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Green Power Energy

Green Power Energy offers a variety of flexible financing options to ensure that the solar program you choose is the right fit for you. A home improvement project like solar should not be a cookie cutter process so we don't treat it that way. We listen to your requests and do our best to find you the best solution possible. Whether it is comparing multiple financing options or equipment choices you can trust us to get you exactly what works best for your family.

Green Power Energy does business the right way and our reputation reflects that. Turn around time for installation is 10-14 weeks, keeping you updated at every milestone along the way.
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A full-service, turnkey operation, Green Power Energy has the experience and expertise to design and install high-performance solar systems that can dramatically lower, or even eliminate, energy costs for your home or business. Our custom-fit solutions guarantee a cleaner, greener future—and ensure a sound investment that could save you big in the long-term, even as utility costs continue to soar.
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(908) 713-9055
Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. Top Reputation: Green Power Energy is one of just 12 installers on the entire EnergySage platform with an Elite+ rating. You can view well over 650 5 star reviews between EnergySage and Google!

  2. Dedicated Service: Whether it is before, during or after your installation, we pride ourselves in our dedicated service and attention to detail on every aspect of your solar project.

  3. Length in Business: GPE has successfully been in business since 2009, displaying year after year that we know what it takes to not just provide the best service and warranties in the industry but to be here for the long haul to honor them.

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Elite+ installers are the most experienced, chosen, and celebrated companies on the Marketplace, having provided exceptional service to a high volume of shoppers for at least a year.

Green Power Energy offers turn key solar installation systems, battery storage systems, EV charging installs, main panel upgrades and roof replacements.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Architecture
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

25 Years All Labor

25 Year All Roof Penetrations.

25 Years on IronRidge Micro Rail

25 Years on SolarEdge Inverters and Optimizers

25 Years on Enphase IQ8+ Micro Inverters

25 Years on QCell, Panasonic and Silfab Panels


NJ HIC # 13VH05559800

NJ Electrical License # 34EB01151200

PA HIC # 128259

CT HIC # 0656622

MASS HIC # 200273

RI HIC # 44065

TX HIC #37773


NJ Clean Energy Program

Authorized CT Green Bank Installer


RI REG and REF Programs

NABCEP Certified Installer

LG Pro Platinum Installer

Ranked #4 in Residential Installs in NJ for 2019 according to Solar Power World and #10 in NJ for Overall KW installed in 2019

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Maryland DC Virginia Solar Energy Industries Association
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association
  • Solarize Connecticut
  • Solarize Massachusetts
  • Solarize Rhode Island
  • Tesla Powerwall Certified

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Gold Installer
  • PWRpartner
  • SolarEdge Preferred
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

What Customers Are Saying

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Best Contractor

Best contractor I have ever worked with. Everything was well communicated, their office was responsive, and they had the best project management i've ever seen. They outlined how long it would take for their part, how permitted would work, and how my energy company (eversource) would be the limited factor in turning on the system. Honestly cant recommend them enough!

Posted by ponzekap2 on Sep 28, 2023
Responsive and Helpful

GPE did a wonderful job from project development through installation and setup. The whole process of installing solar on my roof was incredibly easy, and everyone that I've worked with was responsive and straightforward.

Posted by trandywilson on Sep 27, 2023
Great experience!

I truly can't complain about my experience with Green Power Energy. They were the only vendor who didn't try to upsell solar panels, and instead suggested what actually fit my needs and budget. I'm very happy with their service overall and have been enjoying following up with Kevin after installation. Would recommend

Posted by zporley on Sep 26, 2023
Terrible Customer Service

I've held off penning my reviews in the hopes the GPE would finally contact me and step up to fix my driveway and level off the mess they left. I'm done waiting. I have a long list of unresponsiveness along the way, interestingly enough, GPE was extremely responsive until I gave the loan company the OK to pay them. Once that happened GPE has ghosted me and my project. After reading several reviews (unfortunately I read them after I started having issues), I'm absolutely not the only customer they've done this to. The GPE salesperson Austin was extremely responsive before I signed on the dotted line (Spring of 2022), went out of his way to get back to me on Sunday afternoons even. He was very helpful when we were trying to decide how to structure the project (our project was not straightforward and part of the project was to omit one JCPL meter and trench the electric to another electrical panel in a different building. Once the sale was done and I signed on the dotted line, communication came slower and slower and eventually practically non-existent. When the workers were here digging the trench (Fall 2022) for the meter electrical connections, I shared my concerns with them before the trench was complete as they'd mounded dirt over the hole, which then didn't allow for water to leave the gravel driveway. The gravel driveway was now mud as well. I was well assured that GPE would be back to fix the driveway and even seed by Zack, the GPE electrician in charge of the project. "No worries, we always mound up the dirt over the hole we dug because the dirt eventually settles and then it gets graded properly, takes time". That made sense so I said "ok" to the mess they left. The very next day 2 guys with rakes showed up, unannounced, to rake out the grade on a very hot dry day. One guy could definitely not do a proper job, sat on a rock in my driveway on his phone (I have pictures), I immediately contacted the office with my concern. Yes, I was upset, there was no way they were going to rake out the long trenched area between buildings. And what happened to "wait for the dirt to settle" and "GPE will come back and seed, grade and replenish gravel in the driveway"? I called the office and was asked to provide pictures of they workers, and I did. I was told at that time, that GPE would come back and fix it but the weather wasn't cooperating and there was a backlog of customers waiting for the same thing and again I was told I needed to let the dirt settle over the hole. I was also NOW informed that GPE would NOT come with seed, but they'd regrade. I thought " Ok, fine, I can seed (not happy about it, but ok) and I understood about the dirt settling, and customers ahead of me, so being a reasonable person, I figured "I'll wait." I contact GPE periodically over the course of the next several months. Sometimes, there was no response. I asked for a manager. Spoke with Mike. He was rude, disrespectful and extremely unaccommodating. Called the office again this past spring 2023, and the response I got was a copy and pasted paragraph from the contract I signed that said GPE wasn't responsible for the grading or the driveway. Umm.. Ok.. wow! After all the promises that they'd be out and all the assurances by the team that worked here on the project, I was floored. I do, of course, understand that if GPE was to rip up the ground with a machine that they aren't responsible for damage, but GPE should certainly be responsible for cleaning up, regrading and leaving our property in an acceptable manner are major excavation. The way our driveway and "grass area" was left is unacceptable. I called the office yet again this past Spring 2023 and Mike said he'd be out to see me and the driveway and make a "human" decision on whether or not GPE would come back and fix it sometime the week following our conversation. The conversation was again tense and rude, but I thought, ok. He'll be out. He never contacted me to meet, ghosted again. Kevin Mc Nally was super nice when he reviewed all my stuff after the installation. Said he was my go-to person, I should message him with anything I need. I finally received my NJ number from the state this summer 2023. I send Kevin an email with the # and a copy of my latest JCPL bill and asked if he could help me understand the fact that it seemed to me we've only banked enough solar to cover one summer month so far all year,. I'm still waiting for his response as well. We are rounding out a year since the construction started, and I'm truly disappointed in the customer service. I really would love GPE to step up and do the right thing, but I'm at a loss

Posted by roxsoroko on Sep 26, 2023
Helpful and knowledgeable from start to finish

Green Power Energy was attentive to our desire to build a PV system that would include a battery eligible for the CT BESS program, allowing us to sell energy back to our utility from battery storage. The Enphase system they designed and installed is exactly what we envisioned‚ allowing us to run our system when the external grid is down and back up our refrigerator and freezer. We were able to work with the designer and engineer to specify fewer, higher-wattage panels on our roof, and ensure the design was aesthetically pleasing. GPE’s permitting team deserves special mention for working with our town. The town electrical inspector is notoriously tough on ESS projects, and the permitting team ensured that appropriate concerns were addressed and extraneous ones rebutted. Our system exported over 1.2 MWH in its first operating month, and we are happy with the service we received.

Posted by homebase on Sep 25, 2023
Excellent service and happy with the results!!!

Started from Energysage in Feb and got a few quotes. Green Power Energy provided a good design with competitive pricing. The sales guy, Sonny, explained how the whole process works well. Their good reviews also helped to make a easy decision. Installation was done in June per schedule and each step was communicated clearly. System turned on in early July and works perfectly so far! couldn't be happier!

Posted by libosun86 on Aug 31, 2023
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