Nova Solar - Profile & Reviews

Primary Line of Business

  • Installer

Nova Solar - Profile & Reviews

Primary Line of Business

  • Installer

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Financing
  • Roofing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

Nova Solar has become the most trusted name in solar for DC, Maryland, and Virginia because of our commitment to quality, honesty and value. As a referral-based business, we believe educating customers about the benefits of solar and helping them weigh all their options is best way to produce happy customer and grow the industry as a whole.

A top-quality solar system necessitates expert design, top-of-the-line products, and superb workmanship. Our design professionals create custom solutions for homeowners, making use of all their best available roof space as well as sheds, barns, carports, and anything else that can produce the best outcome for each project. We use the highest-quality equipment money can buy and encourage our customers to research our solar modules, inverters, and racking equipment. We take great pride in the craftsmanship of our systems and believe that a beautiful solar array with no rooftop conduit, visible junction boxes, or noticeable attachments is the best advertisement of all.

Of all the factors contributing to Nova Solar’s success, we believe trustworthiness is the most important. We get it- researching solar systems is complicated and customers want honest, expert information and opinions without being upsold. A lot of times that means telling a client they have too much shade to make solar a viable option, that an energy audit may provide a better value than a solar system, or that a competing technology might be a better answer for a particular situation- and we are okay with that.

Nova Solar often gets asked how it’s possible for us to achieve the prices we do given the high-quality of the equipment we use. The answer is a fanatical dedication to operational efficiency. We have no dedicated sales staff and our advertising expenses are virtually nonexistent. The efforts we take to scrutinize our overhead cost enables us to provide systems to customers that are a great value and helps grow the word of mouth on which our company thrives.

More About Us

More About Us

Nova Solar installs solar systems of all varieties- pitched roof, flat roof, ground mount, grid-tied, battery-backup, and off-grid. Through our partners we also offer roofing and tree removal services. Other services we offer include generator installations, system servicing, and solar system takedown/reinstalls.

We are licensed in DC, MD, and VA. For commercial and large residential solar systems, we cover the entirety of all three states. For smaller residential system we serve the entire District; MD, except for the following counties: Garrett, Allegany, Harford, Cecil, Kent, Dorchester, Wicomico, Somerset, and Worcester; and Virginia except for the 276 and 757 area code regions.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

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Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
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"Nova Solar is the best in the business"
Reviewed Mar 13, 2019

This is the company to install your solar power...give Nova Solar a call! They are the most professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and great team around. Nova installed our home system that provides 107% of our electricity. They explain all their work in easy to understand terms. Nova will work with you throughout the process and answer all your questions. Why not have your home solar cover your electric bills? THE SYSTEM PAYS FOR ITSELF AND IS GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. We have an electric car and wanted solar to provide the juice for it and our home. The panels look amazing on the house and we couldn't be more pleased.

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"Highly recommend"
Reviewed Mar 04, 2019

I couldn't be happier with Barklie, Trip and the whole Nova Solar crew! I am a very particular, discriminating, and knowledgeable customer in terms of contractors working on my home. For example, before we went to contract I made them show me how they were going to run the electrical to make sure it was not going to look terrible like some solar you see.
These guys are true pros! They have an impressive knowledge of solar, they supply top equipment which they buy in bulk to keep quality high and prices low, they are fanatics about running an efficient business so they can keep their prices low, and they perform their own installs so they can ensure top quality on each job. What more can you ask for?? They had my system up and running within weeks of going to contract, and it has been outperforming my expectations since then. I couldn't be happier with Nova Solar!

"Great Experience!"
Reviewed Mar 02, 2019

It's been a few months since we had our system installed and we couldn't be happier. The process was very easy and Nova Solar took care of everything, giving us updates throughout the process and following up once the system was installed. Despite getting the install done during the late fall (short days), we've seen our electric bill dramatically decrease (it's now early March). We'll be in the black with the long days of summer approaching. Highly recommend!

"Highly recommend"
Reviewed Jan 29, 2019

Excellent service, prompt and courteous communication from start to finish; the price was competitive, the presentation was straightforward. Unlike some of the other companies I interviewed, I did not feel that I was being pressured to make an immediate decision or commit to an expensive purchase without having time to consider the alternatives and to fact-check the information that I was given. I definitely recommend this company - they are professional, honest and very easy to work with.

"Superior people; Superior service"
Reviewed Jan 18, 2019

We switched point person in the middle of the project but both point people (Trip and Barklie) were incredibly good at making sure we got everything we needed. They stayed on top of all of the paperwork and inspections, contacting county and utility when they were taking too long. They even did extra help while they were at our house. A truly customer oriented company.

"Exceeded my expectations!"
Reviewed Nov 04, 2018

I found Nova Solar through Energy Sage and they installed solar at our home in Maryland in July 2018. From start to finish, they were responsive, organized, communicative and did an excellent job, delivering on everything they promised. Only slow part, which was not their fault, was getting the utility to install the net meter so we could turn the system on., Having now received my first utility bill post-solar installation, and seeing it was only $2.45 (compared with $349 the prior month), I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. I highly recommend Nova Solar - also loved that it's a company owned and run by three siblings. Terrific company!

"Excellent work and experiences"
Reviewed Aug 23, 2018

One of the main reasons my wife and I picked Nova Solar was the fact they use top of the line materials. The solar panels alone have a 30 year warranty. The mounting brackets are made and installed very sturdy as well. We live in Martinsville, VA and Nova Solar traveled in the night before and the ladder hit the roof at the exact time they said they were going to begin working.

We talked with other companies. A couple of the companies told us things that were too good to be true. These companies were less expensive, because they were selling us less panels and trying to tell us that the output was going to be higher than Nova's estimate. To me this goes back to the quality of work that Nova does. Even their estimates are done with great professionalism.

Second thing that told me Nova was a great company was the fact that they had competitors suggesting that I call them. I called a company in northern VA (I don't remember who), this company told me that they did not do work in my area, but they would high recommend Nova. Nova was on my list of companies to call but when their competitor told me to call them I knew they did amazing work.

I would highly recommend Nova Solar to anyone and everyone.

"Fanstatic Process start to finish"
Reviewed Jul 30, 2018

Nova Solar did a fantastic job from contract signing to installation and follow-up. They were very responsive to questions and answered very promptly. Installation was done in one day and their cleanup was the best of any company i have used the past. in fact, they cleaned up some of the things missed by the roofing company who installed a new roof the day before their installation. If you are thinking of going solar, I hightly recommend this company.

"Hire Nova Solar - Excellent Results, Smooth Process for an 8.235kW System"
Reviewed Jun 27, 2018

Nova Solar did an excellent and very high quality installation of my 8.235kW (potential) solar panel system (27 panels at 305W each). What was nice is that they are a local company based in Falls Church, VA, (not hundreds of miles away) and that they did a high quality job, from the way they hid the power cabling inside the attic and not over the top of the roof like cheaper installers would do, to getting all permits and the Dominion interconnection agreement. They also provided the tax forms filled out so I can easily apply for my federal tax credit next year. They also had the Fairfax County property tax exemption forms filled out. Barklie patiently answered my questions about the difference between real world and Standard Test Conditions output and quickly got my system registered so I could monitor my system on the Solar Edge app. They were not the cheapest, but their price was fair and they delivered with excellent project cleanup on completion. Highly recommend them! ***** - five stars!

"You won't find a better solar company!!!"
Reviewed Apr 16, 2018

NOVA Solar is a rare find; truly honest, responsible, and reasonable. We had a 30-panel system installed by a now defunct company; due to a botched installation (eight of the panels were installed on a nearly flat roof, with L-Feet screwed directly into the shingles, rather than using flash feet), the roof started leaking. We contacted three companies to move those panels to a better place, and so the porch could be re-roofed; of the three companies we contacted, NOVA Solar was the clear choice from the beginning. Both Barklie and Trip impressed us through all five phases (pre-contract communication, on-site survey, cost estimate, actual work, and follow-up). In the end, they did a superb job, at a very reasonable cost, and gave us a lot more than we paid for; for example, while we expected them to fill/cover the holes left by moving the panels, they also comprehensively flashed those parts of the roof, and actually fixed the leak (as evidenced by no leaking after the 2" of heavy rain we got the very next day), saving us thousands of re-roofing dollars. There were other unforeseen issues related to the original installation that required additional work and materials that Barklie and Trip could have just ignored or charge extra for, but they fixed it properly, and didn't bill us. Honestly, contractors normally disappoint, either because they are unreliable, skimp on materials, try to upsell, claim to find problems that really aren't, or just plain do a bad job, and we've been told we're impossible to please, but NOVA Solar is now my go-to solar company for any future solar work. They get our highest recommendation for everyone wanting a new installation or maintenance on an existing system; whether you're impossible to please or not, you won't find a better solar company.

"Solar at the Bay"
Reviewed Mar 19, 2018

Nova Solar was competitive, thorough, responsive and professional. Barklie provided a good explanation of both the technology and the process and also we able to get it done in under 90 days from quote to having the system fully deployed, and getting through the power company paper work. Greatly appreciated.

"A Top Notch Solar Company"
Reviewed Mar 19, 2018

When I moved into a new house in Maryland I was set on getting a solar system installed. After reviewing several proposals from competing companies I signed on with Nova Solar. From the proposal to the installation to the start-up of the system Nova Solar’s attention to detail was none I have ever experienced working with subcontractors on my house. Their attention to detail was extraordinary. All of my inquiries and questions on the system were answered thoroughly and in a timely manner. There were several tax credits, renewable energy credits and grants that were available for my solar system and in my jurisdiction. Nova Solar made sure that each of the applications were completed and received for their system. When completed Nova Solar sent links to each of my electronic devices so I could have access to the system on line to track the daily energy production and to see any trouble with the system (which there have been none to date) at any time during the day.

I have been in the subcontracting business for over 30 years and know a good subcontractor when I see one. I have had an excellent experience with Nova Solar and would highly recommend their services to anyone who is interested in solar energy.

"Extremely Professional"
Reviewed Mar 13, 2018

My husband and I are very happy with the solar panels installed by Nova Solar. We had panels installed on our boathouse roof to provide power to our home, something we should have done way sooner as our bill has been significantly reduced. They were professional, informative, timely, and communicated clearly throughout the process. We highly recommend Nova Solar without hesitation.

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