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Average Annual Savings


Energy Needs Met

75% to 99%

of electricity

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What You Need to Know


8.1 kW system consisting of 22 Silfab 370 BK solar modules with Enphase 7+ microinverters. Due to the shape/size of our roof, the panels are installed on 5 different roof faces facing mostly facing south, some facing east and west.

Maintenance Requirements:

None so far.

My Motivation:

1 - Benefit the environment 2 - Tax credit, increase home value, and save energy 3 - Ability to add a battery later for generating power off grid during outages


If you go solar, maximize the number of panels as long as they are on roof faces that receive a good amount of sunlight to be productive.

Experience with Installer:

One installer offered what was the most cost-effective layout for panels in the best locations, but did not consider my request to include panels in other areas. Look at cost per watt, warranty/guarantees, and equipment offerings. Also, recommend microinverters.

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