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I have a 4.4 kW system which satisfies all my energy needs. I chose to install LG panels and Enphase inverters and being highly satisfied with my choice, I recommend everyone to go solar.

My Motivation:

I decided to add solar panels to my house to save on my electricity bills and leave smaller carbon footprint. The installed solar panels helped to do both. I consider going solar as a huge investment, especially because here in Los Angeles the electricity prices are high and constantly increasing. Looking at the calculated amount of savings, I realized the solar panel system pays for itself. I couldn't be happier with my decision.

Experience with Installer:

I'm very satisfied with the project, people helping along the way, and the power getting every month. As a result, my electricity bills are much lower than before. The process was very smooth and the representatives were very helpful making sure all my concerns are addressed as needed. My house had problems with the roof. So, I used their roofing services too and they were able to take care of all my roofing problems.

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