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GreenBrilliance LLC - Profile & Reviews

GreenBrilliance, is a vertically integrated, end-to-end SOLAR energy services provider. As a top-quality EPC provider, we have in-house engineering and design teams, our vertical integration across the value-chain enables us to achieve operational efficiencies leading to cost and time savings for our customers and ensures delivery of superior products at an unmatched value. At GreenBrilliance we realize and appreciate the significance of our role in educating and delivering PV systems to our customers. “An educated customer is the best customer.” We believe in excellent customer service both pre-and post-installation. We are a leading provider of turnkey EPC solutions for residential, commercial, and utility scale (MW) size power plants worldwide.
All systems installed and delivered by GreenBrilliance are currently producing at or above the systems estimated output. The estimated energy output is calculated by our engineering team and is customized for each site taking into account specific variables such as the solar azimuth, shade analysis, and tilt of the roof which are then factored in with rest of the efficiency factors of solar modules and chosen inverters. GreenBrilliance recently ranked 33rd in the top hundred installer in the world by the list published by renowned solar world online with a fantastic portfolio including the prestigious “Ronald Reagan International Airport” in Washington DC.

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  • "My Solar Experience"

    Reviewed Feb 26, 2021

    Late last year had solar panels installed at my residence in northeast Washington. Greenbrilliance was the contractor. Since my roof was aging I had Greenbrilliance replace my roof prior to installation of the panels.. I have had one bill from PEPCO for a first full month after installation. I compared the bill to the same period last year and realized a substantial savings, ($19.00 to $77.00 last year). Moreover, coordination with PEPCO and the roofing company was very well done. Michael Reid in sales and Cassie Carney were very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional I would highly recommend this company for your solar project.

  • "Not sure the slightly lower price was worth it..."

    Reviewed Dec 17, 2020
    "Not sure the slightly lower price was worth it..."

    Reviewed Dec 17, 2020

    Let me start by saying that the panels are installed, everything is connected, and the inspection was passed up to this point. Five months after starting the process, I am paying the loan but have not been able to turn on the system because there has not been follow up with the utility company and there is still a trench through the sidewalk in our backyard that was supposedly going to be fixed three months ago. I've been promised that it will be fixed "very soon" about 5 times now.

    They are extremely disorganized and have poor customer service. People showed up randomly with no warning to do work or on different days than they were supposed to. I received several phone calls saying "my guys are in the neighborhood can they come right now?" When I was not at home I would ask if they could just schedule a time, but they would say, "sure I'll call you back" and then I would not hear from them. Guys were showing up to do work and would not have the right equipment because they were not properly informed about the requirements of the job, so they would stop and then come back another day. At this point, I just want this done so I don't have to deal with them anymore. I was concerned about the other many negative reviews and should have gone with my gut.

  • "Very happy with my solar installation"

    Reviewed Oct 21, 2020
    "Very happy with my solar installation"

    Reviewed Oct 21, 2020

    Green Brilliance did a great job estimating the right size for my solar installation. I'm netting out almost my entire electric bill, including charging my car (Chevrolet Volt). Very competitive prices for high quality components and installation was very fast once the county permits were cleared.

  • "Green Brilliance delivers"

    Reviewed Oct 05, 2020

    We have had a very positive experience with the green brilliance team since we first looked into solar. From the purchase to the installation and over the years since then. They quickly responded to a request to remove And then reinstall the monitoring equipment when we had siding replaced. I highly recommend them.

  • "Happy customer"

    Reviewed Sep 04, 2020

    It's been a year since I've initially started working with GB. I will say that my overall experience has been very positive. During the entire process and even after installation, the company was very fast to respond and address my particular issues that came up and even exceeded all my expectations.

  • "Choose GreenBrilliance, they will not disappoint."

    Reviewed Aug 23, 2020
    "Choose GreenBrilliance, they will not disappoint."

    Reviewed Aug 23, 2020

    GreenBrilliance is a first rate residential solar installer. Very competitive pricing, excellent installation quality, and energy consumption seems consistent to better than estimated. I give my highest recommendation to you, if you are considering going solar. -Choose GreenBrilliance, they will not disappoint!

  • "Don't let them rob you"

    Reviewed Aug 21, 2020

    On March 20, 2020, GreenBrilliance tried to charge me an additional $3,780, to upgrade my electrical panel and install the ground rod. Madhan Kumar Nagella, the Operations Manager, came into my home, took a look at my electrical panel, and told me the whole thing would have to be upgraded. The electrician who was with him said they would have to cut my basement knotty pine wall open in order to accommodate a new panel. They said they could recommend a good carpenter to repair my wall after the panel was installed. Mr. Nagella looked very sincere and promised me that he was offering the the absolute lowest price for the changes that were absolutely necessary to install the system.

    I told them to pack up and leave my home. I asked that they put all of the new (surprise) charges in writing since the costs were well over and above what was quoted in the contract. Within an hour of me sending the team away, the GreenBrilliance Solar Project Development Engineer, Omkar Bhandakkar, sent me an email with a reduced best price of $3000 for the panel upgrade and ground rod installation. The solar installation team returned and began climbing up on my roof before I even had a chance to respond to his email.

    Thank God that I purchased my solar system through a neighborhood Co-op. I called the Co-op office and explained what was happening at my home. I handed my cell phone to Mr. Nagella who spoke with a member of the Co-op team. After the conversation, the extra charge to upgrade the panels disappeared, and the system was installed without them upgrading my panel and everything seems to be working well.

    I feel like Mr. Nagella was trying to rob me in my own home, and if I wasn't a member of the Co-op, he might have succeeded in extracting an extra $3000 from me.

  • "Terrible Company"

    Reviewed Aug 10, 2020

    I've had my panels for almost 4 years now and I am totally fed up at this point. It initially took 9 months for me to actually get my solar panels. Multiple times they wanted to actually increase the price of the original estimate after the contract was signed. The panel went up and then sat on my roof unusable for months while they tried and failed to get the county's inspection completed. Since then, every time I've had issues with the panels, it has taken multiple weeks to actually get in touch with someone to get my issue resolved. When contacting them, the only number that works is the sales number. All other departments go to a number that no one picks up or responds to. I wish i went with another company.

  • "Great Solar Project Completed by Green Brilliance"

    Reviewed Jul 29, 2020
    "Great Solar Project Completed by Green Brilliance"

    Reviewed Jul 29, 2020

    We asked for bids on our solar project in Washington, D.C. and received three bids.

    While we received notes from all three vendors, the Green Brilliance bid was most competitive.

    Yet the decisive factor for us was the informative nature of the bid and the responsiveness of the sales and engineering staff to our structural and regulatory questions.

    When concerned about the roof's ability to bear the extra weight of the panel, an engineer was sent out to inspect and answer our questions before finalizing the contract.

    With DC and HOA rules, the team was very efficient to follow up and provide all the needed information so that these hurdles were overcome quickly and did not delay the project.

    The team kept us informed at every step of the process, both by email and telephone updates.

    The installation went smoothly and the workers were courteous and efficient.


  • "High Quality Company and Value"

    Reviewed Jul 24, 2020

    GreenBrilliance's team installed a 5 KW solar panel system on my roof and garage on a small DC rowhouse (only about 1000 sf and 400 sf main roof. Even in the craziness of COVID, their teams were cognizant of the requirements on wearing PPE, took precautions to safeguard themselves and the people who lived in the house. There were many back and forths with the type of system I wanted (as I am also an engineer) but they walked me through each step and made adjustments until I got the system I wanted. Their financing was easy to do and they handled all of the permitting. They came out for a site visit prior to meet me and to look at the roof for its viability. While the solar panels did not exactly fit the site to allow for proper walk-around clearances for maintenance, they were able to be change on the day of installation. They were flexible on the installation date when there were several changes due to a new roofing requiring additional curing time. They went the extra mile to make sure the work was done to my satisfaction and were flexible when I had specific requests for routes of the conduit and wiring. When part of the electricity in the House didn't work after the work was done, their electricians came back to fix it. Their team made the effort the make us happy. I really felt like they were doing this for a bigger cause and not just to "make profit". When one of their contractor staff stepped on some plants in the backyard, they offered to purchase new plants. The staff were friendly and respectful. The initial drawings didn't match the final install but they worked with all the different permitting and DCRA to make sure it was properly updated by the engineers and documented. Each of the members on the team were almost always immediately responsive to emails and phone calls. The type of inverter and panels have a great monitoring system that gives me confidence in the product. While it took a long time from install to final turnover due to COVID and permitting issues, overall they did a great job and I'm very happy with the system they installed.

  • "Salesman was nice but didn't show for his scheduled meeting"

    Reviewed Jul 24, 2020
    "Salesman was nice but didn't show for his scheduled meeting"

    Reviewed Jul 24, 2020

    Recieved a call from Sam to talk about the quote I was provided and the company's offerings. He offered to schedule a meeting to discuss his proposal and go over the project which I accepted. Unfortunately he didn't show for the meeting or email me why he missed his appointment. Decided to go with a different vendor.

  • "Honesty and responsibility !"

    Reviewed Jul 22, 2020

    Greenbrilliance specially installed our solar power system in September 2019. The system has been working well up to now. Particularly, the inverter communication part has a problem sometimes the data does not show on my solar app, but it is quickly overcome. Especially the two technicians Nishanth Mahankali and Omkar Bhandakkar are very honest and responsible at work. They are ready to answer questions if any. They all also helped me with the information on Federal and State tax.

  • "Reliable customer service"

    Reviewed Jun 27, 2020

    We installed our system in May 2019. While the installation took longer than we expected, the Green Brilliance Team worked with us to resolve a few hurdles. System worked well for a year, in May 2020 we noticed that our system was no longer producing energy. GB were quite responsive once they received our message and helped us replace a faulty inverter with a turnaround time of just over a week (the inverter was being shipped from the West coast). Through all of this, their team responded back to our queries for information. The replacement was done as planned, and system has been up and running for a month without issues.
    Our warranty includes labor and materials for 25 years, and so far, we have been very happy with the service we’ve received. Working with a smaller company sometimes means more risk in case they are not around to honor warranties, we took the chance and are glad that we worked with a local vendor, who stand behind their work. They are also quite open to improving their own process where warranted, and have worked with us to ensure that we are alerted as soon as their is a production issue, and also looked at their own alert management system to ensure that severe alerts are managed in a timely fashion.
    Would recommend and happy to provide a verbal reference with agreement from GB. Their product is great value and combined with good service adds up to a package worthy of serious consideration.

  • "Responsive Service"

    Reviewed Jun 23, 2020

    I have had solar panel and Solar Edge Inverter installed by Green Brilliance for several years, and have found them to be responsive to my inquiries. I have almost no requirements to call them for any service matter since the installation, but if I have a question, the staff and/or the CEO have proven to follow through on their commitments to my inquiry. Clyde H.

  • "Avoid at All Cost"

    Reviewed May 27, 2020

    Have been dealing with them for 1 1/2 years and get nothing but excuses, lies and delays. Signed my contract and paid my money December of 2018 and still have no solar panels. Excuses have ranged from slow supplier, waiting on parts to COVID 19. Our builder is still building and the county is still doing inspections, no reason for Green Brilliance to not come and install the units. Will have to pursue in the court system. Very unprofessional group.

  • "Review - Green Brilliance"

    Reviewed May 23, 2020

    From beginning to end, I found everyone at GreenBrilliance informative and helpful in the process. The sales team professionally explained my options and walked me through the steps for installing the system and how I would receive my rebate. The install crew was on top of their game as well. They answered all my questions and were thoughtful about explaining the installation and how the system would work. The system GreenBrilliance installed is of top most quality, with their extremely high performing PV panels, well-engineered solution and great workmanship. Their pricing was the most competitive and they delivered a superior product in a timely manner.

  • "Excellent Service"

    Reviewed May 20, 2020

    GreenBrilliance did an amazing job on our project. We had a great deal of solar panels added to our roof, along with a squirrel-guard to prevent problems with small animals getting under the panels and chewing on wires. The team was able to get everything installed in a day and worked closely with Pepco (our electric company) and the county on the permitting process. We were very happy with the work that was done by the team!

  • "Solar Panels"

    Reviewed May 19, 2020

    I had a positive experience from the beginning of the process until the end. They were knowledgeable, courteous and provided great customer service. I would definitely recommend their services if you are interested in solar panels.

  • "Very unresponsive"

    Reviewed May 15, 2020
    "Very unresponsive"

    Reviewed May 15, 2020

    If you are looking for a company that will listen to your needs and respond to your questions then stay away from this company. Only when i threatened to forego using them did they finally respond to my questions and then ghosted me again. Went with a much better option, paid a little more, and do not regret it at all.

  • "Happy with the system and support"

    Reviewed Apr 30, 2020
    "Happy with the system and support"

    Reviewed Apr 30, 2020

    We chose GreenBrilliance from among 3 options and were happy we did. They were the only one that offered to send an engineer to our house to discuss with us, and that was really helpful for us in making decisions to go forward. The team was responsive to our requests for information or updates, and were always very professional and tailored the information to our level of understanding of solar systems. The installation was quick and done well once we had all the permits and approvals from the city, which took longer than we expected.

  • "Good Company"

    Reviewed Apr 13, 2020

    They seem to know what they're doing and they use good quality products in their installation.

  • "Great Service and Communication"

    Reviewed Mar 12, 2020
    "Great Service and Communication"

    Reviewed Mar 12, 2020

    I’m completely happy with our solar installation by Green Brilliance. Office staff were very responsive and patient throughout the process.

    In my situation, there were delays obtaining financing (through a separate institution not affiliated with GB). While I waited several weeks for the deal to close, Green Brilliance staff were very patient, communicative and never pushy or off-put by the delays. This was instrumental in developing a good business relationship, based on trust.

    The installation, inspection and final approval stages were smoothly managed. Green Brilliance met their obligations every time, arriving at each step completely prepared.

    I recommend the company highly!


  • "GreenBrilliance is just awesome"

    Reviewed Mar 08, 2020

    We chose GreenBrilliance for our home because they are rated #1 in the DC metro area. With an all rounder CEO Sumit Bhatnagar we knew we were in safe hands. Their staff did the job very professionally and were very courteous. Their customer care team is par excellence and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for solar panels installed in their homes or businesses.

  • "Awesome Service"

    Reviewed Mar 07, 2020

    Green Brilliance was recommended to us by friends who had installed solar panels from them and we’re very happy. Our experience was equally good. GB very professionally did our installation. We are very happy and recommend them.

  • "Excellent experience with Greenbrilliamce"

    Reviewed Mar 05, 2020
    "Excellent experience with Greenbrilliamce"

    Reviewed Mar 05, 2020

    I got a couple of quotes before I signed the contract with GreenBrilliamce to install solar panels on my roof in 2018. I hired GreenBrilliamce for the sheer simplicity with which they explained the implementation process and the post-install benefits. I always wanted to support sustainability, Sumit Bhatnagar also showed me the bigger picture of getting solar panels in an easy and cognizant language. They truly provided an end-to-end solution, starting from obtaining the initial permits, installation to getting me situated with the grid and tax credits forms, everything was taken care by Greenbrilliance. They were exceptionally professional and top notch.
    I'd recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat.

    Just wanted to mention that there are some less favorable reviews, but I feel they are mis-leading about the professionalism and honest approach of the company. My experience was stellar with a high quality product.
    I'm happy to discuss my experience with anyone who's speculating solar.

  • "Not great"

    Reviewed Mar 02, 2020

    1) Wrong gear sent to my house
    2) Did not tell me they were sending racks and panels to my house before they arrived
    3) Messed up the number of panels they could install, not enough room to install all they said.
    4) Submitted the drawings to the county with the incorrect number of panels.
    5) Never updated that with the county so I will never be able to get SCRECS. Cant in VA anyhow but ....
    6) Did not pass county inspection first time

    Saw them when they took the check and when they flim flammed with the county inspector. No where on site on install day.

    Only reason its not a 1 star is that 2+ years later all is working and meter metering

  • "Good quality - poor service and communications"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2020
    "Good quality - poor service and communications"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2020

    GreenBrilliance installed a 25 panel, 7.75kWp system on our flat roof in Washington, DC.

    - Issue resolution. Worked through a roof blueprint issue that other companies wouldn't assist with.
    - Competitive price/quote. Note: I have other friends who have used GreenBrilliance and had a good experience
    - Good quality. The system runs well and is producing electricity as advertised with good quality craftsmanship.

    - Schedule. We missed every deadline. The install occurred two months after the original estimate.
    ---- Caveat: We installed in the last quarter that federal tax refund was available and there was a large volume of customers.
    - Communications. There was no intent to keep me updated on anything. It was clear that the onus was on me to understand the process and ask questions. If left to their own processes, the team would work behind the scenes and would not keep the customer updated on any status (including a missed deadline). It's not clear that I would even have an account to monitor my system or sell SRECs had I not pressed for them after the install. I now have this all completed but my name is misspelled on all of my paperwork.
    - Efficiency. There was no effort to work anything in parallel. Everything was step-by-step. As an example; the install date wouldn't be scheduled until after all supplies had arrived (vice buffering the arrival by a week and scheduling well in advance).
    - Expectation management. The install itself was advertised as relatively quick with an hour allotted for electricians inside our house. The reality was that it took several hours to install, was more intrusive than advertised.

  • "Solar Panel Installtion"

    Reviewed Jan 15, 2020

    Very professional and experienced. Delay for installation was due to product availability
    Overall team performance excellent. Recommended

  • "Very Happy"

    Reviewed Jan 02, 2020

    I was very happy working with GreenBrilliance. They were always very responsive with all my emails. There was a delay in the installation due to the lack of availability with SilFab panels but that was out of their control. The offered me another brand but I waited for the SilFab panels I signed up for and ultimately got an upgrade at the same price. When the panels were ready, they scheduled me for a Sunday install to get it done as early as possible and continued to work with me to get the inspection and net metering installed by Dominion. I had to stay in contact with them throughout the process but they would always get back with me. I would recommend them based on the price, quality and outcome of the project. I am very happy with the look and the energy that is now being produced.

  • "Did everything promised"

    Reviewed Dec 20, 2019

    They were slightly off target with their dates, but otherwise they were extremely responsive. Omkar was the best!

  • "Neat work and great price"

    Reviewed Dec 18, 2019

    I got solar panels installation and inverter through green brilliance. Overall their process was very straightforward and their installation crew was very neat and quick. Their representative ( Omkar) was very prompt to reply on all questions I had and was professional. Only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 is because of delay that happened in installation ( silfab delivered the panels late to green brilliance as per company).

    Sam Albert
    Response from GreenBrilliance LLC
    Responded Dec 23, 2019
    Response from GreenBrilliance LLC
    Responded Dec 23, 2019

    Thank you for your kind review, we are happy to see you satisfied. This year 2019, being the last year for a 30% FED ITC, has created a surge in the installation volumes and hence hard for panel manufacturers like Silfab to keep up. That caused delays as SILFAB panels were not available in the market due to high demand. We did not want to substitute the panels with other Chinese makes like Trina which were readily available as we do not recommend or trust their make and quality. We are glad we were able to deliver a state of the art system with Silfabs backed by our servicing warranty in addition to the manufacturing warranty. Thanks for your patience and continued support all along this process. It was a pleasure serving you.
    Team GreenBrilliance

  • "Honest Solar installers"

    Reviewed Dec 15, 2019

    Our project got off to a rocky start, with several delays to the project. In fairness to Green Brilliance, this appears to have been because of an issue with the panel supplier. Green Brilliance ended up completing the project, sending out a top notch roofing crew, and completing everything according to code, at a great price.

  • "Great personalized service"

    Reviewed Dec 05, 2019

    I went with GreenBrilliance over other competitors mostly because of how attentive and responsive they were and how their pricing is head and shoulders better than the competitors. Whenever I had questions, I was assured that I would be helped out. They went above and beyond to answer my questions, and provided me with any additional support required. Their CEO, Sumit, is one of the nicer people I've had a chance to work with. He will absolutely put you ahead of everything and make sure you're satisfied with the work they're doing. Overall, I would recommend this company to anyone looking to switch to solar in the Northern Virginia area.

  • "5k PV with LG Battery Storage"

    Reviewed Dec 03, 2019
    "5k PV with LG Battery Storage"

    Reviewed Dec 03, 2019

    I began seriously researching and considering a PV system in early Summer of 2019. After finding EnergySage as well as selecting one other provider for bid; I reviewed a number of installers and solutions. I settled on GreenBrilliance for two major and 1 minor reasons. 1st was Price, they provided a well sized and aggressively priced solution. 2nd was how they worked with me on adjusting the solution and adding a LG Battery as an option and eventually as part of implementation. Lastly was the frankness and apparent flexible manner in which they planned the solution.

    I signed and started the project in September and was promised that the solution would be either completed or near complete and eligible for Tax rebate for 2019 before year end. It went live at the end of NOV! All in all I am very happy with the solution and in general the process was good.

    I was given 16 SLA-310 panels, SolarEdge Inverter and battery charger and a LG 9K battery storage system. I've only had the system running for a week or so so I will have more information later about performance and general system details but I''m pleased with what I see thus far.

    As for the team and the process. I am an IT professional and I have a great interest in the technology so I was more aware of the various details and process before and during the implementation. I did my homework on the solution and implementation and on GreenBrilliance (GB) before signing. I was aware of a couple things going in. These included the VERY busy time of year given the tax credit expiration, as well as GB potentially having to be stretched thin and slow to communicate. While there were times that I wished that GB was more responsive, I had a very tight timeline (as compared to other reviews) some unique requests and such. I think they definitely pushed hard to meet my needs and I honestly made myself available and filled in where I could to make the process easier. This combo worked out well for me- but for those more in the dark, hands-off and/or particular or inflexible you might have some challenges if you don't have extra time and patience consider that.

    I think GB is a great provider if their style and positives match with your solution and ability to manage. Any project like this requires that the homeowner take an active role on the project in my mind and if you need a lot of hand-holding you might want to consider another provider- who will charge you for the whiteglove experience. As for my project I must say I was impressed with the speed and overall effectiveness of my implementation- it was just what I wanted. GB is effectively DONE with my project OTHER than closing up my walls and ceiling from the wiring pulls. I've redoing my basement flooring, paint and such so this wasn't much of a burden for me- timing worked out as it turns out.

    I wont go into all the details of my implementation as others have blow by blow as I think the final result is more important than the minor details. I wish all well with their installations and hope and trust that GB as well as other installers will improve the process for homeowners as this technology and process evolves. Must say a year or two ago I would never have imagined i'd have one of these systems on my house. Cheers!

    PS- I will update this review as needed once the very last of my project is complete and it has been running for couple months.

  • "Green Brilliance review"

    Reviewed Nov 19, 2019

    When I met with the owner of Green Brilliance, I was very pleased with his company and the product that they had to offer. I was given a timeline that laid out the approximate times that the different stages from design to installation would take. I asked if they typically were able to meet the timeline (about two to three months), and he assured me that they would. He assured me that every step of the way I would be informed on where in the process we were and what the next steps we would be. They received my signed contract on 3/8/19 and they cashed my check the same day. I was particularly impressed that he did not try to oversize my solution. He talked me out of the back up batteries and was completely honest about the fees to finance the project where the others were not. Most of them tried to oversize the grid and hide the fees from me about the financing until I asked about them.

    After he left, I kept expecting that someone would come out to the house to take measurements, locate where my panel was, and take pictures of the house so they could start their design. This never happened, in fact when I questioned my point of contact (POC), he asked, “Do you want someone to come out?” I responded with, “Of course I do.” Then he finally came out to see the house. A few weeks passed and I never got a design, so I questioned this again. I was asked to provide a picture of my house for them. They said they would have it done the next week. After a month, I question where it was, and they got it to me the next week. I then needed to present the designs to the HOA. When I got the design, I noticed they did not put the panel where they said they would. The back of my house is facing the south and they actually put some of the panels on the gable which is east and west facing. I questioned this and they changed it to put them all on the south side and some on my garage. I questioned it again and was told they would be fine since they are all facing the same way. I informed them that the shadow from the higher roof would go over the panels. I also told them that if they check their irradiance scans of the house it would show where most the light hits the roof. I told them I had the scans from someone else and they asked if they could use them. I guess they don’t do irradiance scans, so I provided it for them. They reworked it again and put them all on the higher roof on the south side. I then noticed that they had my electrical panel and my breaker box on all the wrong sides of the house. So, it was reworked, and I submitted it to the HOA. Because of all the reworks and how long it took to get it to me, I had to miss the first HOA meeting and put it on the second. They went to the meeting and agreed to all the stipulations of the HOA in writing. They agreed to make sure the wire piping follows the edges of the house, through the attic, and that it would be painted. The invertor was installed in the basement and the panels were 6 inches from all edges of the house. They said they would provide me a tracking number for the permitting process, but they did not.

    They said they would have the panels shipped to the house and I would have to store them in my garage. When I asked if they would be here, they said they would not but there would be no problems. When the delivery guy came out, he said he would not pull into my driveway because the truck was too heavy. He could not roll the extremely heavy cart on my driveway because it would damage it. He said that this company does this all the time. They had to put them in the street, and I told Green Brilliance and they said they would come out that night to move them into my garage. I coned them off and he came out that night by himself. Said he could do it himself, but he couldn’t. I had to help him because we were in a rush due to plans that night.

    After all these issues, I reached out to the owner with a plea to work with them on the install. I was not confident of their abilities, and he assured me that everything would be done in a professional manner and as it was planned. I was out of town when they installed it on 8/16/19. When I got back, they installed the invertor on the outside of the house, the panels were right up against the edge of the house instead of leaving 6 inches from the edge stated by the HOA, and they did not run the conduit through the roof. They just ran it over the edge of the house. I brought the HOA in and they said they would have to move the panels from the edge. Green Brilliance told me that they didn’t have enough room to move the entire set over, but I went up on the roof of a two-story house and saw that there was plenty of room. They just wanted to move the outer panels below the others because it was easier. They had to patch the holes and I noticed that they stepped on the peak of the gable and crushed it. I told them they needed to fix it, so they did. They told me that due to NEC regulations, they had to put the invertor on the outside, so I told him to send me the regulations so I could show it to the HOA. I asked about four times and they finally sent it to me. When I looked it up, it did not say you can’t install it on the outside. When I saw the install manager, he said they could install it on the inside but was never given the agreements they made to the HOA. When I showed him the email from his coworker, he seemed very surprised and knew nothing about them.

    I had to ask for someone to come out to show me the setup and walk me through everything. I also had to ask them to set up the monitoring application. He finally came out and showed me the system and set up the app. I later noticed that he did not set up all the features of the app and had to have him work on it again. I went up on the roof again after the reinstallation and noticed that when they moved the panels down, they just left some of the cables exposed. I took a picture of it and told them to fix it. After a few weeks, they finally fixed it.

    So, it took over five months to get it installed and about six total months until they corrected it. By the time they finally corrected the exposed wires, the total time to complete was seven months. So, everything works, and the equipment is good, but it was a real stressful experience. I’m not saying not to use them but be prepared to manage the entire process and be there for the installation because this company does not work as a cohesive unit. Everyone just does their own thing and they do not communicate with each other. One more thing to mention was that the owner knew I was going to do a off grid solution for my outside lights. So he gave me a free used panel from his warehouse. I had to repeatedly ask for this, as it was promised. It took a while, but he finally did give it to me. It was a good panel for my project.

  • "GreenBrilliance is very professional and easy to work with"

    Reviewed Nov 19, 2019
    "GreenBrilliance is very professional and easy to work with"

    Reviewed Nov 19, 2019

    My experience with GreenBrilliance has been very good. My solar project has taken a few months and I've dealt with multiple people from the company, the engineer, installers, and customer support. All have been very polite and professional in all our interactions, including answering all of my dumb questions. The price offered was better than the 3 other companies I looked at and I'm very satisfied with the system. I would highly recommend GreenBrilliance.

  • "Great and Very Responsive Solar Company"

    Reviewed Nov 18, 2019
    "Great and Very Responsive Solar Company"

    Reviewed Nov 18, 2019

    I've talked to several solar companies in the area and all of them gave me some ridiculous quotes to install a new solar system. When contacted Green Brilliance, the company made sure I received the exact type of panels and inverter for a much better deal. I loved their professionalism and responsiveness. They went above and beyond to answer any of my emails and text messages. Sumit and his team are simply top notch! I am very pleased with the service and the support, this company went above and behind to ensure that everything was done to the highest standard. They were the most responsive to my questions and offered the best system for the lowest price out there. The system is now fully operational and working exactly as they said it would work. I have to say that Green Brilliance is hands down the most customer accommodating company I have dealt with in a long time. Please be aware that this type of project is lengthy in nature regardless, and Green Brilliance will walk you through the way and will take care of all needed paperwork (coordination, permits paperwork, and NET metering switch with Dominion) to make this as smooth as possible.

    I am impressed with Green Brilliance work, I will highly recommend them to other interested customers, and I would give them AAA+++.

  • "Outstanding Service!"

    Reviewed Nov 13, 2019

    After talking with several solar energy installation companies, we decided to go with Green Brilliance. Sumit and his team are simply top notch! I am very pest articular about small and big details, this company went above and behind to ensure that everything was done to the highest standard. They were the most responsive to our questions, gave the clearest and fullest explanation of our options, and offered the best system for the lowest price out there. We opted to use North American sourced materials and the system is now working exactly as they said it would work, if not better. I have to say that Green Brilliance is hands down the most customer accommodating company I have dealt with in a long time. Although, the process can be lengthy with multiple moving pieces. Green Brilliance made things easy by doing all of the coordination, the permits paperwork, and the NET metering switch with Dominion. They have also prepared our documentation for solar energy tax credits. We have been, and continue to be, very happy with our decision to go with this company. I was impressed by Green Brilliance work, I would give AAA+++ if possible. I highly recommend you consider them for your solar project.

  • "Great company!!"

    Reviewed Nov 11, 2019

    After we did extensive research on solar panels. We interviewed 5 solar companies before choosing green brilliance. The company was top notch when it came to explaining all the different questions we had (which was alot). Also there price was very competitive against all the other offers we had. We even had one offer that was 50% more than what green brilliance was offering for the exact same panels. The process of deciding on which system? How much? And how long the installation should take? When the system will be up and running? That part was easy. The actual time from start to finish was a little more time than was described to us. I suppose that was to be expected since they are probably extremely busy since this is the last year for the 30% tax credit. We did have a slight problem with an issue with the loan. However, green brilliance fought to get this corrected (which we truly appreciate), and now the loan should be all taken care of. I love the system, I love the way it looks on our roof, and i love the solar app so I can keep track of everything, and the warranty is top notch. So far, so good. It was a pleasure working with Sumit and his green brilliance team to go solar. Thank you again.

  • "Excellent service"

    Reviewed Oct 29, 2019

    There are several solar installation companies in the DMV area. We did talk to most of them, It was a time well spent; I would say. For those of you who are considering going solar for your homes, we can tell you that, choosing the right company with the right attitude, is the most important piece of advice we can give you. Most of the companies we met, were unprofessional, reluctant to spend time to advise and educate, in a hurry to make the sale and impatient. Most of the representatives lacked technical knowledge. It was scary to the point that we almost thought of deferring going solar. But I must give the credit to the professionalism and hand holding of the GreenBrilliance team. They were well educated and technically savvy and on top of it all extremely patient with us. They engaged their engineering team to work on several layouts and changes with us even before we signed any contract with them. They never pushed.

    Very professional and friendly, is the term I would give to the entire team. During the installation process which hardly took 2 days, they showed us pictures of how they used the foots and flashings on my new roof, how they installed the panels and conduits etc. Very very clean and excellent communication. We are very happy, satisfied and relieved that we chose the right folks. I honestly recommend trusting GreenBrilliance with your solar installation on your home.

    Overall, we highly recommend GreenBrilliance for your solar power needs.

  • "RUN RUN, RUN"

    Reviewed Sep 15, 2019

    I was trying to figure out how this company could have this high of reviews when Yelp and other sites have them rated so poorly. Then I saw that out of 11 reviews some had left 5 star rating multiple times. Paid them almost $60,000 in December and 9 months later...still no panels. Excuse after excuse, ran out of material, had the electrical wiring done wrong, waiting to hear from builder (which the builder knew nothing about) and to date not 1 solar panel and no word as to when they plan on doing it. Have never worked with such an unprofessional group. I have nothing but clips in my Terra Cotta roof for my $60,000. Horrible, horrible people. Will be filing a law suit soon.

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  • "Unrealistic timelines and poor communication"

    Reviewed Apr 09, 2019
    "Unrealistic timelines and poor communication"

    Reviewed Apr 09, 2019

    Once I determined that I wanted to purchase (not lease) solar equipment, I narrowed my choices to three or four providers, from whom I asked for quotes. By far, the most responsive company was Green Brilliance - but once I signed on with them, that is where the responsiveness ended. We are now post one year of our initial meeting and plan, and I have a system installed that is not yet in operation.
    I am paying already for a system that is not operational, that was installed many months after our initial agreement

    It's my opinion that they have taken on more work than they can complete in a reasonable timeframe. If I were to do this process over, I might have gone with another installer knowing what I know now.

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  • "Very happy and excited with my Solar system"

    Reviewed Mar 27, 2019
    "Very happy and excited with my Solar system"

    Reviewed Mar 27, 2019

    The team is well versed in solar and have been very helpful from the get-go. They designed the best system based on our roof area and consumption history. I highly recommend their services to folks who are looking to install solar on their homes.

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  • "Great company"

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2019

    I worked with Green Brilliance several years ago to install my solar system on my home. They we extremely knowledgable with regard to the appropriate system I should install. Additionally, they prepared and filed all the documents required to be considered an "energy producing station" by the electronic company. They also prepared all the documents to apply for any eligible grants. The system was installed professionally and correctly. They saw the installation through to inspection. Green Brilliance also advised, prepared and filed the necessary documents for all the SRECs. Any questions I have had over the years of having the system they have promptly and professionally answering them, even coming out to check on this system if need be. I recently sold this house, and they worked with the new owners to help transfer ownership rights of the system. I would highly recommend Green Brilliance, LLC.

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  • "Slow and incorrect install"

    Reviewed Sep 05, 2018
    "Slow and incorrect install"

    Reviewed Sep 05, 2018

    I signed a contract with GreenBrilliance in April of 2017 and they finally finished the install in March of 2018. In June, I was on the roof and found out that they hadn't flashed the penetrations, or made any attempt at all to prevent them from leaking. Also, all of the bolts on the south side of the roof were spinning freely, which indicates that they weren't holding at all (this is very dangerous because solar panels can experience thousands of pounds of lift in high winds). Their installers came back out once, confirmed the problem but said they needed more materials, and then never came back. After dozens of emails, including 5 different emails explaining exactly what needed to be done to fix the bolts, someone else from the company came out but tried to patch over the problem by preventing the nuts on the bolts from turning (instead of fixing the fact that the bolts weren't holding). At this point I'm looking for a different company to fix the bolts because I doubt GreenBrilliance will ever do it.

    Note: I can easily work from home, so this is less of an issue for me than it might be for other people, but I've had to be home on random days for almost a year, only to have GreenBrilliance miss about half of their appointments, generally with no call until several days later.

    Update: I found out that GreenBrilliance used a completely different set of plans for their building permit than what they actually installed (4 more panels, weighing about 10,000 lbs more than our actual system), and I'm not convinced that they way they bolted the panels to the roof actually makes sense. Instead of taking the panels off and then fixing this and putting them back up, we asked them to just leave the panels off. They finally came back on January 7th and removed the system, although they refuse to provide a refund. I also discovered while trying to sell the panels that they lied about the kind of panels installed. The contract specified 290W panels but the ones they installed were 285W.

    23 people found this helpful
  • "Greenbrilliance LLC"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2018

    Excellent work, Very professional, good knowledge of technology. Get better than promised.

    2 people found this helpful
  • "They've always been here for us"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2018

    I became a GreenBrilliance customer in 2010. Communication was excellent, and we came to a final contract agreement via e-mail. We needed to have the roof re-done before having the photo-voltaic panels and hot water system installed. GB coordinated beautifully with (plug here) Douglas Roofing to make the project happen seamlessly. In 2013, we decided to build a shed and increase our total number of PV panels to 26. GB responded quickly and added the additional panels at a fair price. When squirrels did some serious damage to our system wiring (twice), GB responded quickly and installed stainless steel screening to prevent further rodent damage. We now pay nothing for gas or electricity, because our bills for both are offset by the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) we earn. In fact, since 2013, we are ahead over $1500 in energy costs. The company has always been quickly responsive to our needs and requests, including assisting with our elementary school solar education program in Sterling, VA. I would highly recommend GreenBrilliance

    11 people found this helpful
  • "Successful Solar Install Going Strong 12 Months Later"

    Reviewed Jan 09, 2017
    "Successful Solar Install Going Strong 12 Months Later"

    Reviewed Jan 09, 2017

    Overall, GreenBrilliance provided an exceptional solar install that is performing well at 12 months later. We were introduced to GreenBrilliance through Solarize NoVA, a great program offering free solar assessments and strong solar pricing through their partners. If it’s available, do it!

    After meeting with the sales associate Shawn, who did a great job explaining the TCO and benefits around solar, we decided to move forward with GreenBrilliance. She walked us through the timeline and what to expect next, including assistance with getting approval from our HOA to put panels on our townhouse and the ordering of our US-made panels.

    Admittedly, the design process did take longer than expected with multiple back and forth communications. However, that was because we were also moving the location of our roof vents and had to involve our roofer. Furthermore, we were utilizing a home energy audit company to make improvements to our home for energy efficiency simultaneously. In any case, GB was committed to providing a way to maximize the output and number of panels. Armen supplied a design spec that we used for our HOA paperwork. The design process did not hold up our install, which needed to take place before the end of the year..

    Sharmila, the office manager, provided solid communication and flexibility in scheduling the date of installation and delivery of materials. Upon delivery, a representative was sent to check over and inventory the equipment ahead of the install to ensure everything was there. We really appreciated that thoroughness so that installation was not delayed.

    The install itself went smoothly and the crew came when we expected and was diligent about completing the solar array install. Even after the fact, GB sent a team back to take pictures since we couldn’t get a clear picture on our own to ensure that the SREC paperwork process was a breeze.

    Shankar helped with the county inspection or our electrical components related to the solar install. He also told us about the SolarEdge app for our phone that would allow us to monitor our solar production daily. He ensured the device in our home was syncing with the inverter, which ultimately sends the current data to the app.

    8 people found this helpful
  • "Excellent Service!"

    Reviewed Jan 09, 2017

    I used Green Brillance to install 59 solar panels on my home in Washington Grove, MD. They were very professional, delivered the project on time as promised to meet the tax year refunds, carefully explained all the rebates and incentives that I would receive, came back a couple of times to resolve issues and ensured that the online reporting system was working correctly. Great system that I can monitor the performance of each solar panel with an app on my phone. I highly recommend them!
    Armand Lanier Washington Grove, MD,

    6 people found this helpful
  • "I was an early customer"

    Reviewed Dec 20, 2016

    GreenBrilliance installed phase one of our photo-voltaic array and a solar hot water system in 2010, when we could finally afford to add them to the passive solar home we built in 1986. They coordinated very well with our roofing contractor.
    GB later added 8 PV panels to a shed we constructed in 2014, making 26 PV panels in all. The company has always been quickly responsive to our needs and requests, including assisting with our solar education program in Sterling, VA.

    6 people found this helpful
  • "Glad we did it!"

    Reviewed Dec 19, 2016

    GreenBrilliance has served us very well at each step of the project. They prepared a truthful proposal and cost benefit at reasonable cost. Installation was done quick and well and after service was also good.

    6 people found this helpful
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GreenBrilliance is established with the mission to provide solar energy solutions in the DMV metro area. We are currently working in PA, VA, MD, DC, and WV. We are GreenBrilliance is a vertically integrated; end-to-end Solar Energy Services Company headquartered in the DC metro area delivering turnkey solar EPC solutions to homes, businesses, and utility large-scale projects at very competitive prices.
Your local solar installer providing tailored solutions for you using the highest quality and most efficient products ( PV panels, inverters, etc) at the most competitive price available in the market. Over 13+ years of experience, we are working and making your solar installation a great experience.
GreenBrilliance offers a variety of flexible financing options to ensure the best fit for you. Your home improvement project like solar should not be treated like a cookie-cutter process. We listen to your requests, customize, and do our best to find you the best solution possible.

With in-house engineering and installation crews working around the clock, we do not subcontract any aspect of the job which results in the consistent, high-quality workmanship that we are known and loved for!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Workmanship Warranty

All workmanship carries a warranty of 10 year from date of completion.
-GreenBrilliance will provide individual component manufacturer’s warranties.
-All electrical work shall be performed as per National Electrical Code.
-GreenBrilliance will move the PV system within 10 years and 80 miles (of current location).
-In case of roof repairs, GreenBrilliance will coordinate uninstall and re-install of the PV system.




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