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24 Panasonic 330W Solar Panels (VBHN330SA17) each with Enphase IQ7X Microinverter, two arrays (14 south and 10 west), Enphase Combiner Box with Enphase Envoy.

My Motivation:

1 - To control what I spend on energy, 2 - To reduce reliance on PG&E, 3 - To increase the value of my house, 4 - To benefit the environment.


Understand the differences between inverter types, watch YouTube videos on the subject to improve knowledge such as Undecided with Matt Ferrell.

Experience with Installer:

6/7/19 - Purchase Contract Signed, 6/19/19 (1.5 weeks) - Site Visit to photo and measure, 7/8/19 (4 wks) - Draft Plans for Owner's Review, 7/10/19 - Owner Comments Provided, 7/18/19 (6 wks) - Plans Submitted to HOA for Review, 7/19/19 - HOA Comments Provided, 8/16/19 (10 wks) - Resubmit Plans to HOA for Review, 8/16/19 - HOA Approves Plans, 8/29/19 (12 wks) - County Approves Plan (Permit), 9/10/19 - Receive PG&E Agreement & Customer Authorization Form to sign and submit, 9/12-13/19 (14 wks) - Installation, 9/17/19 - Final Invoice Received, 9/20/19 - Confirmation Final Invoice Paid, 9/27/19 (16 wks) - PG&E Authorization to Activate).

Additional Notes:

Gated Community, required HOA Architectural Review and Approval.

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