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EnergySage's Consumer Protection Pledge

May 1, 2023

At EnergySage, our mission is to empower people everywhere to switch to affordable, reliable clean energy solutions with trusted resources, unbiased advice, and a simple shopping experience.

Unfortunately, our industry—solar and other home services—has a reputation for being complex, confusing, unfair, and even misleading. We believe that you deserve better. These decisions are too important.

This is what drove us to build EnergySage, and it drives us every day. In everything we do, the first question is always, “What is the right thing to do for the consumer?”

Whether you’re reading through our articles or talking with our Energy Advisors, you can have faith that EnergySage is here to provide you with the resources you need to make the best decisions around clean energy for you and your home or business.

That’s why we created a five-point Consumer Protection Pledge.

  1. We provide only objective information. Every article we write is designed to provide you with deeply-researched, factual, useful information so that you can make informed home electrification and financial decisions. To learn more, read our Editorial Guidelines.
  2. We vet providers on our platform. Before they are approved to be on the EnergySage platform, installers and other providers are screened against several criteria such as ratings and reviews, years in business, track record, certifications and licensing, and more. Then we monitor their performance on the platform to be sure they continue to meet our standards. We gather shopper feedback, ratings, and reviews, and make them easy for you to see on your dashboard. Rarely, but when appropriate, we remove from the marketplace providers who fail to maintain a high standard of service.
  3. We give unbiased advice. Our team of Energy Advisors is beholden to no installer or manufacturer. They work for you, helping you navigate your options and make the best decision for you, even if you decide against making a purchase.
  4. We provide transparent pricing data. You deserve high value for your investments in clean energy tech, whether you are looking for basic solutions or the most high-end options available. We strive to always show you up-to-date pricing and savings information, specific to your location so that you know how your quotes stack up. Because of this, on average EnergySage shoppers save 20% by shopping on our platform versus going it alone.
  5. We don’t use high-pressure sales. Solar and home service sales tactics are notoriously aggressive, and now they are super-charged with sales tech. If you’ve recently signed up for any home services or solar sites, you’ve no-doubt been bombarded by calls, texts, and emails from multiple providers within minutes of giving them your info. At EnergySage, we don’t do that. We keep your contact info private. You request and receive your personalized quotes all within your dashboard. Your contact info is only released to an installer when you choose to speak with them.

Consumer protection is at the heart of everything we do because your trust means everything to EnergySage.

We do our very best to earn it and keep it every single day.

Vikram Aggarwal
CEO & Founder