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Altair Solar

We are a team of engineers that have more than 30 years of combined industry experience. We approach each project based on its unique circumstances as we believe that one approach doesn't fit all, resulting in maximum energy savings at an affordable cost. We combine this with top of the line products, efficient and friendly customer service to offer one truly unique customer experience.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

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Workmanship Warranty

25 year warranty:
- Product
- Performance
- Leak-free roof


Business Incorporation: 3713668
NABCEP Certification #: PV-102415-011549
CSLB: C-46 (Solar): 1001983


Worker's Comp: STATE COMPENSATION INS. FUND, policy #: 9129296
General Liability Ins: UNITED SPECIALTY INS CO, Policy # : SII0506B11249


Solar PV Installer, OSHA 10, OSHA30

Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Authorized Installer
  • Certified Installer
  • Certified Partner
  • Certified Solar Professional
  • EverVolt Certified Installer

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Lack of business ethic, can not admit their wrong doing

Altair Solar made mistake that cost me over $3,000 a year and keep counting. I have all proof but they were not admit their mistake, denied to fix the problem saying I will have to pay $150 per hour plus parts if I want them to come to my house which I can imagined it is easy to get to $2000 or more to fix. They are lack of business ethic and sympathy. If I pay to fix then I will hire other company to do so, get the report and I will sue their ass in court. the whole story is I hired Altair Solar to install 18 solar panels back in April 2019. At that time system was work fine. May 2020, I had Tesla installed 2 back up battery at my house; everything still work good. On October 2021, I hired Altair Solar again to install 3 more additional solar panels and problem start from there. From beginning, every year SCE charged me roughly $12/month for service fee, during summer time June-October, Solar can’t keep up with AC usage so I need to pull some from grid but it always less than $300 total by the end of October. After that, usages dropped, Solar produced more than needed, uploaded more to grid. Therefore at the end of 12 months billing cycle on June I didn’t have to pay anything, even have some credit. Thing changed only after October 2021 when Altair Solar came to install 3 more additional panels. From then, the system never uploaded to grid as it used to be, my bill keep going up, added up to $1,900 by end of June 2022. Last 3 months July, August,September 2022 I was changed $300 each month fromSCE. Also because of system never uploaded, meter recorded I used more so monthly fee go up to $40-$45 per month instead of $12/month in the past. At this money, every month pass there will be additional $350 I have to pay after I spend more than $40,000 to install solar and battery system for a small 1470 sf house. I checked all my electrical bills from March 2020 until now that clearly prove that mistake was made from Altair Solar but after months emailed, even begging for help. They just simply said warranty is void when battery was installed in May 2020 and won’t do anything to help me. Again, everything was working fine and problem happens exactly after they came to install 3 more panels, how can they just denied any responsibility, keep insisted watery was void? On other word, after you install solar panel from Altair, you can’t not do anything relate to electrical without using Altair otherwise they will void the warranty and you will stuck with the system cost more than $40,000 without anyone will care to fix if problem come up . That mean you can’t add battery, you can run new line EV car, you just basically can’t do anything without pay Altair come to do so for you. Too bad, I got baited. Altair is lacking of business ethic and sympathy for a frustrated customer who spent $40,000 for Solar and now have to pay full price of electrical as if I never install any solar system. Please avoid Altair Solar at all cost unless you want to stuck in the situation either call them for every single time you need electrical work or warranty is void. The 20 year Solar warranty is a joke

Posted by tonysnguyen81 on Sep 27, 2022
Ghosted me

I decided to go with Altair Solar even though it wasn't the lowest priced estimate that I received, based on the strength of its reviews and the fact that my neighbor had used them and recommended their services. However, after going through the process of getting the estimate and all the specifics nailed down and sending in required documentation for the contract, during which the sales rep was extremely responsive, they just went radio silent. After repeated pings from me, I got nothing. I finally got the sales rep on the phone and he said that his manager was not responding to me and that I should just go with another company. Complete waste of time.

Posted by pantherhare on May 18, 2022
Recommend Altair Solar

My experience with Altair was fantastic, from the introductory phone call to the installation to the service activation. Every person I spoke to was knowledgeable and helpful. I appreciate their clear and transparent information about my project which helped me make good financial decisions. Best of all was their professionalism and quickness through the entire project. From the day I signed the contract to the day we got the system on, it took only 9 weeks. This was a nice surprise; it's common for this timeline to be more like 12 weeks. We are happy with our 8kw system. I compared costs between companies prior, and Altair was overall the best value. Add that to their service quality and Altair is a great choice.

Posted by donovanbui on Jul 28, 2021
Great value for quality equipment

Altair solar provided the lowest rate from my initial conversation with them. Charlie provided me with every answer I was looking for. He was available consistently I'm on always get me the information I was looking for. I received quotes from at least five other companies. Even if they matched the price they cannot match the terms in confidence provided by Altair. After three months of pain in my system I have had zero issues and my system is generating the power I was looking for.5

Posted by rubenambriz on Jul 27, 2021
Excellent service

Altair's support was Grade A from start to finish. It began with a clear explanation of the system offerings and benefits by Charlie. He took care to answer our questions regarding the steps in the process and our role in getting the Association's approval. The latter was effortless based on the complete Engineering package provided by Altair. In fact, we were happy to note that our Association used Altair's template as an example of what they require. Once we committed, Sean visited the site and took time to explain the specifics of the proposed layout for our site. Sara and Hana kept the ball rolling and stayed in close communication with us. Together we were able to take weeks out of the committed schedule and we ended up being one of the fastest installations from start to finish they have done to date. We are delighted with the quality of the workmanship and are now up and running. For those comparing bids, take a close look at the warranties offered by each of the companies. Altair's were among the best offered in terms of leak protection, system performance and workmanship guarantees. We would highly recommend them to anyone considering a solar installation.

Posted by mstone on Jul 23, 2021
Happy with my selection

Altair's pre-sale team was 5 star - consulted with me rather than selling to me. They were very patient, responsive, answered my questions and most importantly they were truthful with their answers - even when the answer (I'm sure) wasn't what they wanted to say. Their patience and honesty drove my selection decision. Post-sale team was 3 star - not nearly as responsive. follow up was slow and often took multiple emails. Attention to detail needs to improve: I found mistakes in their design specs which required re-submittal. The City Permit they pulled did not have my name on it (it had previous owner). Definitely the City's mistake, but Altair team did not catch it, resulting in a week's delay. I again found errors in the parts/materials when they were delivered. PTO certificate, again had previous owners name on it. Again, it was the City's mistake but again, no one caught it. It all worked out fine but I wonder how much time would have been lost if I had not stayed on top of communications and examined every step carefully. Installation Team was 5 Star - fast, friendly, collaborative and careful. Loved their suggestions, flexibility and willingness to answer my questions. All that said, I am very happy with my system and the overall experience was great. I am happy to recommend Altair and I would definitely purchase from them again.

Posted by markping22 on Jul 23, 2021
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