May '18 - Apr '19 our average electrical consumption was 32 kWh/day. Since switching on the solar energy system, it's average production is 36kWh/day.

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The installed is a 34-panel, 10.54kW DC photovoltaic solar system that uses microinverters to feed power to the home’s main electrical distribution system.

Other Benefits:

The solar system has started quite a few conversations with interested neighbors. I highly recommend and each and every time.

Maintenance Requirements:

None yet.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

New 25 year shingles

My Motivation:

I've wanted to install a solar system for years and this being the final year of the full Federal tax credit, along with affordable, green financing, was just the push I needed to benefit the environment and increase the value of my home.


Avoid door-to-door salesman for and Tesla. Read *everything* hsa to offer on system types, financing options, etc. Complete your profile and interview the top 3 installers that respond with quotes. Don't just pick the lowest price. Find one that listens as well as they talk.

Experience with Installer:

I can't speak highly enough of Nova Solar. They are absolutely fabulous, from handling the permitting, recommending a top notch roofing company to replace my shingles, getting me hooked up with financing, and installing my solar energy system. The yard was cleaner *after* the installation than before!

Additional Notes:

Personally, I went for a microinverter solution because I like the idea of maximizing the output of each panel.

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