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18 Panasonic 330W VBHN330SA17 panels at 224 degrees (southwest), 14 degrees tilt. 18 Enphase Energy IQ7X microinverters. Mounted on the roof with minimal shading from neighbor's tree in late afternoon sun.

Other Benefits:

I had the panels installed with a 3 foot gap in the middle of the array to allow access to the back of the roof. I was very impressed with the monitoring portal that is accessed by a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Maintenance Requirements:

The system has only been installed about 2 weeks at this writing, but I don't expect any maintenance will be needed.

My Motivation:

Years of future savings and lower environmental impact were my primary motivating factors for installing a solar PV system.


I suggest you interview 3 or 4 reputable companies, and do some research on the hardware you would like to install, particularly the inverters. It will take about 2 months before the project is complete after making the initial payment.

Experience with Installer:

My installers were very efficient and organized. They delivered all of the hardware early in the morning and had the system installed an running by 1pm the same day. I am extremely happy with Altair Solar based in Irvine, CA.

Additional Notes:

I had a pretty straightforward install. The roof was composite shingle, and all panels were installed on the same roof surface. I did replace the roof under the panels which Altair Solar coordinated. The panels have a southwest exposure in direct sunlight. My house in close to the beach and I do get a coastal marine layer certain times of the year which reduces output considerably.

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