Community Solar in New York

With community solar, you can subscribe to a share of a solar farm near you. If you have an electric bill, you can support renewables without installing anything on your property – and save money!

Is community solar available in New York?

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Community Solar Location
The Empire State is home to one of the best community solar markets in the country. NY first launched community solar in 2015 as part of the Shared Renewables Program , an initiative to help make clean, affordable energy accessible for all types of New Yorkers. As of 2020, thanks in part to Governor Cuomo’s NY-Sun initiative and Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) plan, New York is one of the top five states with the most community solar installations in the country.

What is community solar?

Community Solar Example
Local energy plant generates clean, renewable electricity
Subscribers agree to purchase the clean energy from this plant at a discount
Subscribers receive a credit on their utility bill with no change in service

How much can I save with community solar in New York?

Savings differ from program to program, and also vary by month. On average, most community solar subscribers in New York receive a 5-10% discount off of traditional electricity costs over the course of a year.

What are the community solar projects in New York that I can join?

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Community Solar FAQs

Subscription or membership fees vary depending on the project, provider, and payment model – most community solar providers offer $0-down subscription options, while others may charge a small, initial sign-up fee to get you up and running.

Before signing a contract with a community solar provider, it’s important to compare estimated savings, cancellation terms, project location, payment model, subscription fees, and more. Using the Community Energy Marketplace, you can compare multiple local options and find a project that matches your needs.

You’ll still receive a monthly bill from your utility company, but this bill will include any applicable credits from the community solar project. You will also receive a separate bill from your community solar provider for the cost of your share or subscription.

What are the benefits of community solar?

Local Energy

Community solar programs help support local renewable energy jobs and project development in New York, connecting you directly to clean energy projects in your community.


You can save 5-10% off of your annual electricity costs with community solar.


Unlike rooftop solar, you don’t need to own your property to take advantage of community solar (you just need an electric bill!)


Many community solar programs have no subscription fee and are easy to opt-out of. Plus, you don’t need to install or maintain any equipment on your property.

Who offers community solar in New York?

There are 27 active community energy projects from 10 companies in New York.

Bogart Solar

Bogart Solar

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Reisender Solar

Reisender Solar

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Community vs. rooftop solar in New York?

Community vs Rooftop

Which option is right for you?
Here’s some of the main differences to keep in mind as you’re deciding between community and rooftop solar:

  • Cost
    Community solar: No upfront cost
    Rooftop solar (ownership): Does have an upfront cost; $0-down financing available
  • Savings
    Community solar: Lower savings
    Rooftop solar (ownership): Maximum long-term savings
  • Accessibility
    Community solar: Available to renters & property owners
    Rooftop solar (ownership): Only available to property owners
  • Maintenance
    Community solar: No maintenance required
    Rooftop solar (ownership): Maintenance may be required and is the responsibility of the system owner
  • Incentives
    Community solar: Not eligible for most solar incentives
    Rooftop solar (ownership): Eligible for state and federal solar incentives (e.g. the federal tax credit)
  • Property value benefits
    Community solar: Has no impact on property value
    Rooftop solar (ownership): Increases property value