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Silfab Enphase system with 48 panels

Other Benefits:

Tampa has Net-metering

Maintenance Requirements:

Hopefully no maintenance any time soon. I'll have to arrange for someone to clean the panels annually

My Motivation:

I've wanted to do this for a while - I wanted it to be affordable with a reasonable time frame on return on investment. It's obviously great for the environment.


Make sure you have: (1) Net metering (2) Don't cut any exhausts on the room (3) plan to trim trees that are giving shade on the roof (4) Battery backups are expensive (5) Each panel maker is different and offers various advantages (6) The measurements on the roof are key and may change the price, consider having at least 2 different installers evaluate the roof.

Experience with Installer:

I interviewed 4 different Solar companies to get a price range and understand the issues with installation. May Electric came out competitive with great value.

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