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PowerStream Solar & Electric LLC

Family owned and operated, Powerstream is here to stay!
We are NABCEP Certified. LG PRO Solar Installers and Silfab Solar Partners.
Focused on great customer service. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, We stand by our work and we will be here when you call.

Its about building a relationship. We are always ready to offer our expert advice and experience. But first, we look forward to listening to your needs and expectations. Our trained and experienced sales team is happy to assist in helping better understand how solar systems work and their financial benefits. A no-hassle process with no pressure.

Will Solar save me money if I finance the system?
We strive to get your financing payment to be below your current electric bill. You pay for electricity every month. Over serval years that monthly bill builds up to a substantial amount. Why not take that money and put it towards owning your own clean energy. Add value to your home and make your contribution to the environment and your own energy independence.

We offer the most trusted brands in solar panels, inverters, batteries, with excellent warranties! You can count on our 30 Year Solar Insure warranty to be there for your future needs.

Partnered with EZ-Solar, we make financing easy.
-Competitive rates
-Same as cash price
-Quick and simple processing

Powerstream is a Full Service Electrical Company that has the expertise to handle any need. You can count on Powerstream Solar and Electric, to do the job right!
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About PowerStream Solar & Electric LLC

We have been in business for over 8 years with over 500 installations. We have 16 years of installation experience and are continuing to grow!

Our Team has installed megawatt size projects and large commercial, but our specialty is providing great service to Home Owners like you!
Year Established
Phone Number
717-492- 6581
Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. Powerstream is a Local Business that excels in delivering a personalized customer experience.

  2. Powerstream is constantly managing quality assurance in all things Solar. Ensuring to bring home the best equipment available.

  3. Powerstream (via Solar Insure) presents a 30 Year transferable warranty for all systems.

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Advanced installers are among the top half of companies on the Marketplace for responsiveness, reputation, results.

We speak

English; Spanish

Our specialty is in Solar Panel Energy. But we also offer Battery and Generator back up systems, as well as EV charger Instals. Licensed and Insured, Powerstream is also a Full Service Electrical Company.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

We strive to maintain a team oriented workplace. Where everyone has an important role to play and enjoys working together. You will find our team to be considerate and helpful. From the Initial Sales experience right up to having the Installer out at your house, our team strives to create a friendly and satisfying customer experience.

Izzy Brunori, Sales Rep. (Manager) /Director of Business Dev.
Satchel Schoener, Sales Rep. /Director of Marketing
Brandon Smoker, Sales Rep. /Ag and Commercial Rep.

Workmanship Warranty

30 Year Parts and Labor Warranty through Solar Insure.
Warranty is Transferable anytime in those 30 Years.
Warranty also covers business and manufacture insolvencies.
Warranty also covers Labor.


PA Contractors Licence #113179


Fully insured by Erie Insurance.


NABCEP Certified, LG PRO Installer, Silfab Partner and EZ-Solar Financing Partner.

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • Better Business Bureau
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Atmos installer
  • PowerUP
  • SolarEdge Preferred
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

What Customers Are Saying

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First class project from start to finish. Highly satisfied!

We've had the system almost a year and are completely satisfied. It was sized correctly to eliminate our electric bill with some extra for EV charging. No buyers remorse, no wishing we went with another company, no finding out down the road that we should have done something different. Their recommendations were spot on. Aesthetically we've had numerous compliments on the deep black panels and the clean, rectangular install lines. The attention to detail can be seen on all the conduit runs and was even called out as "very nice work" from the utility inspector. Even after a few monsoon-like storms there were no signs of dampness or water leaks on the underside of the roof. The permitting and planning process took about 5 months, install was only a few days, then a few weeks of waiting for the utility to deliver a meter. I would follow-up a lot with the municipality, inspector, and utility for status to make sure things kept moving. I wouldn't say that it was needed but it definitely helped and saved time. Stay in the loop on your project, know where it's at, who you're waiting on, and what's the next step. That is true for any installer. enphase app and online access is working flawlessly. No big project is without its glitches. There were some last minute unforeseen costs from the electric utility but they suggested ways to minimize and passed them through directly without mark-up even though it required extra time/visits on their end. And there was a minor issue identified during the install which they corrected immediately without question.

Posted by jreyno01 on Mar 22, 2023
Very Happy I Chose This Company

Using EnergySage, I was able to get prices from 5-6 companies. Powerstream had the best price. 2 other quotes were competitive, but Powerstream quote included better rated equipment and a better warranty. I don't know if they offer financing. I chose to use a real estate equity loan. Satchel was my initial contact, and he was very helpful with getting a layout that worked for what I was looking for. Took quite a bit of planning to get a panel layout that met the newer access codes and gave me enough panels to match 100% of my needs. I ended up adding 2 additional panels, above the original quote. The change order price was reasonable. I had questions throughout the design/permit process. Satchel and Jonas did a great job of answering my questions quickly and accurately. I did have an issue getting the project started, but no fault of Powerstream. The local township's engineer was very slow issuing the permit. Due to the permit delay, after it was finally issued Powerstream put my project in high priority. 9 days after receiving the permit construction started. The onsite work crew did a good job with the installation. Pride was taken in installing everything plumb, level, & square. They were very courteous and cleaned up well after the project was complete. The foreman reviewed my options for the inverter location, conduit routing, & wired internet routing. A total of 2 days for installation and inspection to be completed. Both the township inspector and the PPL serviceman commented on the quality installation. I have read numerous reports of long wait times to get the service activated. The same day that the installation was complete PPL was notified. 3 weeks later a PPL serviceman was onsite to install a monitoring/control device on the inverter. The next day Powerstream was notified by PPL that the system was ready to be activated, and they took care of this remotely. I was sent an email the same day from SolarEdge (the inverter manufacturer) with a link to complete my registration. This gave me access to download an app which shows detailed info on the system, and tracks the electricity generated. Everything is working well. The whole process was painless. The price was very good, especially compared to pricing I got from solar "salesmen" that came by. The installation looks much better than some of the other installations in my neighborhood. No unsightly silver conduit running across the roof. And it's working as expected. Very early since the system was turned on, but with the quality of equipment that was used, I have very little concern that the system will not continue to perform. From all info I have found on Powerstream, if there is an issue down the road, they will make sure it is taken care of.

Posted by davehe on Dec 17, 2022
Personalized Customer Service

Outstanding customer service from Satchel and the entire PowerStream team. Their project quote was lower than other competitive offers, and they provided multiple solar options for our home. For all prospective solar power customers, you should strongly consider this company. They will exceed your expectations, and the entire experience will be pleasant and satisfying!!

Posted by justin.a.duvall on Jul 20, 2022
Provided A Good Quote

NOTE: I am not a customer of PowerStream, I just wanted to share that they provided a high quality, competitive quote. They did not start making my quote until other companies had started contacting me a week or two earlier, which put them too far behind. But the quote itself used good parts at a good price with a great warranty.

Posted by s m on Apr 30, 2022
Outstanding customer support, knowledge and communication!

I have only the best to say about the rep I worked with. Satchel was very engaging, supportive and his response time was unmatched in comparison with many different customer services I experienced in my life. Thank you!

Posted by buyman3375 on Mar 25, 2022
Local, dedicated staff, highly recommended. Even inspector was impressed!

A little bit about my project & pre-sales: * I looked at SunRun, Tesla, and also EnergySage (which gave me 3-4 suppliers to choose from, including PowerStream (PS) who I had never heard of. * That's where Satchel and I became introduced-- EnergySage 'messages' back-and-forth. What was different about Satchel? LONG paragraphs of information/explanations that I wasn't getting from 'the other guys'. I had done my own research on specific panels. I changed my mind at least 3 times during pre-sales of which manufacturer I wanted to use. Satchel was not 'pushing' any particular brand, but was able to articulate several Pros/Cons to compliment my own research. (We started with LG, moved to a different LG panel, and ultimately ended up with SilFab.) I was pleased with his continued 'long responses', running down several 'rabbit holes' I had wanted to dive into. * It's not that I was indecisive, I just wanted to ensure I wouldn't regret my decision 10 years down the road. Satchel was there along the way and made every attempt to get me the right setup, with no pressure towards any particular 'top seller'. He even offered to look through their inventory for the 'cheapest' model in case they had something in stock for me. * Satchel came out and did a Site Survey. He went onto the roof and took measurements, went into my attic and took measurements. A downside is that somehow the measurements weren’t correct, so I had to open up my attic a 2nd time for another person to take measurements. A minor (30 min) time waste, but I wouldn't consider it a 'complaint'. * Overall? I chose PowerStream for their (1) local presence over being 'customer #7258' on a big company's list, (2) the pricing was 2nd lowest of everyone that quoted me a system, and (3) Satchel chased down every rabbit hole I wanted without complaint or any indication that he was tired of my endless emails/questions :) Purchase & Install: * I met with Satchel to review the 'final' draft layout in March of 2021 and eventually put down the deposit. He estimated "June", knowing the township approvals, engineering approvals, sourcing of equipment, and utility approvals. * I received a 'welcome' email with CC'd members from PowerStream (PS) indicating my "project manager" (Jonas) and my scheduler (Abner) and billing/payments person that detailed a little bit about what was to come. * Within a short time frame (~2-3 weeks) I started to receive emails from Jonas (my project manager). He had already contacted my township & submitted his roof plans (panel layout) to engineering (3rd party I presume). They had made changes to the layout, and I gave my "Please proceed" approval in email * By mid-April, I was contacted by my utility (PPL) to sign the first (of several) electronic papers required for the 'interconnect agreement' (to join a 'generating' system to their grid). I was told explicitly by Jonas that I probably wouldn't hear from anyone for about 4 weeks while permits were being processed. * By mid-May (about 4 weeks passing) I emailed them, anxious to see where I was. I was told I was #5 on the install schedule (about 4 weeks left) which would put my install in the 'June' timeframe. (Notably, this was exactly the time Satchel had estimated.) * Sidenote: They were planning to move circuits into a new 'Critical Loads' panel. No worries here. I had some 'special requests' though... Since they were electricians I had several related requests. I wanted to put 'circuit level monitoring' (a product called "Emporia Vue 2" that I purchased from Amazon) on my circuits, and also install another circuit in my basement to a sump pump recently installed. (To be clear, this was NOT part of the solar install.. just something I wanted them to take care of while they were on-site and messing in the panel with circuits.) * Abner (their scheduler) reached out May 19th to ask for an install date of June 7th or 14th. I told them the 7th was fine. They notified me on June 4th that they'd need to push it back 1 day due to delays on a job that was running long * Install day! Installers showed up about 7:30am with a truck full of solar panels. I showed them where they could store the panels (in my garage) while they worked on all the electrical/wiring. Gideon (the on-site project manager) was soft-spoken, but worked thoroughly, asking and interrupting me cautiously (for fear not to disturb my family/kids.) * The install team was courteous, never interrupting us for anything (other than essential needs such as bathroom break, or to access the panel in the basement). * A downside: No one told me the battery (which I had ordered) was not being installed. Apparently, there was (and still is) an industry-wide shortage of batteries-- even from Tesla. (Mine was an LG battery.) When they said they wanted to do the 'solar install', I assumed the entire system was being installed. But, it wasn't. Everything but the batteries. It would have been nice to know, but I think it was assumed I had known, or miscommunication between the install team & the ordering team. Resolution: Needless to say, I asked and was apologized to, and was shown a letter from LG stating the shortage industry-wide due to COVID. I had the battery installed in November. PowerStream did NOT invoice the 'final payment' of the project until after the battery was installed. So, I was happy they weren't pushing me to pay for something not yet complete. * The install team was diligent about keeping my lawn/garage cleaned. The install took 3 days (if I recall) and they swept the garage from debris at the end of each day. Guess what happened on 1 of those days? They were on the roof when a rainstorm came! And did they huddle inside the garage or their truck? No! They kept working *through* the rain! That moment stuck with me... I was struck by their dedication to get the job done, even in the rain. I watched hardworking men carry (huge) solar panels on their shoulders without any assistance as if it was 'just' a picture frame. * Other than laying parts & pieces (wires, conduit, trash) on my lawn temporarily, the end of each day there was a clean lawn with no grass uprooted, no trash, and no sign anyone had been there (other than the new roof-top solar system). * Overall: The install went very well. Within 3 days, there were 52 panels on my roof, 2 'inverters' in the garage, the prep for a battery (later), service disconnects, a new 'critical loads' panel in the basement. * Special note: I had a chat with the inspector about the work. He told me something interesting: "They always do great work, I rarely have any problems with their work". Other than missing 10 cents of caulking around 1 conduit which was non-electrical in nature, he found absolutely no flaws. He also commended them for wiring the 'critical loads' panel properly... as he said it was a common mistake to wire the system wrong. Post-Install & Battery: * SRECs: A very pain-free process, Jonas helped me sign up for SolSystems SRECs. (In short, I get paid for every 1,000 KW generated by my system.) * Warranty: Of course, the inverter 'failed' within 1 week of being "Live". It seemed a manufacturer defect had made an appearance. Keep in mind, this was the peak of summer, when the panels & inverters were operating at their maximum output. (So, I was operating at 1/2 output.) PS called in the part and had it replaced within 3 days. (No charge to me at all, nor would I have expected any.) Things have been operating smoothly ever since. * And now, the shining star (other than Satchel)... Jonas! I am a detail-oriented person. I am an IT person in my 'day job', so it's my job to tinker & tweak. I must have sent 50 emails to Jonas about my setup... how to tweak X, tweak Y, and tweak Z in the settings. I read over the internet that "X config runs best for Y situation", and I bugged Jonas to set the settings on my system. He obliged, and was even willing to give me access to change more things in my system. We had MANY back and forth conversations (about 'Time of Use' profiles, how the Battery should discharge on Monday-Friday, and not on Weekends or Holidays... how the charts/graphs showed up to me for the solar production... the optional features that most other customers never care to ask about.) Jonas was there the entire time... learning with me some new tricks/features, and not once brushing me off. By this point, I had paid my final invoice and they had no reason to keep me around, but Jonas was clearly invested in making me 100% happy. I think his words were... "It's no problem. For the investment you've made into this system, we are here to get it right." Summary: PowerStream Solar and Electric is worthy of using! They left a 'yard sign' when they left. Normally I tear those down quickly... but for them, I left the sign up for about 1 month and mowed around it in the summer. They have a few things I wished they could do better (communication of the battery backorder), but by FAR the process was quite painless. I made out 'ahead' cost-wise, and my solar system is working superbly... producing more power than Satchel had conservatively estimated. Would I use them again? Absolutely! Ask Satchel all the questions you want. Ask your project manager/schedule all you want. They are working 'for you'! I mentioned several 'problems' along the way, but all of them were solved to my satisfaction. Please make the best choice for your home (whether it is PowerStream or not), as you'll be "stuck" with your choice for decades!

Posted by rpertusio on Mar 21, 2022
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