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May Electric Solar - Profile & Reviews

As a locally owned and operated business, we know we are geared better for the homeowner and Buyer experience vs. a 'National Company' that just happens to be registered in 3-5 states. One visit to our establishment will far surpass any other company visit, (most of whom rent their spaces) and see why companies like Enphase and power companies trust us for the data and testing. You'll see over 50 panels on our own roof for data -as well as a full staff for your assistance. See our showroom too, and our warehouse since we have 3-6 months of product stocked at our location! By providing honest solar energy recommendations, our team can help you save money both on your initial investment and on your long-term energy expenditures. We’ll identify options that make sense for your situation, promptly complete the installation, and provide reliable maintenance and repair services when you need them.

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  • "Great Communication"

    Reviewed Apr 14, 2021
    "Great Communication"

    Reviewed Apr 14, 2021

    I ended up going with a different company for my solar installation, but I was very pleased with the professionalism and responsiveness that I received from Steve with May Electric. He made changes to my quote as requested and I really appreciate the information I received.

  • "Great solar service"

    Reviewed Jan 25, 2021

    May electric installed solar panels for us one year ago. Their energy estimates were right on. Our highest bill was $30 for one month and other months we made enough solar to not pay for any electricity. William and Neil made sure all went smoothly. We highly recommend them!

  • "Excellent choice for Solar"

    Reviewed Jan 24, 2021

    I researched at least 8-10 different solar providers before I settled on May Solar in Hudson FL. The contributing factor for my choice was that in 2020, May Solar was chosen by the Orlando Solar Co-op as the vendor of choice. The Co-op has very strict guidelines when selecting a vendor and I saw that excellence in my project. My experience with May Solar was stellar from the smooth sales process, to the excellent pricing, to the superb installation and using the best solar panels on the market. Highly recommended for your project. I was treated like a valued customer throughout the entire process. The salesperson (Neil) was responsive to my needs and really seemed to want to ensure my experience was the best. . Not to mention the owner of the company (William) was overerseeing the entire process, so I know that he has a vested interest that all his customers get individual attention and that he ensures the customer are VERY satisfied.

  • "New Solar System Instillation on my Home- LG 350W Panels & Enphase Inverter"

    Reviewed Nov 29, 2020
    "New Solar System Instillation on my Home- LG 350W Panels & Enphase Inverter"

    Reviewed Nov 29, 2020

    To start I am a retired Facilities Director with a large school district. I have been involved with over $100M dollars in new construction, renovations, modifications/replacement to existing systems and a design of a 15-gigawatt solar system. I have found May Electric to be competitive with their pricing to install a solar system for my home. I have interviewed over 6 solar companies of various skills, pricing, expertise, and management styles. From first contact to contract completion May Electric was extremely knowledgeable from beginning to end. They communicated everything that was going to happen from the start of the project to the end with turning the system on. Every step of the way May Electric kept in contact keeping me up to date at each step. I never had to guess what or when is the next part is going to happen. The only part they had no control with was when the power company was installing the solar meter. No contractor can tell you exactly when that is going to happen. Even then they were correct with the estimated time period the meter would be installed. Mine took 7 working days from when the system was ready too when the meter was installed.

    My observation of their instillation of the solar system was excellent. My experience from being a Facility Director enabled me to be critical of their work expertise, management styles, staff knowledge, organizational skills and communications. Mr. William May runs a tight operation with well trained staff. Mr. May is not only the Owner/boss but he also is in there working right along with his electricians and support staff. While they are working Mr. May takes the time to make sure the less trained staff are learning and working to his exacting standards. The group of workers all had a great attitude and work ethic during the instillation. In my opinion Mr. May knows how to do this better than most contractors out there.

    The last part was equipment selection. Mr. May over the years has decided to stick with Enphase Microinverter controllers and LG panels and offer a 25-year warranty on everything. With my research of the solar equipment suppliers/manufactures out there I think it is a winning combination. It is a rare thing to see a 25-year warranty on anything let alone electronic and solar equipment. In my opinion you cannot go wrong selecting May Electric Solar as your solar company to give you a long-lasting worry-free solar system to provide electricity to your home.

    Joseph Tobens

  • "Efficient, high-quality installation"

    Reviewed Oct 24, 2020
    "Efficient, high-quality installation"

    Reviewed Oct 24, 2020

    May Electric Solar installed a PV system on my home's roof in one day. The system has been reliably producing power for nearly 5 months now. I have had no issues with the components or the installation. We've been through a number of Florida thunderstorms and had no issues with leaks, and the panels have remained firmly in place through gusty winds. I recommend May Electric Solar for selecting high-quality PV system components and installing them with professionalism.

  • "May Electric Solar"

    Reviewed Oct 14, 2020

    I recently had solar panels installed by May Solar Electric. I did a lot of research prior to my purchase and reviewed 9 different quotes. I felt they offered the best quality materials with excellent warrantees. The salesman, Neil, used no pressure whatsoever and answered all of my questions. Should I ever develop any questions the office is always there. He gave me a realistic view of what to expect. The installers were all excellent and very professional. They installed the system in less than one day. They were neat, tidy and kept me informed while they were working. They gave me an introduction packet that reviewed what to expect, what I needed to do, and even how to do what was needed on my part. They did all the permitting, dealt with the power company, and arranged the county inspections for me. Now all I do is sit back, relax, and occasionally check website to see how much money I am saving! I am very satisfied and very happy I chose May Electric Solar to purchase my system from.

  • "Excellent"

    Reviewed May 07, 2020

    honest up front and clear transparency. This was an educational process unlike the other companies.

  • "Great work / Happy with results"

    Reviewed Mar 03, 2020

    Received quotes w/ warranties for 2, 5, 10, and 25 from 8 different companies. May Electric the best warranty for just a little more than the other guys.

    The only issue that came up was from the permit process; call your county permit people directly for any permit questions otherwise things get lost in translation. The process of getting the permit and it passing inspection took longer than expected.

    Power output has been equal or greater than what estimated :)

    Crew was friendly and were done a day sooner.

  • "Compare and May Electric is tops!"

    Reviewed Oct 24, 2019
    "Compare and May Electric is tops!"

    Reviewed Oct 24, 2019

    It took my neighbor’s blunder for me to truly learn how good May Electric is with solar systems.

    I purchased my system from May Electric in 2017 after vetting 6 different solar companies. I have been very pleased with the performance of the system and their craftsmanship. My appreciation of them grew exponentially after seeing what my neighbor went through.

    My neighbor is a business owner and is proud of his negotiating skills. I referred him to May Electric when he expressed interest in a solar system. He met with Neil as well as representatives from “yard sign” solar installers. In the end he did not go with May because of the deal he got.

    I witnessed firsthand the 3 to 4 days it required (over a month time frame) to complete the installation of a 20+ panel solar system. I also witnessed the 6 inspections that were required (over a 7 month period) to finally get the system approved. And to make matters worse for my neighbor, I saw the invoice and he paid more per watt than I did.

    I am able to refer May Electric to everyone with complete confidence that they will be as pleased as I am.

  • "ABSOLUTELY Terrific Solar Installer"

    Reviewed Oct 09, 2019

    Grrat experience with the sale, installation, and use of the Solar System installed by May Electric Solar. I obtained quotes from over a dozen local vendors and went through three rounds of offer revisions with all before settling with May Electric Solar. Their estimate remained unchanged all three times while other companies adjusted their estimates to compete. Also May Electric Solar's warranty far exceeded most others and their guarentee of in house installers was spot on. Mr May's personal involvement of our contract and installation planning is what makes a small business worth it. Anyone looking for a Tampa Bay area Solar Company should consider May Electric Solar when shopping around. They will differently offer a the best value, quality, and top notch customer service of any around.

  • "I highly recommend May Electric with no hesitation."

    Reviewed Oct 06, 2019
    "I highly recommend May Electric with no hesitation."

    Reviewed Oct 06, 2019

    I did extensive research about the technology and about local providers before selecting May Electric. The sales process was honest, straightforward and informative. The price was the lowest around and there were no surprises. The installation ran on schedule and the entire team was courteous and considerate. I had 60 panels installed. I thought I would have to put some of them on a less than optimal SW facing roof. Billy was able to rearrange them at the last minute and squeeze them all onto a south facing roof. I’ve had them for almost 2 years. May Electric provided me with all the forms and guidance I needed to claim the maximum tax deduction. Because of Billy’s ingenuity, the panels have produced even more energy than I had expected. It looks like the whole system will have paid for itself in under 8 years. I couldn’t be happier.

  • "Excellent Job, Great Price, NO surprises!"

    Reviewed Mar 13, 2019
    "Excellent Job, Great Price, NO surprises!"

    Reviewed Mar 13, 2019

    I saw an infomercial on TV for May Electric, and was quite impressed with the details provided and their approach to customer support. I called their office and told them if they could show me how I would not be paying more than I do for Duke, to give me a call back. Danny Hibbs first sent me a very detailed e-mail showing my expense now and how solar would supplement it month-by-month, and multiple references. I called all the references and was very impressed. He called me later in the day to review, and then came to my house and we signed the contract. Everything from that point was done very expeditiously and professionally. Great Company, Billy the boss is great to work with and he and Danny are just a phone call away with any ??s.

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  • "Very please with entire experience!"

    Reviewed Mar 12, 2019
    "Very please with entire experience!"

    Reviewed Mar 12, 2019

    Had great experience with May Electric. From pre-sale inquiry, through actual shopping around, and finally through installation and bringing my systems online. Love it!

    I like how they are very customer minded and how they followed up with me 6 weeks after the system went live just to see how everything was going.

    Let me give you another example: my Wi-Fi was having poor connection to solar module, they noticed that remotely and came over and installed a stand alone cell-spot to ensure data was flowing.

    Check out my production numbers in picture below.

  • "Best quality and price on solar system"

    Reviewed Aug 30, 2018
    "Best quality and price on solar system"

    Reviewed Aug 30, 2018

    Had May Solar install 33 panels on my roof and it was a fantastic experience. Danny and Bill were very knowledgeable and receptive to all my questions and there was no surprises. I still find it amazing that the sun can power my house 100% and wish I had done it ten years ago. I had 10 solar companies give me estimates and May Solar had the best prices, best quality equipment and best internet reviews (check them out on google). Make sure you take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit!

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  • "Great Experience"

    Reviewed Aug 27, 2017

    Before you waste any more time shopping around, read this. I spent MONTHS researching panels. Then another month or two finding a vendor. I can save you a LOT of time. Simply said: go with May Electric Solar. I checked them out top to bottom and they are clean as a whistle. They are owner operated by William “Billy” May. If you talk to him for 5 mins you will notice a passion for electrical, especially solar. On top of that, he knows that customer service is everything in today’s world. Example: he was on my roof during installation making sure everything went well. Danny Hibbs, their sales consultant, is all about the customer as well. Fantastic guy. Billy May's office team was responsive, detailed and always polite. The installers were courteous and very friendly as well. It was a good experience. The worst part… is waiting for the power company to install your net meter so you can start making your own power! But that only took about 6 days after their approval process. Now I’m up an rrunning and addicted to the production vs consumption charts on the Enphase Enlighten site. Making your own power is invigorating.

    Now, here is my advice for shopping around: First, use EnergySage.com. It’s a fantastic site. Tons of relevant information that you need for your search. That’s where I found May Electric Solar. All in, I called 10 different solar companies. About 7 actually replied. I narrowed it down to 2 of them. Bottom line is this, EDUCATE YOURSELF! You must know exactly what you want and only ask each vendor to quote you precisely that! If they say that can’t get it, disqualify them and move on. Otherwise you will become so confused you’ll walk away from the whole idea. Many companies will sell you on cheaper panels. Why? Because they make the highest profit margins on them. Here is what I found to be the best panels: SunPower, LG and Panasonic (SunPower being the best). I went with LG panels. No doubt that SunPower makes a great quality panel, but LG is giving them a hard run for the money. You’ll get more power per dollar going with LG and the the warranty is pretty much equal to SunPower’s. Panasonic is not far behind. Most companies will offer you somewhere between 300 and 340 watt panels (the lower the wattage the more panels you will have on your roof). That’s fine, but check the efficiency. Upon my request, May Electric Solar quoted me LG 360 watt panels and dollar for dollar they went up against SunPower’s 327 watt panels. The efficiency is virtually equal. So 33 more watts per panel for the same price. Guess what’s on my roof…. LG 360 watt panels. Best of luck on your search!

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  • "Very good service "

    Reviewed May 11, 2017

    May electric is this kind of a company where you have not to worry about anything. Very reliable and a smooth process to get your Solar/PV panels installed. I can highly recommend. It was the easiest process ever.

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  • "Premier Solar Contractor"

    Reviewed May 11, 2017

    I was extremely pleased with the proficiency and care that the May Electric crew demonstrated. They cleaned up, damaged nothing and Billy took the time to go over the components and operation of the system. There really is nothing to do . . . the system just sits there and eliminates my electric bill; I love to watch my electric meter run backwards. I would not consider using anyone else for future additions.

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  • "Great to work with. Super quick installation. Best price."

    Reviewed May 11, 2017
    "Great to work with. Super quick installation. Best price."

    Reviewed May 11, 2017

    Installation was over in one day on a 10kw system. They had the best price and the system has been running over a year with zero issues. Works as advertised​. The micro inverters have several benefits over a centralized inverter that make them the perfect solution when supplementing a grid connection (I.E. no battery backup).

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For the past 15 years May Electric has been on a mission to be one of the top contractors in Fla! Owner/operator and Master Electrician William May (EC13005353) has a strong passion for Solar and has dedicated himself to being a strong player in Florida's Solar industry. Recently May Electric was recognized as one of the Nations top 250 Solar contractors in the Nation. May Electric Solar has contracted and installed tens of thousands of solar panels across Florida which has helped us build our team of customers thriving for the same mission as us.We look forward to hearing from you!
National companies have a been proven to be difficult to deal with and hope you will avoid unnecessary lead times and becoming just a number.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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May Electric Solar Headquarters

8721 Casper Ave.
Hudson, FL
34667 US

Local Offices (1)

  • 655 w. highway 50 suit 102
    clermont, fl 34711

Workmanship Warranty

25 year product warranty on both LG and Enphase
25 year labor warranty from May Electric when LG and Enphase are installed
25 Year Roof Tech Product & Service Warranty Against Leaks




Unlimited Licensed Master Electrician EC13005353


General Liability
Workers compensations
Employees liability

States served by May Electric Solar

  • Florida FL