About Us: How We Make Money

Solar shopping made simple

Given that EnergySage is free to use for all solar-interested shoppers, we often receive questions about how we make money. The whole process is quite simple: while shoppers pay nothing to join the EnergySage Marketplace and compare solar quotes, solar installers pay a small fee to participate.

EnergySage does not play favorites and ensures a level playing field amongst all solar installers. Our goal is twofold: to help our customers obtain the best solar solution possible for their needs, and to help our small business partners grow and succeed. Solar installers are happy to chip in, too, since EnergySage reduces their sales and marketing costs by over 50%. These savings are then passed on to you when you go solar: the average EnergySage shopper saves up to 20% by using EnergySage, and this often represents $5,000 or more off the installation price!

Giving you the best solar shopping experience

While other solar-related websites have exclusive partnerships with one or two installers, our model of partnering with hundreds of solar installers across the country allows us to remain completely neutral and unbiased. This gives you the best solar shopping experience, and the best possible outcome.

“EnergySage made a huge difference for me- $9,000 in savings compared to what I was about to spend directly with a leading installer. Plus a better system and a 25 year warranty!”

Steve R., Orange, CA