What are the top LG solar panels for sale?

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Top LG solar panels for sale.

Known for their high-quality electronics, LG solar panels are top-notch options in a diverse solar panel market. As an increasingly popular solar panel brand in the U.S., LG produces quality solar panels with above-average warranties. Some of their products even appear in EnergySage's ranking of the best solar panels available.

Find out what solar panels cost in your area in 2023
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Note: For updated information on LG's solar panels, check out LG's page on the EnergySage Buyer's Guide.

If you're interested in LG's products, you can find LG solar panels for sale near you. Homeowners across the country can solicit solar quotes for LG solar panels by using the EnergySage Solar Marketplace, an online solar shopping and quote comparison platform.

We've reviewed the five most popular LG panels for sale on EnergySage. Most of these come from the NeON 2 module series, which you can read more about below.

Panel Model
Energy Sage Rating

LG solar panel system prices in solar quotes featuring LG panels on EnergySage are typically priced anywhere from $2.78/Watt and $3.60/Watt, with the average price coming in at $3.19/Watt (before taking any financial incentives like the federal tax credit for solar into account). The total cost of your LG installation will depend on the system size you need, as well as the specifics of your home and any local incentives. The table below uses EnergySage average prices for LG solar panels to give you a sense of total installed costs.

LG solar panel system prices

System Size (k W)
Average Cost
Lower Range
Higher Range
5 kW$15,950$13,950$17,950
8 kW$25,520$22,320$28,720
10 kW$31,900$27,900$35,900

*These prices have NOT already accounted for the federal tax credit for solar.

LG has two main lines of solar panels for sale: the Mono X modules and the NeON modules. The NeON line is further subdivided into five groups of panels.

LG Mono X and Mono X Plus solar modules

LG Mono X and Mono X Plus solar modules.

There are a total of 9 Mono X and Mono X Plus solar panels available from LG:

All Mono X and Mono X Plus solar panels have received a Standard rating under EnergySage's solar panel rating system. This is a factor of average efficiency ratings (16.8% to 17.5%), standard product warranties (12 years), and average solar panel performance in high temperatures, with a temperature coefficient range of -0.41 to -0.42 for this group of panels.

LG NeON solar modules

LG's broader line of solar panels is their NeON series. It consists of five types of NeON modules: NeON 2, NeON 2 Black, NeON 2 ACe, NeON R, and NeON 72 Cell.


The most extensive subset of the NeON solar modules is the NeON 2 group. The NeON 2 module LG335N1C-A5 is the most popular LG panel quoted to consumers on EnergySage, and the top three LG panels on EnergySage are all from the NeON 2 line.

LG NeON 2 solar modules.

There are thirteen different modules in the NeON 2 line:

All NeON 2 panels on EnergySage have product specifications above the industry average, but there are other panels that are higher-end. The NeON 2 line's Premium has high-efficiency values (ranging from 18.6% to 19.5%) and a 25-year product warranty.

LG NeON 2 Black

LG NeON 2 Black solar module.

LG's NeON 2 Black panels are very similar to the NeON 2 panels. The main difference between LG's other solar modules and the NeON 2 Black line is aesthetic – these black panels are designed to be minimally visible and give your home a sleek, modern look.

There are four panels in LG's NeON 2 Black line of products:

The NeON 2 Black line's high efficiency means that, all other things being equal, the NeON 2 Black panels will produce more energy than panels in the Mono X or Mono X Plus categories.


The NeON 2 ACe panel has an integrated Enphase microinverter, making installation quick and simple. There is one panel from LG in their NeON 2 ACe line, the LG330E1C-A5.


LG NeON R solar panel.

The NeON R series is LG's most premium line of solar panels. The LG350Q1C-A5 panel is the fourth most popular LG panel quoted on EnergySage.

There are four options within the NeON R panel group:

LG's NeON R panels are top-of-the-line solar equipment that compete with other high-quality products from Panasonic and SunPower. They have efficiencies between 20.3% and 21.1% and perform exceptionally well in high temperatures (with a temperature coefficient of -0.3).

LG NeON 72 Cell

Aesthetics and durability are the main selling points for LG's NeON 72 Cell panels. 72-cell panels like the NeON 72 Cell line are typically used in ground-mounted and larger utility-scale installations. There are two panels in the NeON 72 Cell line:

With a rating of Premium on EnergySage, the NeON 72 Cell panels are above-average, high-efficiency options for large-scale installations.

There isn't a single solar panel available that works for every case. If you're considering installing solar on your home or business, LG can be a solid panel option thanks to its above-average efficiencies and solid warranties.

That being said, the best fit for your individual needs depends on your priorities, whether you are looking for a low-cost system, a system with the best performance and warranties available, or one that uses a certain type of solar panel for an exact appearance on your roof.

Regardless of your individual preferences, comparing multiple solar quotes from installers near you can help you pick the most appropriate solar option. By registering your property on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace, you can easily solicit quotes from local installers at no cost, including companies that offer LG solar panels exclusively.

Find out what solar panels cost in your area in 2023
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