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Blake Reedy

This system has provided us the ability to further our green initiatives while providing an annual savings and safe ROI.

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Quick Facts
Energy Needs Met

50% to 74%

of electricity

What You Need to Know

Other Benefits:

Operating Efficiencies, Stewards of the Environment, Utility Savings

Maintenance Requirements:

Zero Maintenance has been required, little will be realized with the Enphase System. Occasional cleaning of soiled panels is suggested

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

LED Lighting

My Motivation:

Personal Ambition, Commercial Savings with safe ROI. Offsetting usage that is a necessity of business.


We wish we would have gone solar sooner!

Experience with Installer:

Great Experience with Pennsylvania Solar Energy and the installation crew.

Additional Notes:

Large Manufacturing Facility with structural demands from cranes etc...

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