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21 Panasonic solar panels plus Enphase back-up battery

Other Benefits:

Nothing yet - still not operational after 9 months.

Maintenance Requirements:

We plan on cleaning the panels annually (minimum) assuming they ever work.

My Motivation:

Clean energy and power during power outages (which we have approximately 4-6 times a year)


Be very careful working with Solar Optimum - Their communication is almost non-existent. I had to follow-up numerous times when we weren't getting any feedback on where we were with the permit process. Also be very careful about the contract: It says that the final payment is due after city inspection approval which I assumed meant the system would be operational. THIS IS NOT TRUE! They want final payment when I am told BY SOLAR OPTIMUM that we are still 2-3 weeks out from having the system be operational. They haven't even contacted us to explain how the system will work, how we operate it or even when/how it will be turned on! Terrible!

Experience with Installer:

Installers were very good and very responsive.

Additional Notes:

Solar Optimum is right on it when payments are due and we paid every invoice within 24 hours. But now they want final payment when the system is not operational and we don't know how to use it.

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