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The array faces south-southwest and has some shading to the west (91% exposure). Panel sizes were slightly larger for better economics and not all-black aesthetics.

Other Benefits:

Protects portions of the roof shingles from deterioration. Increased shading on third-floor occupants. Increased pride of residents.

Maintenance Requirements:

I faced zero maintenance issues thus far. Monitoring is included with a free app or free online link.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

I focused on energy efficiency and controls first. I installed wall insulation, a hybrid/heat pump hot water heater, smart thermostats, a security system, and digital locks. Current electrical usage exceeds roof space for solar, so further efficiency improvements will follow, including variable speed heat pump, duct sealing, and induction stove.

My Motivation:

Many things! I want to: Better control energy prices, improve our environment, make living more affordable,


Go Solar and convert to all-electric HVAC choices (air source heat pumps, heat pump/hybrid water heaters, induction stoves) ASAP!

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