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16 roof mounted panels

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Have 1year old “net zero ready” residence. (super insulated and very tight structure)


Several surprises I was not aware of up front. AEP (my utility) required signatures on two legal documents: (1) my net zero rate structure is not grandfather and can be modified or cancelled solely at the discretion of AEP, (2) I am legally responsible as a “generator” of electricity if someone were to be injured by a malfunction in my system. This second item potentially could raise my homeowners insurance rates or even cancel my insurance. Also the installation of a PV system raises the value of my residence and therefore a potential increase in my property taxes. Ohio law requires my county auditor to appraise my property at market value. If my insurance and property taxes increase, my break even point for the project will be pushed out until the return of Moses, JC or Mohammad, which ever is first. It’s easy to save energy but almost impossible to save $.

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I was quoted good quality components and a fair price.

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Call to arrange an appointment, 740-417-0185

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