This 80-panel ground mounted solar system turned out to be a perfect win-win for the energy-conscious homeowners and their aesthetically-minded HOA,

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The energy bill was in excess of $1,000 per month, however, the pool and other larger appliance needs would not have been offset with a rooftop solar system, due to space limitations and roof obstructions. Working together we determined that a hillside installation would solve the problem, and allow the homeowner to make necessary roof and HVAC upgrades over time without having to dismantle an installed solar system.

Other Benefits:

The system is microinverter-powered which allows for hillside shade mitigation during morning and afternoon hours. In addition, real-time monitoring allows for quick updates on system status.

Maintenance Requirements:

Part of the package including free annual cleanings for the first five (5) years, and a long-term annual workmanship and performance warranty for the major components. The system tracks performance and any potential issues in real time (which appear on both the client and vendor systems), which allows the installer to immediately address and correct any system abnormalities should they arise.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

The system is concealed with native landscaping and is designed to fit aesthetically with the neighboring hillside structures.

My Motivation:

A number of considerations came into play when building this ground-mounted array, most significantly, our energy bills, which had been rising -- and would have continued to rise -- astronomically!


Installing ground mount systems requires a special set of skills and attention to detail - Treepublic made our system look beautiful and worked extra hard to conceal the electrical connections to our main panel. Looking at our home electrical system you can barely tell we have an 80-panel system installed in the back area!

Experience with Installer:

We have worked with numerous contractors and the thing we value most is honesty - we found it here, and feel great about our selection!

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