We love the elegant AC coupled setup here, which allows the homeowner to effectively "shed" excess power generated during a power outage through a garage-based heater. Seemlessly activates within 16 milliseconds of a blackout and sustains the home through three (3) cloudy days and nights.

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Using twenty (20) premium 130Ah AGM batteries in an AC Coupled setup, Treepublic Energy installed a premium Magnum MS4448PAE battery backup inverter tied to a solar-fed subpanel to power house loads during grid outages.

Other Benefits:

The system offers safety in knowing that power will continue to be provided to essential loads during extended grid outages. In addition, the solar helps offset the clients' utility bill year round.

Maintenance Requirements:

The system batteries are sealed gel and require minimal maintenance. A battery monitor provides information to the user by checking on battery voltage levels during charging and float periods.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Other efficiency / sustainability improvements provided by Treepublic: - A state of the art 13,000 gal rainwater collection system, capturing runoff from over 1.5 acres of surface area. - Drip irrigation controlled by industry leading Rachio rain controller - Denim insulation in walls and vaulted ceilings - Electric Vehicle Charging stations rated for both Level 2 and Tesla charging.

My Motivation:

The urge to connect our self-sufficient inner selves with our surroundings.


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