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I just had the system installed in August 2021 and received the Permission to Operate from SCE in mid September. 30 REC375AA panels expected to provide over 100% of our energy needs, given the use of Net Energy Metering from Southern California Edison. Our average electricity costs prior to going solar was $280/month. Now, our solar loan at very low fixed interest rate is less than $140/month

Maintenance Requirements:

It's a brand new system but I expect I will have the panels washed once a year

My Motivation:

I have been researching the state of affairs in residential solar about every five years since 2000. Until now I found the systems to have been no more affordable than solely using power from the electric grid. However, the industry has become much more competitive apparently, solar panel costs have decreased over the past 20 years and it has resulted in being much more affordable than solely drawing power from the electric grid. Every quote I received has a 25 year warranty on the panels, installation, and the roof.


I would strongly recommend that you take advantage of EnergySage to obtain bids from a wide suite of solar providers. EnergySage website allows one to obtain bids without directly receiving phone calls and text messages and such from the providers. All interactions with the providers is conducted through the EnergySage website so there is a large degree of anonymity for you until you decide to go with a particular solar provider. Once you chose the provider, the other providers not selected are informed so by EnergySage. I could not be happier with the process that EnergySage has developed for the consumer.

Experience with Installer:

The installers used by FutureEnergy (the provider I picked through EnergySage) showed up on time and completed the process of installation within two days. Very professional and efficient

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