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Model Year
Connection Type (AC or DC)
Lithium Iron Phosphate
Total Capacity
Usable Capacity
Power: Peak
Power: Continuous
Depth of Discharge
Roundtrip Efficiency
The key characteristics of a battery are the power output, usable capacity and efficiency with which it stores and discharges electricity. Other characteristics, like the chemistry of the battery, help to determine how effective it is at storing electricity.
10 Years
Expected Life
10 Years
Warranties are an indication of the overall quality of the battery. Look for a high number of cycles, a high percentage of end-of-life usable capacity, and a large number of years warrantied.
Battery Dimensions
2032 mm L
609.6 mm W
1016 mm D
  • Scalable
  • Off-Grid Capable
  • Backup Capable
The physical characteristics of a battery help determine whether you’ll need an entire garage of batteries or a wall-mounted, radiator-size battery. Beyond just storing energy, batteries have a number of additional traits, such as being able to easily scale in size or to provide power if the grid goes down.
  • united states's Flag United States
Energy storage manufacturers may have a background in chemical industries or in making larger-scale batteries, such as building batteries for electric vehicles. Manufacturers may either make the battery cells themselves or assemble the batteries into a comprehensive energy storage system.
Certifications Received
Organizations like the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) create national and international standards for energy storage systems to ensure any products on the market meet certain specifications for safety and reliability reasons.
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Sign up to get quotes for your preferred solar equipment!
100% online, no phone calls unless you want them