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G C Electric Solar - Profile & Reviews

G C Electric Corporation (dba G C Electric Solar) is a family owned and locally operated EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) company based in beautiful San Diego area. Started in 2008 and incorporated in 2014, we custom design and install each project in-house using experienced and knowledgeable engineers and professional solar installers without having to sub-contract any portion of the project to any third-party organization unlike many of our national and local competitors.

We have installed residential solar systems for many families in San Diego as well electrical and solar systems for hand full of INC 5000 companies and currently in process of installing large scale commercial solar installations for hand full of industry leading companies. When it comes to quality, safety, workmanship, and technical expertise, G C Electric Solar is placed in top 10 electrical and solar contractors in California.

We will not sign off on your project until one of the owners of the company personally inspect all the components of your system assuring you the highest quality of workmanship available in the industry.

Our ultimate goal is building a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

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  • "Trustworthy and they go the extra mile!"

    Reviewed Oct 16, 2019
    "Trustworthy and they go the extra mile!"

    Reviewed Oct 16, 2019

    I chose G C Electric Solar for my solar project of 8kw. They gave me the best price and I talked about how I wanted extra accommodations to take care of my property. Sepher gave me his word that they would do the extra work and they did, they went out of their way to do the extra work. I was very impressed with Sepher's professionalism and the high quality of G C Electric's electricians.

  • "Great local installer with a competitive price!"

    Reviewed Sep 02, 2019
    "Great local installer with a competitive price!"

    Reviewed Sep 02, 2019

    Because solar system installation of commonly used equipment is much more dependent upon the people directly involved, going with a regional or national installer has marginal benefits at a much higher cost. I chose GC Electric Solar because my installation should be easy (24 panels on a shingle roof), they were a local company that had great yelp ratings and had a decent number of residential AND commercial installations.

    During the process of getting estimates, Sepehr was the only one (including some regional guys) that answered my nerdy questions well. A big plus in my book.

    From contract signing to system turn on, it took 7 weeks including inspections and other administrative red tape. I'm not sure this is entirely smart, but another reason I chose GC Electric Solar was that their quote had the longest wait time -- thinking, hey, these guys are in demand.

    I did refer GC Electric Solar to my friends, not for a potential referral rebate, but because I'm a satisfied customer (any referral rebate coming my way will be given to them).

  • "Small residential solar panel project with storage"

    Reviewed Aug 23, 2019
    "Small residential solar panel project with storage"

    Reviewed Aug 23, 2019

    A superlative experience. GC Electric installed 13 panels and a battery at our residence in late 2017 - small system that required careful engineering for economics to work. Analysis and communication during evaluation, construction, and startup were outstanding. They were selected after screening seven proposals and detailed discussion with four contractors. The architecture of our tile roof limited our options. GC Electric provided a comprehensive analysis and coordinated roofing contractor necessary to complete installation. Their assistance with selection of a battery, as well as securing the SGIP rebate, was critical to economic success of our project. Exceptional service on all elements of our project. Our continued thanks to Sep and the team at GC Electric Solar.

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  • "Poor customer service"

    Reviewed Aug 23, 2019

    Bad roofing job. Nails through the ceiling

    Sepehr Nozari
    Response from G C Electric Solar
    Responded Aug 26, 2019
    Response from G C Electric Solar
    Responded Aug 26, 2019

    Thank You Nicholas for your feedback and I am sorry that you were not satisfied with our service that we provided on August 2018. I sent an email earlier to see if there is anything we can do to change your mind about our customer service.

    Unfortunately we did not know you had exposed ceiling above your master bedroom and nobody was home during the installation.

    During the installation on roofs with shingles, on rare occasions, screws miss the rafters and we basically pull them out and reinstall them and water proof any area that was missed. When you have exposed ceiling, the nail hole is exposed and visible from inside of the house. Once Mrs. Pretty contacted us, we sent somebody out and sealed the holes from the inside of the house. Just to clarify, this hole never caused any leaks.

    All of the emails that we have received from your household was responded right away with no delay and any issues that you had brought up was responded properly and on time.

    Thank you for your feedback and please contact me directly if there is anything we can do to show you our level of customer satisfaction as reflected on many reviews we have received here and other websites.

  • "I love my solar panels!!!"

    Reviewed Jun 15, 2019

    G C Solar did a great job. Everything was completed on time and works great. They have the best prices. I was a little nervous about choosing the lowest bid, but they did an excellent job and had good customer service.

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  • "G C Electric Solar installed our 7.2 kW"

    Reviewed Jun 13, 2019
    "G C Electric Solar installed our 7.2 kW"

    Reviewed Jun 13, 2019

    I did my research for our solar (my background is in SW and Electrical) and submitted the specification of our solar project 7.2 kW in Energy Sage website and received quotes from several solar installation companies. After meeting with project manager from other companies including G C Electric Solar, we selected G C Electric Solar for our solar project. The solar project went so smoothly from start to finish. Sepehr, the young owner, is very professional and knowledgeable; he understands our needs and provides all answers with honest communication. The installation team worked very well and we are happy that we made the correct decision by selecting G C Electric Solar. In deed I would recommend G C Electric Solar to our friends and relatives for their solar electric project.

  • "Job Well done"

    Reviewed Apr 28, 2019

    The installers were professional and the project was completed as scheduled on budget. They did not charge me an arm and a leg unlike other providers. System just turned on. Very pleased.

  • "No surprises"

    Reviewed Mar 08, 2019

    This marks one year since my solar system was installed by GC. It has worked perfectly. True up with SDGE was slightly in my favor. There have been no leaks even with this year's heavy rains. The entire process only took 30 days from contract signing to grid connection. The installers showed up exactly on time and were done by early afternoon. GC worked within my existing main panel limits and I got a perfectly sized system. I have recommended GC to others and will continue to do so. I would use them again.

  • "Positive"

    Reviewed Mar 08, 2019

    We just got the solar system from G C Electric. So far everything is very good: the work was performed very quickly and in time as promised. The installation process went fast and smoothly. Hope the following usage of system will go the way it started. So we are satisfied.
    Be aware. You have to take in account that the consumed solar power will be lower than the panes show. The reasons are: the conversion (in my case approximately 9 %) and sun position during the day.

  • "Our solar installation"

    Reviewed Feb 27, 2019

    GC Electric Solar installed our solar panels. We selected them from 6 bids that were provided us on the energysage website. They were ranked higher on value, quality, and technology compared others. Our experience proved that this was indeed the case. They responded promptly, answered all our questions patiently, and installed the system ahead of the time they had indicated for our installation. We were pleased with the crew. they were polite and responsive to our requests. I would recommend the company to anyone considering going solar.

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  • "New solar system installed 1/2019"

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2019
    "New solar system installed 1/2019"

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2019

    The company was priced appropriately compared to competition. Their knowledge of the optimum solar system, based on information I provided, left me with confidence in the outcome. The equipment they use is the best in the industry.

    There were drawing errors and mistakes by installers but the way the company responded to this was a great sign of professionalism...corrections were done immediately.

    I think most solar companies will take advantage of less educated customers...do you homework!

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  • "Happy customer"

    Reviewed Jan 17, 2019

    I was happy that the bid I was sent over the internet was the price, No bait and switch which we all afraid of.

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  • "Great, Start to Finish"

    Reviewed Jan 02, 2019

    Our experience with GC was great, start to finish. Sep provided great advice to help us finalize our scope. He was very communicative throughout the entire process. All work was completed timely and by GC personnel, not a subcontractor. And now, the system is performing as expected. GC is a very responsive contractor who make the process easy!

  • "G C Electric Solar"

    Reviewed Dec 26, 2018

    I found this company here on EnergySage, and I'm glad I did. Sephr of G C Electric-Solar was a low bidder and I made a appointment with them. I know a lot about solar because I was going to install my own system but when I talked to Sephr I realized this guy knew loads more than I did. We figured out what size I needed (7.8 kW system) and how long and what a great warranty the Panasonic panels are (25yrs). I see my system will pay for it's self in 3.3 years, then for the next 22 years I won't have to pay for $80,000 of electricity. I signed the papers and it took about 3 weeks for all the permits and such and the next thing I know they were installing my 24 panels; my 8kW inverter all in about 6 hours. Now I'm producing all of my electric needs. ( my electric bill has been negative the first two month)

    Two and a half years ago this system would have been $35,000...after my tax credit this system will cost $14,000. The price has really come down.

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  • "Great Experience, Highly Recommended"

    Reviewed Dec 21, 2018
    "Great Experience, Highly Recommended"

    Reviewed Dec 21, 2018

    Our experience with GC Electric Solar was fantastic. As other reviewers have stated Sepehr is extremely responsive, and always takes the time to explain the details. Everyone at the organization seems to be well versed in the process, making it very easy for home owners to know what to expect. We got over 10 quotes and they are definitely competitive compared to others, especially given the equipment (panels,inverter, etc) included in the package.

    When our original plan of upgrading the panel called for trenching, and it turned out that SDG&E wanted us to trench a different path that would have cost much more then anticipated, Sepehr was very diligent in laying out the options for us and what each would entail. At no point did we feel rushed or up-sold on anything, and it was definitely reassuring to be able to discuss pros/cons of each option with a professional. In the end we went with an RMA and the actual install was very quick, smooth and clean. We now have a 8.45kw system running smoothly since Dec. 4th. I would definitely recommend GC Electric Solar if you are in the market and are lucky enough to be in their service area.

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  • "Absolute Recommend"

    Reviewed Dec 20, 2018

    The people at G C Electric Solar are very friendly and helpful. The rates were very competitive. I would gladly suggest that anyone looking to install solar start their search with G C Electric Solar.

  • "Satisfied Installation"

    Reviewed Dec 17, 2018

    Good experience with GC Electric Solar. Sepher is easy to work with and very responsive via Text Messages. They were able to install fairly quickly, and listened to my concerns. They had a crew of 3 people in total, and did the install over 3 days. 1 day with two guys installing the panels on the roof. 2 days doing the electrical hookup. Very satisfied, again super responsive via Text.

  • "Amazing prices, support, and efficiency"

    Reviewed Dec 12, 2018
    "Amazing prices, support, and efficiency"

    Reviewed Dec 12, 2018

    Had our 8.1kw PV system installed soon after moving into the house. After signing contract, install was completed within 2 weeks. Smooth experience and a great installation. They even made a design change to improve aesthetics.

    Overall quote was thousands less than others for the same panels and inverter.

    5 months out and system is beating its expected production. Very pleased with experience.

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  • "Very pleased"

    Reviewed Nov 19, 2018

    Happy we went solar! We received quotes from several campanies. G C Electric offered high quality panels at a reasonable price. Sep was easy to work with from our initial meeting to helping us decide on the best panel configuration for us. Installation was professional and done on schedule. We’ve had our panels for close to a year. And we’ve decided to add more! Considering solar? Call Sep!

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  • "Superb knowledge and communications"

    Reviewed Oct 13, 2018
    "Superb knowledge and communications"

    Reviewed Oct 13, 2018

    Sepehr Nozari was the first solar contractor I contacted. He was a patient and thorough "teacher" since I was new to the idea of solar. His communications with me were excellent and he was always available to answer questions as I moved through my research, He provided extensive printed materials which were helpful as I tried to educate myself.

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  • "Best price"

    Reviewed Sep 18, 2018

    Fast installation at great ptice . Refer my brother . He save a lot money.

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  • "Great job"

    Reviewed Sep 17, 2018

    After going through a lot of quotes from solar companies. I selected Gce solar and it was the best choice ever , thank you guys for the professional work .

  • "22 Panel System in Santee"

    Reviewed Sep 17, 2018

    I have been looking to get solar for about two years now. It was too expensive for us before. After meeting with multiple companies, I have selected G C Electric since they answered my questions while providing the best valued quote in EnergySage. I also loved their detailed proposal and how they estimated my future bill with solar. They also give me a good price to add 2 extra panels before the installation.

    The system was installed as planned and promised and it has been working with no problems so far. Rafael the operations manager and Tand their inspection tech have been great keeping us posted during the installation. Their future bill saving estimates are really close to what I am seeing now. We bought an EV in July and the 2 extra panels I bought really helped us stay to minimum charge mark with SDGE.

    I am really happy I chose them and I recommend them to everybody.

  • "Solar"

    Reviewed Sep 16, 2018

    We Decided to go with this company due to the NUMEROUS phone calls and emails the owner made after his initial presentation/proposal to us.
    After signing the contract’ the solar installation process was difficult. We had to spend weeks getting approval from the homeowners association because the company was frustrated. They sent 2 workers in a Hyundai for weeks to dig while my neighbors had 5 sunrun vans and dozens of uniformed workers install theirs from Sunrun in a few days. GC electric failed inspections 3 times (perhaps this is a common issue the solar world). It took at least 4 months to finally have the system installed.

    After install, the solar seems to work fine. However, over the past 3 months our electric bill has been about $500-800 per month while we have a 7.8 kw system. I have requested an appointment several weeks ago with the solar company just to review everything to make sure all is working, especially since we can no longer see our production Solar Edge. We only got one email yesterday just summarizing the SDGE bill and monthly solar production (which I already know). The contact with us before getting the solar contract and after getting paid is drastically different from the owner of this company. There is no aftercare at all and I truly regret not going with someone else. You are welcome to contact us.

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    Sepehr Nozari
    Response from G C Electric Solar
    Responded Mar 08, 2019
    Response from G C Electric Solar
    Responded Mar 08, 2019

    Original Reply on: 9/17/2018

    Dear Nguyen,

    Thank you very much for your feedback and sorry if you felt we did not provide the services you were going to receive.

    You have contacted us originally on Sep 4th via our company general line. We have communicated with your husband Andrew on same day at 10:16A. You have requested us to go through your SDGE bills and your solar system monitoring account to make sure the system is functioning properly. Based on our records, we had the same conversation with Andrew on August 7th and we assured him that the system has been functioning properly.

    We then contacted Andrew via phone on September 4th and explained to him how SDGE net metering program works and we were on the same page that the solar is working as planned.

    As an extra step, we offered Andrew to look at your SDGE account to make sure everything is good on SDGE end also. Andrew provided access to your SDGE account on the same day and we had our engineering team take a look at that to make sure everything is working perfectly.

    I personally checked your monitoring system same day and texted Andrew at 4:33P that the system is working properly.

    We then received another request on Sep 6th from Andrew about the system saying the system is not functional. Since we wanted to make sure the system is properly working, we asked Andrew to provide pictures of your inverter and after multiple text messages and calls, we confirmed that the system has been working and only the solaredge monitoring system has been disconnected from the internet.

    Then same day at 5:50P Andrew requested a service tech to come out to check everything to make sure the system is working. As company policy, since the system has been performing above our expectations, I mentioned to Andrew that if we come out and we do not find any issues with the system, there would be a service charge. We confirmed that everything was functioning by looking at the monitoring system.

    Then Andrew mentioned that he thinks SDGE is "doing something wrong to their bills" and asked us to verify everything on your online SDGE account again.

    I have personally spent hours on Saturday the 15th going through your hourly consumption report in SDGE website as well as your hourly solar production report in Solaredge monitoring system and found no problems.

    I then sent you a detailed email with solaredge production report and your SDGE consumption report.

    As I mentioned before, Aug was really hot and everybody including the ones that have solar in San Diego have paid 2-3 times more than before. I was also told that you have purchased another EV which also increased your consumption. The solar system can only produce so much power and if you consume more power than what the system was designed to produce, you will be paying a high electric bill. This was explained to you when we originally met and I have your written proposal which explains how the net metering works and how much the system will produce.

    As of now, everything is functioning but your monitoring system was disconnected again from the internet on the 16th. Once you plug it back to power or internet, the data will upload again.

    Our system has produced more power than anticipated and it has been functioning with no issues.

    I have attempted to call you today and texted Andrew. I would like to send a tech out at no cost to a) completely check everything to give you the peace of mind you are looking for, b) wash the panels at no cost. I would also like to personally come out to explain the data once more in person to make sure we are on the same page.

    We are proud of our level of customer service and we do understand there is mis-communications always along the way and even-though we have reviewed your monitoring system data and online SDGE bills multiple times, I am willing to take an extra step to go over the information again.

    Thank you and I am looking forward to hear from you.

    1/17/2019 UPDATE/ 1/17/2019 UPDATE/ 1/17/2019 UPDATE/

    It has been 4 months since this review was posted and we have made attempts via phone, text message, email, mail, and site visit to communicate with Nguyen and Andrew and we have received no communications or any replies back to any of our attempts.

    To be exact, we made 8 calls, 4 messages, 5 emails, 1 mailed letter, and 3 visits to the house and the customer has not responded to us. At this point, we will consider this issue closed on our end until the customer contacts us.

    Thank you Read less

  • "Great Company"

    Reviewed Jul 09, 2018

    After going through several quotes, we selected GC Solar. They recommended a roofing contractor and from there installed the solar. They were very professional and trustworthy. Glad to have worked with them to get a new roof and solar.

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  • "Watts up!,"

    Reviewed Jul 02, 2018

    Sephir et al are good folks. We needed an alternative for our cash deal and they were able to work with us. Install crew was efficient. Process was easy but time consuming with all the paperwork involved. I would recommend them without hesitation. We LOVE the minus Kwh each day. For June, the system generated almost 900 Kwh.

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  • "5 Star Review for G C Electric Solar"

    Reviewed Jul 01, 2018
    "5 Star Review for G C Electric Solar"

    Reviewed Jul 01, 2018

    With the help of Energy Sage, we narrowed the field of Solar Companies down to G C Electric Solar. We found Sep, owner and manager of the company to be very knowledgeable, with excellent follow through and customer service.

    G C Electric Solar worked with our roofing contractor and we had a new roof and solar system in short order. We recommend G C Solar for folks in the San Diego Area.

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  • "Best deal on solar"

    Reviewed Jun 29, 2018

    Sepehr provided the best quote for our solar system, saving us lots of time and money. Even with the issues we had, he assisted us in working through them as painlessly as possible. His team also worked quickly, was very professional, and trustworthy. We are happy with our system and are confident that we can rely on GC Electric Solar for maintenance and future upgrades.

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  • "Great company GC electric solar"

    Reviewed May 09, 2018
    "Great company GC electric solar"

    Reviewed May 09, 2018

    This is long over due. I can’t say enough about how good this company is! Sepehr is so professional, knowledgeable and just a great guy.. He does what he says he is going to do which is not always the case when it comes to contractors. I am a contractor myself and I expect things to be done right and in a timely manner and they actually Exceeded my expectations! The installers were excellent and worked efficiently. Luis (installer) was fantastic and showed me how therir quick mount double flashing was superior to all other roof/tile attachments. They use the best materials/suppliers and quoted the best price over the other 5 quotes I got = BEST VALUE! Before you go with anyone else I highly recommend you call GC solar and have Sepehr show you why they are the best. Thanks again Sepehr I love my solar and love not having a electric bill even more.

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  • "Happy customer"

    Reviewed Mar 30, 2018

    The guys at gc electric solar are top notch. My neighbor referred them to me. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional and responsive. One of the owners Sep always informed me about each step of the process and answered all my questions 24/7. Their pricing and quality are unbeatable. The whole process took less than three weeks. I have interviewed many companies, and I am very happy with my choice.
    I highly recommend them to anyone, who is looking for solar.

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  • "Very satisfied with the entire experience, from proposal to installation."

    Reviewed Jan 30, 2018
    "Very satisfied with the entire experience, from proposal to installation."

    Reviewed Jan 30, 2018

    Just wanted to write a note about our experience with G. C. Electric Solar. I interviewed six companies before deciding to go with G. C. Not only did their price beat the others, they seemed the most knowledgeable and competent at helping me understand what can seem like a complicated and daunting decision. Sepehr, who presented the proposal and oversaw the complete installation, was responsive and easy to work with throughout the entire process. He did not try to sell me anything I didn’t need or want, like some of the others did. The crew that actually did the installation was professional, courteous, and responsive to all my my concerns. Due to the flu season and SDG&E, we did have a couple of delays during installation, but I can’t fault G. C. for that.
    We have been online for about ten days now, everything is working flawlessly and just as represented. We are very happy with the whole experience and I highly recommend you give G. C. Electric Solar a chance to earn your business.

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  • "best work done "

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2018

    When we finally decided to get solar, we got four total quotes. Out of all of them we decided to go with G C Electric solar and we are so happy that we did. The process was very smooth and fast. The system was installed a week ago, and we are already enjoying all of its benefits. We got the highest quality and best panels available in the industry for the price that we loved. The crew was on time, clean, and professional. One of the owners Sep was a delight to work with throughout the whole process. The moment we met him he has been very knowledgeable, genuine, helpful and not pushing us like other companies did. All our questions were always answered 24/7 and we were always updated on the status of the project. Now we have a beautiful roof mount system, and I already recommended them to my friends and co-workers.

    Excellent job and great company!

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  • "Brilliant job."

    Reviewed Jan 19, 2018

    They are great. We hired G C Electric Solar one month ago and our system is already installed. Very happy with the customer service and their professional crews. Their price was really competitive and they used the best equipment available in the industry (Panasonic and Solaredge). I would recommend them to everybody. Seriously!

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  • "Extremely happy with GC Electric Solar!"

    Reviewed Oct 10, 2017
    "Extremely happy with GC Electric Solar!"

    Reviewed Oct 10, 2017

    Sep was absolutely awesome. He seemed genuinely interested in giving us the best value and we are very pleased with the results. He was never pushy and was rather very patient and helpful as we shopped around and conducted our own research. Of all the solar installation companies we looked at, Sep was by far the most knowledgeable and trustworthy. His team was very professional and accommodating. Stop looking and go with GC Electric Solar today!

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  • "Great service, great work and great price"

    Reviewed Oct 09, 2017
    "Great service, great work and great price"

    Reviewed Oct 09, 2017

    While Sepher at GC Electric was diligently answering all our questions we were also getting quotes from another 3 vendors. GC Electric was from the beginning the best quote, when asked to accommodate changes in the quote he was not only fast, but it seemed like it kept getting better. He was always frank about the benefits or lack of benefit of of our choices or requests. Once our loan was approved the system was installed and producing in 2 1/2 weeks! That included waiting for permits, inspection and an unfortunate sick day. They were through, Sepher came to do the final step of turning it on, checking the installation and even went around to make sure his crew had left the all areas all as clean as they found them, which was the case.
    System is super easy to monitor, panels by my own research are of the highest quality, but best is I can’t even see them from the road! All and all, even though it seemed strange to me that we did all of our communication via email and short phone calls, the process was smooth, and we are enjoying the money and green benefits of going solar!

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  • "Best decision ever made on Solar!"

    Reviewed Sep 04, 2017
    "Best decision ever made on Solar!"

    Reviewed Sep 04, 2017

    Going with GC Electric Solar for my Solar energy system was the best decision I have ever made. I requested quotes from four different solar companies and GC Solar blew all the competition away with their price, high efficient panels and service. The first time I met with Sepehr I felt comfortable and at ease. Sepehr was very knowledgeable and extremely personable. He answered all my questions and delivered the best price, service, people, and equipments. He made the whole process fast, smooth and easy, after just two and a half weeks my Solar is up and running. Sepehr is always available to answer my questions 24/7. His crew come to work on time, worked hard and fast, even the owner Sepehr jumped in and helped during the install and completion. GC Solar, Sepehr did an excellent job and I would highly recommend his company!!!! You will never go wrong in choosing GC Electric Solar. Thank you Sepehr and your crew for a job well done!!!!

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  • "GC home solar installation with battery"

    Reviewed Jul 11, 2017
    "GC home solar installation with battery"

    Reviewed Jul 11, 2017

    My highest recommendation for GC Electric Solar. Sep and his team did a great job putting up our home system and meeting our expectations. We have a tile roof and after the panel installation they made repairs that look like the original concrete tiles, taking pictures to show us the installation and roof. Amazing job of painting all of the conduits used on the roof and on the side of the house, using two coats. They matched the color of both the roof tiles and the stucco, labeled all the conduits, boxes and system parts with warning labels and instructions. They took the time to examine and label the breakers for the house and the new breakers needed for the solar subpanel. Very ethical and courteous, this is an excellent company to choose for installing your solar system.

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  • "very happy with my choice and our experience going solar"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2017
    "very happy with my choice and our experience going solar"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2017

    I have been looking into solar for a year and I received multiple quotes from different companies. We chose g c electric solar because they answered all of our questions and concerns upfront. And they gave me great pricing and equipment. We are very happy with the solar installation and their crew's professionalism, hard work and leaving the site always clean at the end of the day.

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  • "Great Experiance "

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2017

    I did a lot of research before picking GC Electric Solar. They are a family owned company who care about their customers and quality of their work. What I like the most is their no pressure sales approach, they listen to our concerns and needs, answered all of our questions and give us a customized plan that fit in to our budget without any pressure of sale. They always keep us in the loop every step of the way and finished the installation in a very professional and timely manner. I highly recommend them, and use them again in future.

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  • "Another job well done! "

    Reviewed May 27, 2017

    We have worked with GCE since 2013.
    completed 5 projects, Residential and commercial.
    Knowledgeable, transparent, no hidden costs.
    G C Electric offersHigh-end quality and service at affordable pricing.
    Perfect solution for your Electricty bill.
    Highly recommend GC Electric.

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  • "Happy customer and best quote received"

    Reviewed May 12, 2017
    "Happy customer and best quote received"

    Reviewed May 12, 2017

    G C Electric solar installed my system 2 months ago. I am extremely happy with the outcome. They have done a nice job hiding the electrical pipe and the system looks very good. The black LG panels look very similar to my dark grey shingle roof. If you Come to my neighbourhood in Carlsbad and compare my system to my Neighbour down the road who choose a leading local installer, you will definitely see what a great quality GC has put in for me. GC price was also about 15% lower than the same leading local installer.

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  • "Very happy with G C Electric Solar"

    Reviewed May 11, 2017
    "Very happy with G C Electric Solar"

    Reviewed May 11, 2017

    These guys at GC Electric Solar are incredible! My neighbor referred me to them. They are very professional and responsive. I loved their pricing and their financing options. I decided to pay out of pocket and I will see my ROI in 4 to 5 years. The system looks great, excellent construction, installation and general appearance are impeccable. The entire process was impressive and so was the installation crew supervisor. I interviewed a lot of company's and I couldn't ask for more. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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12600 Stowe Drive, Ste #5
Poway, CA
92064 United States

Workmanship Warranty

- Panasonic Authorized Installer (25 Years Backed Workmanship Warranty)
- 25 Years Solar panel Power Production Warranty
- 25 Years Optimizer Warranty
- 25 Years Remote Monitoring
- 20 Years Inverter Warranty (Extendable to 25 Years upon request)
- 10 Years Leak-Free Warranty For All Mounting Points
- 25 Years Workmanship Warranty


- Panasonic Authorized Installer (25 Year backed workmanship warranty)
- Cox Media
- YP
- Home Improvement Guide
- Google Plus (Google Guaranteed)
- Yelp
- Clear Channel Media


Licensed C-10
Licensed C-39


Business Incorporation: 995108 C-10


$4M General Liability, Umbrella, Workers Comp, and Auto

States served by G C Electric Solar

  • California CA