Having a baby means needing to keep the house constantly at a comfortable temperature, offset those AC costs with solar power!


What You Need to Know


18 Panel system installed as 2 separate arrays on roof. Half of panels are facing south and other half facing southwest to account for usage in evening time. This system is monitored by Enphase and the panels are LG365Q1C-A5 (365W). I also took this opportunity to upgrade my main electrical panel to modern switches and a higher load capability to allow for expansion later on.

Other Benefits:

Going with the more expensive LG panels was a choice that I made to invest for more efficient and higher production. I appreciated the longer warranty as well as knowing that the technology that I am buying will last longer than cheaper/older panels.

Maintenance Requirements:

No maintenance issues at this time. Other than making sure there are no large stains, leaves or bird droppings, the system should be able to be maintenance free without decreases in production. The monitoring is free, it piggybacks off of my wifi to be connected to the internet.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

The 18 panels will provide the dual benefits of protecting the roofing under them as well as adding insulation for around 30% of my total roof which will help extend its life.

My Motivation:

With facing increasing energy costs from So Cal Edison, owning an Chevy Bolt and the necessary changes to lifestyle due to having an baby, I wanted to be proactive at investing in my energy future. By taking advantage of the 30% rebate as well as a long term loan, I was able to create a system that was an almost exact replacement for my projected energy usage and its payments are the average energy costs we had in the previous years.


Being on Energysage is the best first step I would recommend to prospective solar buyers. I would highly recommend to also talk to local neighbors if possible to see how their experiences were and their production metrics for your area. Lastly, make sure that your HOA is okay with going solar and also that your roof is in good repair and able to withstand the installation process. Do not be afraid to ask many questions of the sales people for the solar installers as it is their job to get to know you and provide answers.

Experience with Installer:

Altair's installers where courteous and very professional. One surprise was when a different truck came to drop off the materials and made lots of noise at 6am (needed to apologize to neighbors afterwards). Altair was very good at taking care of our paperwork and pushing through an architectural change as one of the panels needed to be moved to a different location.

Additional Notes:

As my roof has a crease in the middle of it, the installers had to put the wiring on the top of the roof, which causes a little more visibility but was a necessary concession to make. Be prepared to become popular with your neighborhood as people are very curious about the solar process and the cost/benefits you decide upon.

Open House Info:

As I live in a smaller community, parking is limited, but please contact me if you would like to learn more or see my system.

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