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We empower homeowners to unlock greater savings, resilience and value in their homes by making solar energy financing accessible and affordable for homeowners.
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Mosaic is an industry-leading fintech platform for sustainable home improvements. Founded in 2010, Mosaic was a pioneer in clean energy lending and continues to provide innovative solutions for financing solar, battery storage, heat pumps and more. We have funded over $13 billion in loans to help more than 360,000 households make their homes more sustainable and save money on their utility bills. Our financing options unlock billions of dollars of capital annually into high-quality ESG assets. Join us in our vision of 100% clean energy for all at
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Mosaic is holding my house HOSTAGE!!!

I cant even rate them. I will try to be short.. alot of the reviews are very accurate.. poor customer service.. I had 2 people hang up on me and claim internet connection.. One lady told me that she was in the carribean. So the customer service is outsourced to island folks and they set them up to talk to us because they KNOW they stealing from people. I have an approved loan for refinance. The bank has even said Mosaic won't answer them. They have put a lien on my house for the panels. I AM NOT DELINQUENT... AND I AM NOT SELLING MY HOUSE... Mosaic won't do a lien release unless I pay the panels off completely.. so basically I can do anything to MY house unless I give them $64K.. The basically holding a gun to my head saying YOU GONNA GIVE US THE MONEY!! #1 I didn't know it was lien on my house until now.. so I was told it was in my contract but my contract was through Freedom Forever. Then I was told that the temporary lien release policy was changed in fall of 2023.. Well, I didn't sign that contract or get that policy update and for the record my panels are almost 3 years old.. So, IF it was in my original contract that contract had lien release clause...I had my panels before the policy change that I didn't sign nor did they send me any policy change info. Also, why is their a lien release prompt on the automated system if they won't release anyone's property... I need legal help... if anyone has gotten help or filed a suit please let me know because this is ridiculous..

Posted by jamal.montague on May 22, 2024
Don't Do it!

This company is a joke and is out to scam you. They have terrible customer service and never have answers or solutions. They are working with shady solar companies to scam you so be warned do not sign with this company. This was the worst financial decision we have made. If I could give them zero stars I would!

Posted by fernando.pelaez13 on May 21, 2024
Don't Do It

1. Solar is far too expensive, yes they will balance out your energy bill. But the amount you finance is ridiculous. It is kind of like financing a car for 84 months. 2. You get a promotional period. During this period, you have the "option to pay the entire balance". If you don't they accrue interest from the inception of your contract. I paid down my balance, only to have them add $248/month of interest back to the loan after the end of my promotional period.

Posted by kahlelewis on May 20, 2024

Worst company ever. Wouldn’t let me refinance my home and would not honor my contract with the terms written on it. Instead they wrote up a new contract which I never agreed too.

Posted by Alfonsoj1 on May 20, 2024
Garbage company. Avoid Them!

I got suckered into buying solar panels by a high-pressure salesman from the company Lumio (I also would not recommend them). I can't find out where it says in the contract, but it's probably buried somewhere in the fine print, Mosaic charges a daily finance charge. So, they are compounding the interest daily. I have already paid them over $700, but I actually owe $300 more than I originally took out. This is extremely predatory on their part. It's almost impossible to get the loan down without making some extreme prepayments. Additionally, they make it extremely hard to find any information. Their website is trash. I signed up for auto debit immediately after signing the documents in order to have a marginally lower rate. However, when the first payment was about to be due, I couldn't find anything saying that the automatic payment was set up. I had to go in and set it up again. Either they are purposely not setting up the automatic payments correctly so that people get charged late fees and higher interest rates, or they are incompetent and can't properly run their business. I honestly believe it could be both. Do not sign with this company. You will regret it.

Posted by trumpetfreek on May 19, 2024
Automatic Loan payment mistakes on their part and you pay the price

Our Solar company uses Mosiac financing for the Solar Panels. Well let me tell you this company is not at all customer friendly. They didn’t not increase the installment amount for the auto payment as was set up in the original loan agreement and now they are trying to blame me for the error. I have automatic withdrawal for all payments. So now they are marking me as being late and charging me a late feel for their mistake. They are not customer friendly and trying to talk to anyone is extremely frustrating. Why should my credit be marked as late and why should I be charged a late fee when they made the mistake. This company is horrible and their workers have no decency towards the customers!!!

Posted by bseavey1266 on May 13, 2024
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    • Solar PV
    • 6.3 kW
    Glen Ellyn Solar PV
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    • Solar PV
    • 14.6 kW
    Afton Minnesota Rooftop Solar PV
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    • Solar PV
    • 11.3 kW
    Fort Walton Beach Solar PV
    • Single-Family Residence
    • Solar PV
    • 12 kW
    Panasonic 400, Enphase IQ7+, 12 kw, in California Foothills



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