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Finally, a Trusted Resource for Your Solar Campaign!

Impartial solar educational resources

EnergySage hosts the largest amount of objective solar educational resources available today. The marketplace was developed with the support of the US Department of Energy; and EnergySage is owned, in part, by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, a quasi-government agency that manages municipal solar programs in Massachusetts.  Because EnergySage does not favor a particular installer, solar technology or financing product, its educational resources are unbiased and simply focused on being comprehensive and consumer-friendly.  It is a resource you – and your residents – can trust!

Efficient solar program platform

Because EnergySage is a trusted solution, municipalities throughout the country have used the Marketplace as a platform for offering solar campaigns to residents. In addition to all of the great features for consumers, EnergySage offers program marketing materials and reporting tools that help municipal programs effectively reach their residents and to easily track and manage campaigns without having to chase installers for answers. Solar programs with EnergySage have some of the highest engagement in the industry!

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EnergySage empowers residents through our transparent marketplace.

Municipalities value the program support, vendor neutrality and resident advisory services

“The solar marketplace provided a convenient place for residents to get multiple quotes without the City having to choose a single vendor. EnergySage helped us create a variety of outreach material such as bikeshare posters, banners, and online media to drive interest in the program, and their solar advisors provided residents with one-on-one support throughout the process to help enable successful solar installations.”

Seth Federspiel, Net Zero Energy Planner 
City of Cambridge

EnergySage offers a range of services for residents.

Solar Marketplace

Vendor-neutral online comparision-shopping marketplace with live Solar Advisor support.

Solar Calculator

Immediate estimate of a property's specific solar potential, including solar economics.

Solar Learning Center

The most comprehensive, objective solar educational articles and videos available on the web.

Program Reporting

Track your program easily with real-time online reports.

Why work with EnergySage

Protect residents from high pressure sales & poor quality installers

Offer a vendor-neutral program without the headaches of an RFP process

Leverage solar marketing tools at no cost

Deliver a great deal for residents, who save 10-20% on cost of solar

Give residents choice and transparency to select the best system for their property

Provide access to honest advice with expert Solar Advisors 

Curious about working with us?

EnergySage is the partner of choice for leading organizations. View our partner overview PDF for more detail about how EnergySage partnerships work.

Your residents want their solar info from a trusted source like you:

savings over current market prices


cost to the municipality


of those quoted go solar

Get notifications about future utility programs and solutions