Now I can drive my electric car powered completely by the light of the sun.

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10 LG Neon 365 watt panels with Enphase IQ7+ microinverters

Other Benefits:

System scaled to generate about 85% of energy needed to power my house and charge my electric car.

Maintenance Requirements:

TBD. Very little, I expect.

My Motivation:

Being able to benefit the environment while recovering my cost in a reasonable tome period (about 7 years).


I strongly recommend purchasing your system rather than a lease or power purchase agreement. You’ll be much happier when it comes time to sell your property.

Experience with Installer:

All the quotes through Energy Sage were similar in cost. I chose to work with Altair Solar because I liked the Enphase and LG equipment they proposed. They installed the system in one morning, got the city inspection signed in 1 week and sent the required application to SCE the same day. SCE granted the Permission To Operate the following day. All in all, Altair did what they promised on time and on budget. They were quite gracious working with a customer who had very detailed opinions about preferred materials and methods.

Additional Notes:

My roof has lightweight concrete tiles which are very fragile. The installers did a great job of only breaking about two dozen tiles. This was my biggest worry before installation.

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