Peace of mind with brand new roof and LG + SolarEdge solar system installed by Green Power Energy.

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75% to 99%

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28 LG 345w Neon 2 panels installed with SolarEdge Power Optimizers.

Other Benefits:

The ability to take control of my annual energy costs for years to come as well as to take advantage of NJ's new TREC program and the federal tax credit.

Maintenance Requirements:

None, through online panel level monitoring we will be able to see exactly what the system is doing at all times. Through Green Power Energy's 25 year warranty I will be covered of all out of pocket expenses for anything that needs to be repaired or replaced.

My Motivation:

What motivated me was to be able to finally do what I have been helping my customers do for 6 years now. Take advantage of our state's great incentives to go solar, take advantage of tax credits that are valuable to me, to benefit the environment and to be able to share my own experience with my customers from now on.


My advice is to pay attention to the equipment you are choosing as solar is a large investment and spending a tiny bit more for better quality brands and warranties can go a long way down the road. For me, knowing what I know from my experience it was a no brainer to spend more for better equipment giving myself and my family peace of mind that what we have on our roof is the best and will last us a long time.

Experience with Installer:

This may be bias but you cannot ask for a better experience with Green Power Energy. I am a patient guy so waiting for permits and utility approvals did not bother me especially since it was during COVID-19 and I knew everyone involved was trying their best. The install crew showed up on Friday morning and by Monday afternoon my system was fully installed and my property was left exactly how it was when they arrived. They ran the conduit exactly where I wanted it and anytime they had a question they notified me and gave me my options before just assuming and doing it. All of the guys are local to me since they work with me so it was nice having them over for a couple of days and getting to see them in action first hand.

Additional Notes:

I was very fortunate that when I bought my home it came with a perfectly south facing roof on the back of the house. My house is also relatively tall so you cannot see the panels from the ground, in fact I don't think anyone will ever even know they are up there. Although I would have installed the panels no matter what it was nice to be able to keep the front of my home clean and be able to put the panels up on the back where they will never be noticed.

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