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Going solar, where you think you can't

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1 - SolarEdge SE10000H Inverter and 30 - Silfab SLA-M 310 with SolarEdge optimizers in one rooftop array facing west on a 27 deg incline. Grid tied with net metering by Consumers Energy targeted 100% annual energy offset

My Motivation:

Upcoming reduction of federal tax credit, possibility of net metering going away or being significantly reduced and wanting to be grandfathered in for the full duration of the expected payback period, no expectation of moving during payback period


Do your own research and ask lots of questions. Know that others that you need approval from may not understand the project. Allow for double the amount of time with permitting as a result. Read all the contracts and understand them. If the verbal conversation doesn't match the written conversation, walk away. I walked away from a potential installer for that specific reason prior to going with YellowLite.

Experience with Installer:

Once project was approved by all relevant parties (HOA, Utility, Building and Zoning with Township), installation went very quickly. Due to having a smart meter already installed by the utility the initiation of net metering billing was equally fast.

Additional Notes:

Had a very difficult time with Homeowners Association. Project originally was going to have a south facing array on a side facing roof, but was rejected due to aesthetic reasons. Worked at length to get the right panel and racking solution to allay those concerns without success. Had to have plans redone in order to achieve goals on just the rear roof of the house. Looking forward to building out a tracker of actual results vs. assumptions in Tableau Public by customizing the SolarEdge API to match the Aurora Solar assumptions.

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