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34 LG320N1K-V5 Neon Black panels with 34 SolarEdge P320 panel-mounted optimizers and a single SolarEdge SE10000 10kW Inverter located in the utility closet in the basement. 29 panels are facing SSE with 28 having full sun exposure all day, and the remaining 5 panels facing WSW with some shadowing on 2 of them.

Other Benefits:

The all-black panels are attractive; I'm able to charge our EV and plug-in hybrid with renewable energy; visible commitment to sustainability to our neighbors that has opened discussions and generated interest to follow suit.

Maintenance Requirements:

No maintenance needed

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Done previously

My Motivation:

1. The need to take action to combat Climate Change; 2. Even though we had been purchasing renewable energy for many years to power our home and electric vehicles sustainably, I wanted to add to the amount of renewable power generation that is in use; 3. To make a financial investment with a much better rate of return (over 10%) than any investments were making in my IRA; 4. Some people are intimidated by such a project or think they don't have adequate time to devote to it, so to be able to sell the house with solar PV already installed and producing 100% of what we use, reducing a purchaser's annual expense by about $2,000 and freeing up that amount of income to go towards mortgage payment, thus improving their mortgage prospects by about $60,000, will be seen as a major benefit by those potential buyers.


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Experience with Installer:

Very satisfying. PowerStream were a pleasure to work with from start to finish, and the organization and professionalism of the installation team was a joy to behold. The whole installation was completed excellently and thoroughly in one and three quarter days. What I most disliked about the process was the 10 day delay to get the permitting process completed while the sun was shining brightly every one of those days! There was a slight glitch in the permitting process largely resulting from our township inspecting more than was typical and having extra inspection requirements, but PowerStream were very responsive and prevented further delay in the permitting.

Additional Notes:

The system has been operating for 21 days now, and is meeting my production expectations. It has generated 724kWh so far, or 34.5kWh daily average. We need to average 39kWh/day over the year to meet our goal of 14,000kWh annually, 100% of our use, so falling only about 11% below the needed annual average in October seems just about on track. The system has produced 9.91kW peak production so far, so hitting this peak in mid-Oct on a 10.88kW system seems right on track, and on the days of complete sun has given daily production in the range 55-64kWh.

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