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Grid-Interactive, Roof-Mounted, Photovoltaic 15.12 kW System

Other Benefits:

The installed solar array covers 90-90% of our southern facing roof. While early yet, on warm days, that required AC, we did not turn it on as soon as we used. This appear to be the solar panels providing shade to the roof which in turn has kept down the heating in the attic.

Maintenance Requirements:

I've read that you should have your system inspected annually. As the install just happened, were not there yet.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

We haven't recently replaced some older appliances to make them more energy efficient (hot water heater, dish washer).

My Motivation:

Retirement and a desire to reduce monthly energy costs. Also, we enjoy the benefit of reducing our carbon footprint.


Get as many of your questions answered as possible in advance of signing a contract. Talk to other homeowners with solar. Ask what they would do differently.

Experience with Installer:

I don't know if this was due to the pandemic or something else. The installer quoted a timeframe of three months but took seven months to complete the job. Some of it was the power company but probably not all.

Additional Notes:

The Net Zero electric meter from the power company has not been installed yet. So far, our electric savings appears to have been $30 per month. Being that we are in the fall/winter timeframe and the power meter does not credit for excess power generated, this appears reasonable to me.

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