from start to finish! So, thank you Haim and ArtGreen.

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"Completely Satisfied will recommend artgreen 100%"
Reviewed Jul 26, 2018

We received very positive recommendations from a family member who had installed solar panels using ARTGREEN. We contacted them and received a proposal with excellent high power solar panels (17 Panasonic 325W panels with solaredge). They designed the system for us based on our requirements, Upon review we suggested some modifications regarding the placement of some of the panels.
We also consider installing battery backup as well but after speaking to Haim about it he explained to us that a battery is not the right option when your solar system is big enough to support the entire house consumption during the year, and did not make financial sense to add the extra cost of the battery pushing our ROI much further.
we barely have any blackouts and when he told us the battery can NOT support the entire house only few dedicated breakers then the decision was clear and easy we don’t want battery.

We liked the people that the company sent to install the solar panels. They were professional and polite. The company is easy to work and responsive to phone calls and emails.

ARTGREEN did everything from design, permits, installations and electrical work, and clean up. They worked with the city of Torrance and Edison for permits. Our system is operational and we are very happy with the level of energy it is producing.

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"ArtGreen Made Going Solar Easy and Simple."
Reviewed Jul 26, 2018

We have been up and running with our solar system from ArtGreen for about a year now.
We couldn't be happier with our decision to go with this solar company.
We had several other bids before deciding to go with Haim and ArtGreen team.
ArtGreen send their site assessment Tech to our house and after few days they came back with the most efficient and esthetic design possible.
Some other companies’ layout was to put the panels lower on the roof, which as trees mature would have become a problem. It also would have meant that panels would have more visible from the ground, love the energy they produce but don't want to be looking at them.
Haim and his team were always available to answer all our questions throughout the entire process, from initial contact to installation and activation of the system with SCE.
they tell you what to expect during the process, they follow up, and they are also...on time!!!.

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"Responsive Company and Super Professional"
Reviewed Jul 26, 2018

Haim and his team at ArtGreen are the best to do business with. Shopping for a good, quality solar system can be frustrating. The marketplace is flooded with so many companies, and to find someone who you can trust, can be very challenging.
ArtGreen was the lowest in price for top of the line 325W Panasonic Panels and SolarEdge.
Working with Haim and his dedicated team was a great positive experience. Each member of his team is a true professional. The crew never compromised on the quality of work and only used the best materials to complete the job. They were very courteous and cared so much when working on our home.
Every step of the process was well planned and executed. Haim was very proactive and effectively communicated all the schedules on a timely basis. I never had to chase him down for any information. He got the necessary permits from the city and even went to the extent of submitting our rebate forms to the utility company, a process that is the sole responsibility of the homeowner. The conduits were all painted to match the stucco and the solar panels installed were flush.
Haim and his team are the very best. Call him and none other for your solar power needs.
You will not be disappointed we already refer a family member and rewarded with $500 referral bonus check from them!.

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"Best equipment at the best price!"
Reviewed Jul 25, 2018

Haim and the people at Art Green did a fantastic job. My close friend works in Solar and I showed him the Art Green bid before I hired them. He was amazed at the system I was getting for the price. Highest quality components available and saved about 10k on what it's worth. Haim did all the paper work and I have already recommended them to several friends. To top it all off I have a 25 year warranty on parts and labor!

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Reviewed Jul 25, 2018

Me and my wife had several other companies come out and give me quotes. I have to be honest that after meeting with these major companies my wife and I were so confused that I had no idea what solar program was best for my home. My neighbor suggested that I talk with Haim from ArtGreen Construction. After meeting with Haim who took the time sit down to explain how solar works and the benefits of buying NOT leasing. very down to earth friendly and educated meeting. Both my wife and I were able to make a decision that was right for us and our home. ArtGreen was the correct choice. Top of the line materials great price solid support and communication throughout the process. They setup the free monitoring system for us to check the system production.Would highly recommend using ArtGreen Construction.

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Reviewed Jul 25, 2018

We had ArtGreen install a home solar system for us and are very happy and satisfy with their work.Haim Vagas worked with us to identify the appropriate system for our home we have some shade issues in the yard due to a hill behind the house. Haim recommended a newer optimizer inverter combo by Solaredge together with Panasonic panels to get as much power as possible without increasing the system size to much and it has been great. Installation was professionally done and well within HOA code painting the conduits to match the roof and wall color (other companies ask extra money for that).city Inspections pass on the first time and with no issues. the actual installation foreman and crew was top notch and got the job done quickly. Would definitely recommend ArtGreen and already did.

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"They came through for us!"
Reviewed Jul 18, 2018

I can highly recommend ArtGreen. Haim was extremely nice. After we placed the order everything moved along in a timely manner. The installation was quick and efficient. They had to make an unexpected change to our electrical box and did so at their cost. Our only snag was an oversight on one of the loans for the 30% tax refund. We didn't realize that we would not receive it all at once due to the fact that we have our own business and have a lot of write-offs, and, although we will ultimately receive it, we will only receive a portion every year for quite a few years. But they worked with us and we found a resolution that was acceptable to everyone. So, although we encountered this problem, I would highly recommend them because they did a great job and also strived to be sure we were happy.

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"Excellent service"
Reviewed Jul 18, 2018

I have researched a solar system for my house for a while since there are so many options out there, eventually I have contracted with ArtGreen, since the beginning they were extremely professional and they explained all the options I have regarding panels inverters and output. they installed a 7500 watt system on my roof and upgraded my panel. The job was done professionally fast and clean. my system is producing exactly what they promised and sometimes even more and that's in the winter time, to sum it up I highly recommend to use this company since they are the real deal! P.s Don't lease just buy, this CO have great buy options!

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Reviewed Jul 18, 2018

ArtGreen was a breath of fresh air amidst a vast array of competing and often confusing solar contractors. Suggested by EnergySage,ArtGreen and its attentive and capable staff came in with a very competitive bid, was direct and forthright in designing a solar panel system for our home, and literally held our hands through the entire process. Although one must be patient because of all the permits and other hurdles to overcome with a project of this type, the wait was well worth it. This company used nothing but the best components and high quality LG panels, and even went the extra mile to locate and purchase hard to find replacement roof tiles to facilitate panel installation. Communication between supervisors, managers, and office staff was also top notch. All inquiries on our part whether by phone, text, or e-mail, were answered clearly and in a timely manner. We highly recommend ArtGreen as a very capable, trustworthy contractor for your solar power needs.

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Reviewed Jul 18, 2018

We reviewed 8 quotes thru EnergySage, including the quote from ArtGreen. After meeting with their company representative, who patiently answered all our questions, we were even more impressed. ArtGreen had all the products and services we were looking for, at a reasonable price. Their professional, well trained office staff handled everything, including dealing with the city permits, our HOA approval and the electric company. They kept us fully informed every step of the way. The installers arrived on time, worked in a professional manner and completed the job as planned. We consider ArtGreen to be "the best of the best" and highly recommend them to anyone interested in adding solar to their home.

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Reviewed Jul 16, 2018

ArtGreen did a great job of presentation,quality of products, installation and the operational staff stood behind their work with timelines and guidance as far as every step of the process. It's hard to fined a company who is honest and professional and I can tell you we have. I have and will continue to recommend ArtGreen to friends and family.

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