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What You Need to Know


24 panels, no battery. If it was forever home, battery would have been installed.

Other Benefits:

Net metering during sunny days. Can't wait to see what summer produces

Maintenance Requirements:

None..let nature do the job and cleanse with rain.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

If you have a heat pump (electric heat, not gas), be prepared for energy spikes unless you implement a soft-start for big appliances

My Motivation:

!Energy independence + Ryan's talking points. The man knows his stuff.


Make sure you evaluate your TOTAL system cost + fees + everything else. Solar is NOT for everyone, however, if TSP is your first choice, you've made a great pick!`

Experience with Installer:

Extremely transparent pricing and timeline. Everything laid out prior to signing agreement.

Additional Notes:

These guys, and Ryan, are top notch. TSP will take care of you, no matter what.

Open House Info:

Feel free to drive by, doxxing myself...5201 Rustic Ridge Dr., McKinney TX. TSP did a phenomenal job installing the system. Clean lines, made the OCD cord monger inside me leap for joy.

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