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  • Financing Company

As the solar financial industry continues to grow, our commitment to being there right at the center, has never been stronger. We want to connect our customers’ desire to benefit from solar, with the services and financing they need to make that happen. But our true measure of impact is reflected in the number of people prospering in the collective push for 100 % clean energy.

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  • "Horrible service"

    Reviewed Nov 13, 2019

    They took out a payment AFTER the loan was paid off then had the audacity to say I should have cancelled automatic billing. How in the world can you take out money on something that doesnt even have a balance? And trying to get a refund has been a nightmare. Was told I would receive it within 2 weeks. 3 weeks go by and still no check. So I called and they have not even processed it! Was told it would be another week! This place is a joke!

  • "Sneaky and withholding"

    Reviewed Nov 06, 2019

    Was NOT told that there would be a lein put on our house to get a loan on solar panels. If you do business with them, be aware that they will not tell you everything. They will have you sign some pages, and then give you a ridiculously big contract with information they did not go over with you. Plus they have no outgoing email to send you anything.

  • "Beware if you want to sell your house"

    Reviewed Oct 14, 2019
    "Beware if you want to sell your house"

    Reviewed Oct 14, 2019

    I recently sold my house, but nearly didn't due to the unscrupulous actions of Mosaic. Part of the reason we got the solar panels through Solar City (tesla energy) was that we were told that the panels would be fully transferable to a new owner, we were told that Mosaic did not do that. Secondly we had to do a chapter 13 bankruptcy but had every intention of keeping the house, which meant keeping the solar payments up to date. We were making normal payments to Mosaic but due to them changing where the payments were to be sent and not informing us we got 5 months behind and when we figured that out they would then not allow us to catch the payments up and get the account back to normal, not to mention that they are next to impossible to get anyone to talk to you about it. I would recommend not dealing with this company, it could cost you your house.

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  • "Genuine loan lender"

    Reviewed Sep 04, 2019

    I am so happy I got my loan from Mrs Sarah Abubaker now my life is back to normal, and my business is going smoothly thanks be to Mrs Sarah Abubaker you can also contact him if you need a loan today? Email him via: ( )

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  • "If you like people who lie cheat steal and very unhonest"

    Reviewed Aug 14, 2019
    "If you like people who lie cheat steal and very unhonest"

    Reviewed Aug 14, 2019

    This company is a total scam! Stay away while they are very good at getting you the loan. They are very crooked I mailed a cashier's check to them in may of 2019. The mail lost it. I explained it takes 90 days to reissue said cashiers check. In August 2019 I reissued the check
    The company informed me that may payment would be used for sept.2019 not may. When I asked why they said that's how we do it. So I will always behind. They keep adding late fees when I pay well over the amount due. In short their thief's stay away!

  • "horrible service"

    Reviewed Aug 06, 2019

    If I could give a zero I would. I have been trying to reach customer service for over 4 days.By phone and email. I really just wanted my payoff amount and was going to look for another but after the service I received I will just pay it off and give my business to a company that cares. If I do not hear back by end of day I will write a review on every site I can

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  • "Finance with Anyone Else!"

    Reviewed Jul 16, 2019

    If you have any other option than Solar Mosaic for financing your solar panels, take it!!!!! This company is an absolute nightmare to work with!!! They won’t transfer you to a helpful department. Their customer service department “escalates your issue” to the correct department with the intent that someone will call you back. This is a big joke of course because NO ONE CALLS BACK!!!! I have called every weekday for almost 2 weeks, and on only one occasion was I transferred to a helpful department. I have never in my life dealt with a company that has such poor customer service. I am trying to sell my house, and they have already delayed my escrow closing by 2 days. I sent the request for transfer over a month ago, and it’s still not resolved. If you are considering financing with this company, RUN!! Find a company that cares and wants to help you have a good experience! This company will only bring you anger and frustration!

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  • "Refinancing nightmare"

    Reviewed Jul 10, 2019

    We are trying to refinance our home to fix a leak, to our surprise mosaic has a formal lien on our house. When I called to have this lien temporarily removed, I was shocked with a wiring fee of $250. My loan and my leak have now been waiting over 10 days for just wiring instructions. I have called multiple times and promised different dates on when i will get an EMAIL from them. Their customer service is rude and cannot actually contact the folks that would send an EMAIL. My loan and my leak is on hold pending this terrible company.

  • "ZERO STARS!!!"

    Reviewed May 09, 2019

    NO ONE should do business with Mosaic Solar!!! They will cost you money and avoid any concerns you may have. They don’t return calls. They don’t complete the work ina timely manner. The only thing they are good at is making excuses. There are plenty of other choices for Solar Financing. This company would be at the bottom of the list and should actually be out of business. Check Yelp and BBB reviews before even considering going it’s Mosaic.

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  • "Beyond Frustrated !!!!"

    Reviewed May 01, 2019

    My father passed away in Feb 2019. I have been trying for 2 months to get information regarding his solar loan so that we can prepare to sale his home. I have made numerous calls to get answers. Every time I call in I get a different answer and the only real answer I get is "you will have to wait 7-10 days" I've waited the 7-10 days 5 times over now. I have asked to speak to the next level customer service / supervisor and I get the run around with that and am always told they are are in a meeting. I finally got a number to call supervisor left message and still have not heard back. We have lost out on several offers for the sale of my father's house because I don't have solid information from Mosaic. Dealing with his mortgage lender and Social Security has been a piece of cake compared to dealing with Mosaic. I too have a solar loan from Mosaic, In order to get some answers i have called in with questions and scenarios for my loan. I see that you are requesting an email. I welcome any feedback and can provide a case number and all the loan details in hopes to get answers.

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  • "Work company ever!!!;!"

    Reviewed May 01, 2019

    If there was a zero rate i will give them they don't even deserve one star... If you are new don't deal with these people.. They told me my payment is gonna be 110$ every month but after one year they raised up to 200$..also their rate is too high..they are bad costume services.. DON'T DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE

  • "Horrible"

    Reviewed Apr 23, 2019

    My credit report hasn’t been updated since December 2018, I have paid over $15,000 to my loan since then and I am trying to refinance my home and getting the complete runaround. The customer service representatives are rude and place you on hold for a ridiculous length of time. Trying to speak with a supervisor is impossible, they’re never in the office or if they are, they’re always in a meeting. Loan agreement states there is only a lien on the panels, however trying to refinance my home mortgage has turned into a nightmare because there is in fact an additional lien on my home. RUN FAR AWAY!!!

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  • "Recent Change in Ownership, now they are completely inept"

    Reviewed Apr 23, 2019
    "Recent Change in Ownership, now they are completely inept"

    Reviewed Apr 23, 2019

    People complaining about their bill change after not reaching their target balance did not read their contracts. Mosaic is not to blame for that.

    HOWEVER, every other complaint made since late last year is completely legit. Before their change of ownership I had no problems with Mosaic. After the change has been nothing but problems.
    -Their website is pretty useless and a joke in 2019.
    -The NEVER EVER respond to emails.
    -They have not updated the credit bureaus for my loan since December and I paid off my loan in February. That is inexcusable
    -I assume they also still haven't removed the lien since last month when I checked. They tried to throw the county under the bus for that one but the county said otherwise when I asked.

    Hey lawyers out there! Looking for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT? Look no further.

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  • "WARNING!!!"

    Reviewed Apr 18, 2019

    If I could give a zero rating I would. CLOUDING OF TITLE WARNING!!! We are attempting to do a refinance of our home and despite everything that has been told to us concerning a lien (UCC Financing Statement) being put on your property, everything that they claim on their website, and even with what is printed in our contract, we are unable to proceed with our refinance until we pay a $250 service fee to Mosaic!! This is not stated in our contract or on Mosaic's website. You don't find out about this little tidbit of information until you start the process of refinancing (or taking out a second mortgage).
    Our lender has advised us that Mosaic absolutely does hold a formal position (ie, first second third) as it relates to the home, which is exactly the opposite of what it states on Mosaic's own website. So, they basically hold your refinance or obtaining a second mortgage hostage until you pay this ridiculous fee. This brings me to another point, the filing/recording of the UCC1 Termination and re-filing of the UCC form is hardly $250, but nominal filing/recording fees. In addition, a real estate attorney advised me that the UCC form can be filed in a manner that wouldn't cloud our title at all (not filing as a fixture filing and not recording the UCC filing with the real estate records).
    I have requested in writing for this fee to be waived, pointing out everything I have mentioned here, only to be told a week later (further delaying our refinance) that no they won't waive the fee. I've asked to speak with a supervisor, to only be transferred to a voicemail.
    At best, Mosaic is guilty of gross misrepresentations to their clients; at worst they are guilty of false advertising and breach of contract.

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  • "Horrible customer service"

    Reviewed Apr 17, 2019

    They changed their website and took away the power to make certain changes to your account/payment dates. You now have to email your requests each time you want to make a change. Your wait time for a response is at least 4 days. And half the time they don’t read your email and you have to go back and ask all over again. If you call, you listen to terrible hold music without knowing how long you will be waiting. The agent can’t really do anything anyway because you need to send an email now. If you ask for a supervisor he/she is always not there or in a meeting. I left a message for one two days ago and am still waiting. Also, I was told that if you don’t pick up the phone when they call, they will not leave a message. How do I know they called me then?! She says it’s a privacy issue. You mean to tell me it’s a secret to tell me your name and that I need to return your call? I don’t pick up calls if I don’t recognize the number. Ridiculous.

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  • "Crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Reviewed Apr 02, 2019

    This company is a total ripoff with their clients. They do make it easy to set you up and rip you off when you try to sell your home. bewared of this company.

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  • "Worst Company Ever!!!!"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2019

    Have been trying to get a payoff for 3 weeks. 3 request from my escrow company and 2 from me. They keep promising they will send it and never do.

  • "BEWARE!!!"

    Reviewed Feb 15, 2019

    As the popularity of solar continues this company will be forced to shut down. They hold my loan. I usually give businesses the benefit of the doubt, and do not review poorly. I want to warn others of my experience.

    I sent them an email on 01/29/2019 and have not heard back. After 72 hours of no response, I’ve been emailing them every day to please respond and receive an automated response that says they will respond as soon as they can. I have several outstanding case numbers.

    I pay the amount due + an additional $500- per month to reach the “Target Balance” which in theory saves thousands off the original loan amount. They recently “adjusted” my contracted amount by $30- In their favor. This seems like such a nominal amount, but I budgeted to make sure I pay a certain amount every month to reach my balance. They will not explain why.

    When you sign up with this company you are forced into a contracted amount. When I’ wanted to increase my payment by an additional $500 per month, they could not, or would not add it onto my original amount. I am forced to “remember” to make my extra payments. So to go in and see they’ve adjusted my account by $30- was a surprise. If I didn’t keep my eyes on this, I would have missed saving $4,000 because of a $30- adjustment they made without my knowledge. My only guess is they incentivize people by offering a $4,000 discounted price if you reach a target balance in a certain period of time, and now that I’m only a couple of months from reaching the target balance, it appears they are manipulating not only my payment but the contract I signed with them.

    My advise to anyone looking to purchase solar and being told to finance through Solar Mosaic RUN!!!! Have your own financing set up but avoid this company at all costs.

    This is the absolute worst customer service I’ve experienced. And it is a large sum of money. I’m paying them off and moving my loan to a company offering a higher interest rate, but one who offers much better service and who is more responsive.

    My next call will be to the BBB and possibly an attorney for “breach of contract.”

    I hope my experience saves one person the time and energy of dealing with a company who should not be in the business of loan servicing.


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  • "liers, crooks, criminals- beware"

    Reviewed Feb 14, 2019
    "liers, crooks, criminals- beware"

    Reviewed Feb 14, 2019

    I have damage and a leaky roof from the panel install. Promised tax refund & DWP rebate that never came. Now my electric bill is double my payments. Panels don't reduce electric costs & I owe 40k to Mosaic with lien on my home. No help from mosaic customer service. All the initial sales promises are lies. I was told I was locked into an electric rate that would never go up but it continues to go up. My electric bill is double last years plus my Mosaic payments monthly. My panels aren't working but mosaic won't help sort it out.

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  • "Worst Loan Company"

    Reviewed Feb 01, 2019

    For the last month I have been trying to get my lien off my house and a payoff letter. I have been told on two occasions that I will be emailed it and they have yet to do that. I have sent an email and they send me information that doesn’t pertain to my situation. I am currently calling again and I have been on hold for an hour and 30 min. It should not take this long to speak with a representative. I don’t know about most people but I don’t like being on hold and this is not the first time. My average hold time is greater than 30 min. I’m stationed overseas in Japan and it cost a lot of money to call the states. I would suggest a different loan company if you want better service!

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  • "Customer Service"

    Reviewed Jan 09, 2019

    I have been dealing with Mosaic for years now and I cant speak poorly enough about them. Their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. If you cant avoid dealing directly with this company, do it!

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  • "Great company"

    Reviewed Sep 17, 2018

    I used financing from Mosaic for my home solar project and it was quick and easy. Highly recommend.

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  • "Find your own financing"

    Reviewed Aug 30, 2018

    It was convenient. However, all monies go to interest for the first 9 months of your loan; principal stays the same. Once we were ready to pay the loan off, Mosaic played games with our mortgage broker and us. They never sent the pay-off amount the first 2 attempts; once by the broker, the other time by us. It took a conference call with the broker to get the total pay-off. We provided the date of pay-off, 7-20-18; $53,192.12. The money was sent 7-19-18, however the monies were mysteriously and conveniently not received until 8-6-18, the payment was due 8-8-18. NOW they have sent us a bill for $126.23 and I received a "friendly reminder" email that a payment of $366.95 is due 9-8-18. The explanation for the additional charge? "The pay-off is only good for 30 days." They held the payment for 20 days.
    If you are looking for an honest company that respects its' customers, this is not the one for you.
    So, today 9/4/2018 Mosaic received our final payment of $126.23; the amount listed as balance and the amount of the invoice. NOW THEY SHOW A BALANCE OF $0.08. Apparently once a Mosaic customer, always a Mosaic customer??

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  • "One Stop Shop! Great Experience!"

    Reviewed Aug 24, 2018
    "One Stop Shop! Great Experience!"

    Reviewed Aug 24, 2018

    We were in the market to go solar, but we needed extensive electrical work and a new roof before we could consider it.
    Luckily we worked with a reputable installer who offered us two solutions from Mosaic- a Solar Loan for the system going on the roof that had a built in grace-period to give us time to get our solar tax credit back, and a separate home improvement loan that would allow us to complete the additional work needed for our project (plus some unrelated siding and lighting upgrades that we have been wanting to do!)
    We had full transparency and felt very protected by Mosaic, they even called us to make sure we understood everything before moving forward with the project. They also have an easy web based process that we could do from our phones. Highly recommend Mosaic!

  • "Great experience!"

    Reviewed Aug 17, 2018

    I recently went solar with a local installer who offered me a Mosaic financing option for my home. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the work and the ease of the financing. We considered paying cash or getting a HELOC, but decided against it. The paperwork and process to establish a HELOC was too cumbersome for us. We were approved for credit and signed our loan documents in a matter of minutes from the comfort of our home. The customer support and service has been 5 star and white glove from start to finish! I am particular when it comes to home improvement projects and how I choose to pay for them. I would highly recommend Mosaic to my friends and family! Thanks for making my solar experience positive and easy. Mosaic’s no pre-payment penalty made this an easy decision along with a generous runway to apply our 30% federal tax credit.

  • "Crooked Company"

    Reviewed Aug 17, 2018

    After a year with this company and problems with them I thought things were going well... All of a sudden I get a bill from Mosaic stating that I need to pay an extra $9000.00 by October or my payment will go up $50.00 extra a Month. Their excuse is that I have to reach my choice balance target.. Whatever that means to me.. In order to maintain my current loan terms IE Choice monthly payment.. I was never told this. I never discussed this with anyone about me having to pay $9000.00 up front like that. .These people are a crooked, crooked company,.. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

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  • "Happy Mosaic customer"

    Reviewed Jul 28, 2018

    Big thank you Mosaic for your great customer service Dept. I've had a few questions along the way & the help I've received has been outstanding. Keep up the great work.

  • "Mosaic is Easy, Responsive, Cooperative"

    Reviewed Jun 13, 2018
    "Mosaic is Easy, Responsive, Cooperative"

    Reviewed Jun 13, 2018

    When I purchased our solar system, we needed a loan for about $15,500. Mosaic was very helpful and responsive to our needs. I said that I did not want to take the full 15 years to pay it back, but that I wanted to pay the loan back within the year. Mosaic was both understanding of our financial needs and desires, allowing us to pay the loan off w/in six months without penalty. Each time I wrote them with a question, their answers came very quickly (within 24 hours, more often sooner). When phoning them, the personnel were always polite and helpful. I also liked their easy-to-navigate website, which allowed me to see my bills, past history, and all the records I needed. I strongly recommend Mosaic as a solar financing company.

  • "sun powered home"

    Reviewed May 25, 2018

    We are truly enjoying the use of solar power. We have the same bill each month which is automatically paid. Our PG&E (water and gas) varies between $25 - $75 per month. Since we purchased the pnels, they have dded over $25000 to the assessed value of our home.

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  • "Piece of cake"

    Reviewed May 24, 2018

    We installed our system with Peak Power Solutions. They did not miss a beat and did everything they said they would. I would recommend them very highly. As far as Mosaic is concerned they have done everything perfectly as well. I think a lot of these negative reviews are from people who don't know what they are getting into. I have not experienced any problems at all. Of course they need to file a lien! with all the flakes out there they need to protect themselves! The minute our system was turned on our meter started sending power to the electric company, even with 2 AC's running! Call Peak Power Solutions!!

  • "Easy solar loan"

    Reviewed May 24, 2018

    Financed our Tesla solar through Mosaic (9.5 Kwh system). Easy process at a great rate. I couldn't find a lower rate (not even the local credit union could match it). 18 month grace period to apply federal rebate was a great bonus. I've done home equity loans and car loans in the past. This loan was completely online and payments are direct deposit. It couldn't have been easier.

  • "Horrible, AVOID this Campany"

    Reviewed Apr 29, 2018

    @lamar_3704 i am going through the same process could you email me would like to know more on tge process.

    This company puts a lien on your home, they don't work with you. They have the worst customer service ever. I am trying to sell my house and I cant untill I sell the solar panels because of the lien they put on my house. When you talk to a rep they are of no help all they said is pay or transfer the loan. They give a fax number but no instructions. Avoid this company and their business.

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  • "Excellent customer service!"

    Reviewed Apr 26, 2018

    I had a lot of questions today about my loan. I had the pleasure of getting Octavia on the phone. She was patient, personable, and kind. She definitely provided me with excellent customer service. She was uplifting, and actually made my day much better! Mosaic is lucky to have her. What a wonderful employee.

  • "AVOID this company"

    Reviewed Apr 09, 2018

    Terrible service, difficult to deal with, waited 2 weeks to file a release of lien electronically even after being asked to speed it up. It takes a one page form and a fax number. I would recommend any one interested in putting solar on their property to avoid getting into a contract with your local energy provider and get a battery to store your own production. If you can't afford that, finance with a home equity loan if you can't pay up front.

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  • "Avoid this company"

    Reviewed Apr 01, 2018

    No communication during the loan process. That plus the reviews here led me to cancel the project. Solar is difficult to cost justify with long breakeven times. Not worth the expense.

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  • "Horrible"

    Reviewed Mar 28, 2018

    They will put a lean on your property! We have never made a late payment with them. We moved due to my job and put our house on the market including our solar. Our home is currently under contract and the buyers do not want the solar. So we thought we would just put them on our new home. Coming close to the closing date we just found out that this company put a lean on our property, and with there being a lean we can not sell the house until the loan is completely paid for. Called the company and they told me that they can't do anything but have us pay the loan completely off or transfer it to the buyers. Which the buyers are not interested. It's not worth the headache. Especially when they can't work with you when life takes a turn. I do not recommend going through Mosaic. They won't let you transfer the lean and the panels to your new home unless the loan is completely paid off.

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  • "Worst Business"

    Reviewed Mar 13, 2018

    Reaching target payment date and all the sudden it’s taking 20 Days for my payment to post towards my loan. Plus by paying the remainder of the target payment by the websites stated info still will not reach your goal because it doesn’t include your monthly payment. Most crooked company I have ever had to deal with.

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  • "Communication and payment system needs improvement"

    Reviewed Feb 28, 2018
    "Communication and payment system needs improvement"

    Reviewed Feb 28, 2018

    The payment system is not set up to make extra principal payments. You have a very small window(4 days) of opportunity to make any principal payments. I found this out after many attempts to contact customer service and speaking with many managers. The communication with customer service is not helpful at all. The only way I got this resolved was by going to social media and working with the lady by FB messenger. Your first payments all go to interest on the loan. Be aware of this if you are looking to pay down your loan early.

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  • "Great terms and great service"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2018
    "Great terms and great service"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2018

    I financed part of my solar panel system and generator with Mosaic. I found their customer service and terms to be excellent making this part of the process seamlessly smooth. The loan docs were easy to understand and both times that I needed someone on the phone I got quick and complete answers. I would highly recommend them.

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    Reviewed Feb 06, 2018

    PLEASE READ Page 11 Section 3 of the contract carefully. Serious you get hit with interest accrued from the very beginning, Almost 6 months of my payments were applied ONLY towards interest. They don't have an option to make payments towards the principle. Shady company.

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  • "A real no brainer"

    Reviewed Jan 23, 2018

    This was the only company that was able to do the job for me. I wanted 100% solar. No electric bill. The other companies, I tried MANY, would only install 10-25% power usage. My payments are less than I paid for electricity. In 15 years it will be paid off. I am guaranteed my power for 30 years.
    This was a real no brainer decision. It may take a while to get all the approvals for installation & power on, but it is worth it!
    My solar produces 110% of my usage.

  • "Excellent service"

    Reviewed Jan 23, 2018

    All of our dealings with Mosaic were clear and easy. Painless loan application and simple payment methods.

  • "Solar Financing "

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2018

    Mosaic has provided excellent customer service and when I needed to refinance my mortgage Mosaic issue a temporary lifted the lien.

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  • "Nice job"

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2018
    "Nice job"

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2018

    Had a great team working on my loan , let’s say it-wasn't easy once done the loan set up with Auto Pay was alsome and easy thank u so much !!

  • "Auto payment help"

    Reviewed Jan 18, 2018

    David S Good work! Helped stop late payment issues when initiating our account.

  • "Excellent Customer Support"

    Reviewed Jan 18, 2018

    I needed to change my checking account for my autopay, and the on phone service by Daniela Rueda was superb. Great loan partner so far. Couldn't be happier.

  • "Your Doing a Great Job"

    Reviewed Jan 17, 2018

    All our questions were answered by the rep. Very friendly and new the answers we needed to every question we asked. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

  • "Runaway"

    Reviewed Jan 16, 2018

    What a sales pitch at the kitchen table. They offer and contract with you a 3.99% APR on the loan if you'll only set up ACH Payments with them through your checking account with your banking institution. If you'd rather pay yourself, it will be a 4.24% rate. Sounds good, right? Wrong!
    When you start making payments on a $23,000 loan at an APR of just 3.99% you'd assume (you know what they say about assume) payments would be knocking down the loan principal. A minimum payment (for the first 15 months of the loan) is just $103. What does Mosaic do? They take the $103 and designate $82 to interest and only $19 to principal. I might as well have gone to a car title loan company on a street corner and gave them my arm and a leg.

    I called a customer service rep after hours and asked to have a finance manager call me back the following morning. I was told, "I'll see what I can do" Really? RUNAWAY! RUNAWAY!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this company to a friend.

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  • "Completly Satisified"

    Reviewed Jan 05, 2018

    Great customer service. Staff answers and explains everything. They are very helpful and I would and do recommend them to everyone. They make it easy and unstressful.

  • "Stay away from Mosaic"

    Reviewed Dec 29, 2017

    There is a chance Solar Mosaic does redeem my view on them as a company. Tell will tell soon and this review will be updated accordingly.

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  • "Lien on your house"

    Reviewed Dec 03, 2017

    Tried to refinance our home to lower our interest rate but Mosaic had put a lien on our loan. They put so much red tape in the way that by the time we finally found a way around everything so we could do the refi, interest rates had spiked and we missed our window for the rate we were trying to get. We love our solar but now wish we had chosen a lender that was easier to work with and still allowed us the flexibility to manage our home affairs.

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  • "Simplest loan process"

    Reviewed Nov 10, 2017

    Super fast process, and all online so you don't have to leave your house or fill out paperwork like other loans. Phone support people are also very helpful. My credit is not the best but it didn't matter. Can't wait for my electricity bill to disappear!

  • "Beware!"

    Reviewed Sep 25, 2017

    Reviewed Sep 25, 2017

    My husband and I are very interested in getting solar panels and had almost signed on the dotted line for the loan when we noticed the clause stating that their loan would supersede all other loans, including mortgages. Our mortgage documentation states the same so we could have gotten ourselves in deep if we signed that contract and our mortgage company found out about it and decided to call in the remainder of our mortgage. Mosaic was staunchly opposed to changing the wording in their loan and I can't help but wonder how many people have put themselves in jeopardy by not realizing that signing these loan documents violated their mortgage contract. Also, the customer service representative we spoke with was argumentative and downright rude at times.

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  • "No communication "

    Reviewed Sep 17, 2017
    "No communication "

    Reviewed Sep 17, 2017

    Salesman was well informed, said he would get back with me. Nope, not one word.

    Don't waste your time with this company.

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  • "This company sucks"

    Reviewed Jul 27, 2017

    If you are thinking of using this company DON'T RUN!!! They are great at sales after that the whole thing goes down hill, can't talk to anyone about problems, no accountability in any way just walk away you will be glad you did.

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  • "Beware "

    Reviewed Jun 26, 2017

    They financed us just fine. But they put a lien on our home, which has made refinancing our home a complete pain, adding weeks to the refinancing process. Do not do business with them until you know whether or not they're putting a lien on your home.

    5 people found this helpful
  • "Gone Solar"

    Reviewed Jun 13, 2017
    "Gone Solar"

    Reviewed Jun 13, 2017

    So far my electric bill has been negligible.
    Replacing my electric bill with the loan for the solar panel purchase is a cost effective alternative for going green.

    2 people found this helpful
  • "Solar makes me happy"

    Reviewed Jun 12, 2017

    I have wanted to go solar ever since it came into being, unfortunately the high cost at the time did not make that possible. Thanks to the improvements on solar and the price coming down and with Mosaic to help with the process of making a long time dream come true, I am now a very happy solar person, and my most recent bill from utility company has me sending power to them. I could not be happier.

    2 people found this helpful
  • "The Mosaic Salesperson is NOT straight with customers!"

    Reviewed May 12, 2017
    "The Mosaic Salesperson is NOT straight with customers!"

    Reviewed May 12, 2017

    Wow, only 20 words because I want to warn you, these people care nothing about you or the environment just want to rip you off put another mortgage on your home, did not send tax information for you to get a check to pay on your account!! DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE, CON ARTISTS is a kind word them!! GO to another company, NOT MOSAIC!!!!!!!! They check your credit and still want you to pay $6.00 for each check you send!!!!

    7 people found this helpful
  • "What do you mean you need 10k inside the next 6 months"

    Reviewed Apr 08, 2017
    "What do you mean you need 10k inside the next 6 months"

    Reviewed Apr 08, 2017

    Mosaic is an integrated part buying solar thru LA Solar. It all seem so easy.
    We set up auto pay so that we kept things simple and never had a problem
    with late or unpaid loan payments. Then..last month...we received an\
    urgent notice from them saying we have to pay nearly 10k before September.
    They've got a big, fat balloon payment snuck in there that nobody will warn you about. L.A Solar was fantastic...but if I knew then what I know now...I would have paid cash or avoided Mosaic altogether. I'm not a finance guy...
    but it seems like a 10 balloon payment out of nowhere...on a 34k purchase...
    is shady at best. Avoid Mosaic at all costs.

    9 people found this helpful
  • "Don't walk, RUN, in the opposite direction!"

    Reviewed Apr 03, 2017
    "Don't walk, RUN, in the opposite direction!"

    Reviewed Apr 03, 2017

    Can you say loan sharks! It's a shame we did not look further into this company before agreeing to this solar loan. We were so concerned about ghe solar panels and the company behind them, hhatcwe failed to do our homework where the finance company was concerned. BIG MISTAKE! THE INTEREST IS COMPOUNDED DAILY! You cannot get out from under a loan of this nature, due to the fact that no matter how much you pay, you will be paying the interest fist! REMEMBER, IT'S COMPOUNDED DAILY! Getting anywhere where your principle is concerned is completely unheard of! Will be searching for an alternative company immediately instead of throwing away more money!

    8 people found this helpful
  • "Mosaic made my solar purchase easy and affordable ."

    Reviewed Mar 25, 2017
    "Mosaic made my solar purchase easy and affordable ."

    Reviewed Mar 25, 2017

    Mosaic made financing my solar system easy and affordable . I can even use my tax credit to help pay for it , unlike leasing a system .

    1 person found this helpful
  • "Every easy and no complaints!"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2017

    I love how easy it is to make my solar payment. I just sit back and it's automatically pulled from my bank account. I also love that I have over a year to pay my loan down before it's re-amortized. I plan on sending a bunch of money so that my payment is small in the future!

    2 people found this helpful
  • "Great Opportunities and Transparency"

    Reviewed Mar 16, 2017
    "Great Opportunities and Transparency"

    Reviewed Mar 16, 2017

    Mosaic made it easy for my husband and I to afford solar. We didn't think we would be able to accomplish our dream of producing clean solar energy due to the overwhelming costs involved. We were wrong. Not only did Mosaic finance our dream, it was easy, straight forward and the transparency of our financial relationship with Mosaic continues. They are always available to answer questions and make things clear for us. We are very satisfied with our choice to go with Mosaic and recommend them to others.

    2 people found this helpful
  • "solar"

    Reviewed Mar 15, 2017

    I was told that we will not have any bills once we put in solar but that is wrong, my monthly bills averages about $150.

    1 person found this helpful
  • "Crooked"

    Reviewed Dec 07, 2016

    My wife made a payment on their website and when she did so it said it wouldn't process so she tried again and this time it went through. They ended up processing 2 payments so my wife contacted them about getting one of the payments back and they told her they would not give it back and they would not use it for the next months payment. Kind of feel like we are being robbed!!!!!

    6 people found this helpful
  • "Worst Company"

    Reviewed Nov 21, 2016

    Recently had solar installed on my home and was informed that Solar Mosaic Inc. would be my finance company. My first payment I contacted them to.

    1. Change my billing date from the 16th to the 1st of the month. Sorry we can't do that...
    2. Okay I'll pay through my banks bill pay... Oh, that's an additional $6.00
    3. The company helped discontinue auto pay... Money still auto paid from my account...
    4. We will adjust to reflect next months payment... Never adjusted payment...

    This company can't adjust bill dates, accept standard bill pay from banks without a $6.00 additional charge. Then insures you on the phone that they will be jumping through hoops to correct or adjust there mistakes and yet never lifts a finger to correct or adjust anything. Worst costumer service and lack of customer care I have ever seen in a company. Stay clear from any business transactions with Solar Mosaic Inc.

    5 people found this helpful
  • "simple and easy"

    Reviewed Sep 19, 2016

    i cant believe how easy they made this and how quickly they got it all approved!!

    3 people found this helpful
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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



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