Do your research! I am very disappointed with the end result of my experience after I went with the highest-rated provider recommended by EnergySage, GC Electric.

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GC Electric recommended 18 panels for my property, but after a little over a year after activation they are now recommending another 8 panels in order to meet my needs, and their prices have gone up by 40%. I am feeling like I got bamboozled.


Get more panels than you are told you need, and do your own research.

Experience with Installer:

GC Electric completely messed up all of the interactions with SCE and I ended up waiting for over two months after the install for the system to be activated due to the many mistakes they made in the application process. Even after all that, they fouled up the terms of my Net Metering agreement and made it monthly instead of annual.

Additional Notes:

Cost and price were my primary drivers and I am quite unhappy with the end result.

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