It's easier than you think to go solar and reduced your carbon footprint in Michigan!

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Quick Facts
Energy Needs Met

75% to 99%

of electricity


What You Need to Know


6.71 kWp grid tied system.

Other Benefits:

Cuts carbon emissions, helps the environment, gives a children a shot at a future without extreme climate change and sets a good example for your neighbors, family, friends and neighbors. Also an excellent conversation starter if you need something to talk to your neighbor about.

Maintenance Requirements:


Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Smart thermostat, LED lighting throughout house

My Motivation:

Mostly to benefit the environment, lower our carbon footprint and also save on our energy bill at the same time. Adding value to the house and further building equity in our property is a much appreciated benefit as well, but with a young child, we're hoping to both set a good example and also help mitigate the potential climate changes that'll no doubt effect our children.


Biggest things, shop around and get an installer you're comfortable with and also look into various financing options. A 0% loan was the best option for us. Yes, it's a large loan, but don't let that scare you. With the right installer, it's completely possible to generate most to all your energy needs (depending on the site of course) and actually lower your monthly energy bill (and build equity at the same time).

Experience with Installer:

Distributed Power was excellent to work with. We looked at a couple other installers in Michigan and would've went with any of them honestly, but Distributed Power offered the best bang for our particular needs and did a fantastic job getting the permits necessary, although that did take longer than anticipated, though that was on the local officials and not them.

Additional Notes:

Keep on DTE if you're in their area. They are definitely slow at review paperwork (They have 10 business days to review the paperwork after your local building authority inspects and up to another 15 business days after afterwards to do a site visit to authorize your connection to the grid). If needed definitely call the Michigan Public Service Commission if needed, as calling the MPSC will help kick things into high gear.

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