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Future Energy - Profile & Reviews

Honesty, trust, and peace-of-mind. That's what we promise to give you. That promise comes with 20 years of experience. We've built a solid foundation of relationships with manufacturers, distributors and environmental experts and now we are ready to share our knowledge and know-how with you!

53 reviews

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  • "Best Price, System, and Service"

    Reviewed Apr 01, 2021
    "Best Price, System, and Service"

    Reviewed Apr 01, 2021

    Vince reached out right away when I was requesting quotes after having a falling out with Tesla (extra add-ons, slow service, inflexible options). They had many options to choose from to maximize the power I could generate on my roof. From accepting the quote to getting panels on the roof, I only had a wait a couple of weeks and much of that was permitting and ordering materials. They installed everything in one day and inspection passed without incident with LADBS. About a month later LADWP finally came to switch out the meter (not Future's fault), and I'm now generating energy and can monitor everything that is happening with the system on my phone.

    Would highly recommend them.

  • "Quote"

    Reviewed Mar 17, 2021

    Reviewed Mar 17, 2021

    Very competivive quote. Kept in touch, very informative.

  • "The Best! Hire them now!"

    Reviewed Feb 10, 2021

    I interviewed about 7 different solar companies. All were trying to upsell me to a bigger system or had super high prices for cheap panels. I was then connected with Vince and he was trustworthy and extremely helpful. His solar knowledge is second to none. His team showed up on time and they got us installed before the end of the year when no other company could assure us that. Their work is the highest quality and their materials and panels are top notch. There were no issues and he always picked up my call or called/text me back in a timely matter. It was such an awesome experience working with Vince and his team. No need to look anywhere else. Vince and his team will get you the best pricing, service, and quality you could ever ask for. They are the best solar company in the game. A+++ experience! Hire them now!

  • "Great Service"

    Reviewed Jan 18, 2021

    Had a great experience with Vince and his team. They got my panels installed quickly and for a very competitive price. Would recommend!

  • "Solar Job"

    Reviewed Oct 16, 2020

    My wife had been bugging me to get solar installed for years so I decided to give in and look into it. I was not the most thrilled because all I had heard was "solar is overpriced" and so on. Vince from Future Energy kept my all of my precautions and worries in mind and handled all my wife's countless questions perfectly. We got our entire job done within 45 days (quote, paperwork, and installation.) We could not be more thrilled with our solar panels and the job they are doing.

  • "Bill has never been so low!"

    Reviewed Oct 16, 2020

    I felt compelled to write a review about this company because I never thought I would see little to no Edison bill EVER! Future Energy hooked me up with 29 panels, completely eliminating my worry of my bill being through the roof with the summer months here. It has been almost a year with my panels and they perform phenomenally and make my house look much more modern.

  • "Trusted Solar Company!"

    Reviewed Sep 11, 2020

    I cannot begin to express our gratitude to everyone at Future Energy for the solar we have on our roof! I originally asked the company for a quote as I did with others and response time was so quick when others wouldn't give me the time of day. Prices were good and maintained a steady pace during the dreaded paperwork, permits and whatnot, to the overall installation. I was well informed on everything throughout and they checked up on us after as well. Very trusted company.

  • "Solar is the way to go!"

    Reviewed Sep 10, 2020

    After researching aimlessly on solar and the great effects on the earth and of course your pocket, I came to terms that I had to make a big change and investment to my home. I looked at several companies and talked with representatives from each and came to the conclusion pretty quickly. Future energy always kept it real from the get go, especially Vince Downey. He answered all of our countless questions that he had probably already answered four times prior, and let us bug him about stuff that may have not even concerned him in the job process. Future Energy gave us a great deal and never tried to upsell or try to find loopholes around getting 14 extra things that other companies insisted we had to have. My wife and I could not be more happy about our installation and the performance of the panels currently, and I must say they do look appealing as well! Thank you Vince and everyone at Future Energy!

  • "A trusted, responsive partner!"

    Reviewed May 14, 2020

    I started a request on Energysage and connected with Future Energy. They were offering top-quality panels at a killer price and, when I met Vince Downey (head of sales), I found him to be effusive, knowledgeable, and incredibly communicative over text, voice, and email. We needed to put the panels on the front of my roof, so Vince worked with me to find especially attractive panels to maintain curb appeal. He expressly didn't try to upsell me on additional things like batteries or unnecessary panels--he's honest and I'm happy I chose Future Energy.

  • "Future Energy is the way to go."

    Reviewed Apr 30, 2020
    "Future Energy is the way to go."

    Reviewed Apr 30, 2020

    First off let me start by saying that my wife and I did our homework when it came to solar. After meeting with 4-6 different solar companies I was not convinced with any of them. I put my info on energysage and Vince from Future Energy gave me a call. I told him why I was hesitant to do Solar. Vince was patient, thorough and communicated extremely well. By doing our homework we asked Vince a ton of questions and he was extremely consistent with truthful answers. The whole process was a breeze. We literally just let Vince and his team handle everything. We've had solar now for about two weeks and we are able to see how much energy our solar is producing. The guys that did the install were very careful they glued back the few tiles that they broke and even fixed one or two that were already cracked. Overall we are very happy that we went with Vince and Future Energy. I highly recommend them if you are hesitant about solar.

  • ""Glad I Went With Future Energy""

    Reviewed Mar 19, 2020
    ""Glad I Went With Future Energy""

    Reviewed Mar 19, 2020

    I'm glad I went with Future Energy for my Solar needs as Vince and his team have provided me with excellent customer service. I am sure I would have not received the same care and attention if I would have gone with any of the other two companies that I reached out too initially. From the beginning, Vince addressed all of my concerns while being respectful and transparent of the entire process. I'll never forget how amazed I was when I ended my first phone call with Vince and I realized that he had spent an entire hour of his time with me addressing all of my questions, that I am sure he has heard multiple times thought out his career. In contrast to one of the another installers that I reached out too, that installer didn't even spend 5 minutes with me on the phone as I felt like there was almost no effort in gaining my trust or business.

    Vince was highly communicative through out the the entire process. Every single time I had a question about any document or technical aspect of the system he was there to help me out. My Installation was scheduled and completed in a single day with no delays or rescheduling headaches. The installers where professional and clean with their work.

    What I like best about this entire process is that Vince explained the system functionality in a way that made sense while eliminating all misconceptions about solar energy and the Net Energy Metering program. In other words, the education and patience he provided me gave me great confidence in my investment.

    As far as My solar system, it is truly awesome as its size and production are spot on with his initial estimates. The Emphases monitoring application is simple, clean and easy to understand. I'm in my 3rd month of production and I can already see how the long term benefits of going solar with Future Energy will be.

    In the end, I recommend Future Energy to anyone with questions and or doubts about going solar. Vince is your guy as his professionalism and honesty is one that can be greatly appreciated when undertaking such a commitment.

    Thank you Vince.

  • "Solar panels"

    Reviewed Mar 16, 2020
    "Solar panels"

    Reviewed Mar 16, 2020

    Everything was trouble free since the beginning. I got a quote and everything went pretty well since that point. I also got a couple of quotes from different companies and some said "No, can't install on that kind of roof". Others never call back.
    I will strongly recommend this guys.

  • "Great experience!"

    Reviewed Mar 16, 2020

    Our experience with Future Energy was amazing. From start to finish Vince kept us informed of the next steps and timelines. The workers were fast and efficient and left everything clean and tidy after working. The loan process was easy and smooth. We’re so glad we found EnergySage and Future Energy. We love the results and have already recommend them to friends and family.

  • "Great experience with Vince and Future Energy"

    Reviewed Mar 11, 2020
    "Great experience with Vince and Future Energy"

    Reviewed Mar 11, 2020

    I had a great experience with Future Energy, the team was friendly and courteous. Good pricing, transparent, multiple options presented, quick installation. Vince was our point person throughout and communicated well.

    The crew was expedient and cleaned up well. The foreman of the crew made a great suggestion on the fly on the placement of 1 panel that made a huge difference. The panel was moved from the least productive spot to a spot that is 50% more productive.

    The app they use for monitoring the system is very informative and engaging, especially if you are interested in the metrics.

  • "Vince @ Future energy"

    Reviewed Mar 05, 2020

    Vince @ Future energy is a straight forward dude. Very knowledgeable.

    Vince customer service was top notch before the sale and after.

    Recommend future energy ... Ask for Vince

  • "Trustworthy Company"

    Reviewed Feb 13, 2020

    If your looking for a trustworthy company then look no further. Vincent at Future Energy has you covered. Not only do they hold your hand and guide you through this seamless process they are more than welcome to answer all your questions and are happy doing so. From the minute I received a call back from Vincent to the minute I was approved by the city and SCE to run my solar, he was more than available. Even after business hours! The app provided to track your solar generated is seamless and shows you how much kW you have generated throughout the day. So stop waiting and continuing to pay your local energy provider. Its time to start saving and start making power at your home.


    Reviewed Jan 18, 2020

    I signed the contract in the beginning of August of 2019 and Vince promised me that everything would be up and running by the end of August and that they use an app to monitor how well the panels are working. He also promised me that they would put bird netting around the solar panels. It's 1-18-2020 and that still hasn't happened. Also the stickers they put on the panel boxes are coming off. I knew i should have went with someone else. Lesson learned i guess.

    Vince Downey
    Response from Future Energy
    Responded Jan 22, 2020
    Response from Future Energy
    Responded Jan 22, 2020


    I understand that you are upset that their was a delay in getting you up and running. For that I do apologize. We did have a 2 week plan check time with your city and we informed you of this. We also had a minor correction to make which the plans needed to be revised and resubmitted.

    We really do our best to get customers installed as quick as we can, and to be honest, we usually do install within 30 days, give or take. I do know for sure that their are some facts you stated that are just not accurate. We had the bird netting installed around the panels same day as final inspection happened. I don't know why you would say it wasn't unless you just didn't know.

    We did make several attempts to get your monitoring set up which we needed your assistance in having your router moved within your home to be closer to the Enphase combiner box which you have to admit took a few. It was also a bit difficult at times due to your working nights and needing to sleep during the day...but I really thought that we all worked pretty good through it, including yourself.

    Overall Jorge, you had a very clean high quality install and everything has been completed and is operating perfect. I would hope you would reconsider your review knowing our efforts were all about getting your job done. You can see all the communication we all put forth to you from our office through the process. Things happen, it is construction. I really do apologize for the overall delay.
    I would ask that if there is anything at all that we can do to make it right that we haven't done already, simply ask. We are all about having great customer service and do not take this lightly.


  • "Worth taking the plunge"

    Reviewed Aug 12, 2019

    I did a LOT of research. I met with a lot of companies, got a LOT of quotes, made spreadsheets to compare them all - and finally settled on Future Energy. Vince Downey has been a great sales rep. He is extremely helpful and thorough. I worked with him to put together a system that worked for me. I did need a main panel upgrade and he gave me a good deal on that. I got Solaria Power XT-360R-PD panels and an Enphase inverter. My system has been up and running for a few days and I am beyond pleased. My production is even better than I anticipated and I got a great deal on my whole system.

    1 person found this helpful
  • "YES!!"

    Reviewed Jul 18, 2019

    I was referred to Future Energy by my neighbor who had them install her system and I cannot be any happier with my decision to have them install mine as well. I looked at having solar installed 2 years ago and all the prices were ridiculous. Little did I know, I was actually just speaking to the companies that apparently are known to have astronomically high prices and rip their customers off.

    For the system that I was quoted $37,900 two years ago, I only paid $24,240 with Future Energy.

    You guys rock!!!

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  • "Thank you!"

    Reviewed Jul 18, 2019

    We had researched solar before deciding on Future Energy. We had high Edison bills in the hot summer months and felt the time was here to do something. We called Vince and we were very impressed with his knowledge and information. He is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff. We decided to go with Future Energy and they were on it. I mean they have schedules, but we were taken care of in a timely manner. We are extremely happy with our solar and haven't had an Edison bill to even speak of in two months. I highly recommend Vince Downey with Future Energy!

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  • "Happy"

    Reviewed Jul 12, 2019

    Two years ago, I explored solar with a rep from a big company who was stationed at Home Depot. I ended up confused and decided not to move forward. Fast forward two years: I found Vince and Robin, and Future Energy totally by accident, through a referral from someone with a lot of knowledge about the industry. They came out and pulled up our home on Google Earth, showing me exactly where the panels would go for best results, recommending what kind of panels would be best, and working up clear pricing and terms without a lot of confusion. They never tried to oversell me on equipment beyond what was necessary.

    They handled the city permitting and inspecting process with patience and diligence, and the installation went without a hitch. My system is up and running, and generating even more power than expected, which is good for me, good for the planet, and just all around -good!

    I highly recommend consulting with Vince or Robin from Future Energy if you're shopping around for solar. Thanks guys!

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  • "Thanks Future Energy!"

    Reviewed Jul 12, 2019

    I'm happy to give Robin and Future Energy a 5 star review. I received quotes from 5 other companies. Robin was knowledgeable and didn't pressure us at all.
    Robin and everyone at the office were extremely communicative and they made us feel taken care of. The installation process was smooth and the system was installed within 1 day.
    I would definitely recommend Future Energy as your solar installer.

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  • "great company!"

    Reviewed Jul 12, 2019

    After a $800 electric bill last summer, we decided it was time to take the plunge and have solar installed on our 3800 square foot home. From first phone call to installation to financing, to the approval process through the city, Vince Downey and Future Energy were amazing! They are professional and personable as well as being very good at what they do. We had explored other companies but decided to go with Future Energy due to word of mouth from family that had worked with them, along with the excellent customer service we received (and continue to receive!). Our highest bill has been $36.00 since June of 2018. We highly recommend Future Energy and Vince Downey. In fact, we have already told our neighbors about them. Integrity, professionalism, kindness and quality are very important to us and Future Energy demonstrated all of these things. Stop paying the power company! Use the power of the sun with Future Energy...Today!

  • "Loving solar"

    Reviewed Jul 12, 2019

    I researched several companies when we decided that solar would not only help with our electric bills but also increase the value of our house, we purchased our system, did not lease. We met with Vince Downey, who was very helpful. When we signed on with them they gave us a realistic time frame for installation, which was done in one day with no problems at all. We have had the system for several months with no problems. I would highly recommend Future Energy... Thank You

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  • "Great company"

    Reviewed Jul 11, 2019

    We had solar panels installed by Future Energy approximately six months ago and could not have been happier with the whole process. We interviewed 8 companies before selecting Future Energy and not only was their knowledge, responsiveness and professionals the best, but they also had the best prices as well. The install was on-time, quick and professional. The only issue we had was that our pool pump stopped working. I called Robin and he sent one of his guys out right away and within minutes found and fixed the issue.

    These guys know their stuff and they know customer service. Highly highly recommend.

  • "Nice Savings Already!"

    Reviewed Jul 11, 2019

    Future Energy did an excellent job with keeping our solar project simple and productive. Our original agreement was honored from the very beginning and the solar installation itself turned out exactly as we all expected. I've already seen a drastic change in my energy bill in just a few months.

    I'm glad I decided to go with a company that offered the full service and actually seemed like they were concerned with benefiting me as effectively as possible. Going solar is a lucrative way to cut back on your utility bill expenses and I'd advise anyone with a high energy bill to at least look into it. Vince and Robin were super to work with, highly recommend them!

  • "Top Notch Job"

    Reviewed Jul 08, 2019

    Future Energy Today delivers a great quality product at an affordable price, and provides creative solutions to maximize your solar potential. The owner sent me Vince, who is knowledgeable and very customer-oriented. I can't think of anything he could have done better. Big thumbs up!

  • "No Regrets!!"

    Reviewed Jul 08, 2019

    I had Robin and his team install my solar system on 6/26/18. They have done an excellent job on the initial quote, installation, explaining how the system operates, permitting and submitting all the paperwork for my solar system. They provided a seamless process through the connection with SCE and getting the system operational.
    If you need Solar, then my recommendation to you is to contact Robin at Future Energy, you'll never regret it. Thanks again!

  • "amazing"

    Reviewed Jul 08, 2019

    I had been debating whether to get solar for a few years, but in the past few months my bill has been creeping up, so I decided it was time. I knew I wanted Panasonic panels and not many solar installers have them. I was also impressed by Future Energy's overall reviews here on Energysage, so I called them. I was impressed with their commitment to excellence in the installation process, particularly their 25-year warranty for all labor if anything happens with the products they use. I didn't want to see exposed conduit and they were able to run everything through my attic. I also didn't want a wall full of messy equipment and they were incredibly neat and organized, leaving me with the clean look I wanted. They made the process simple, taking care of all the permitting and paperwork with the city and SCE. Overall great job guys!

  • "Outstanding Service"

    Reviewed Jul 08, 2019

    Nothing but positive things to say about Future Energy. Future Energy was my 3rd bid and I laid it out up front for the sales rep who came over. Robin understood exactly where I was at and gave me the "meat and potatoes" I was looking for. He sold me on putting the panels in the front of the house- which I did not originally want to do. This piece of advice proved financially rewarding now that I've been producing for 3 months- even with the rain. From Robin to the install guys to Albert the electrician I was very happy with this company. They walk you thru a seamless transition. I would recommend using Future Energy for your future solar projects.

  • "Awesome job!"

    Reviewed Jul 08, 2019

    Vince Downey was great and the first guy to truly show my husband that this solar addition made great sense for us. The work was well organized and well communicated to top it off. Looking forward to our next Edison bill. Highly recommend this company.

  • "Happy"

    Reviewed Jul 07, 2019

    I've had solar panels installed by Future Energy now for about a year. Wanted to wait to write a review to really gauge how cost effective solar really is. It definitely was a great decision as my SCE bill has averaged about $15 per month and was even - $5 last month. Having Future Energy provide and install the solar system was another great decision. Couldn't be happier with the results and can't say enough great things working with Vince. He was instrumental with the process, everything from panel and inverter selection to helping with the financing. Thank you Vince and Future Energy Today!

    1 person found this helpful
  • "yay!!"

    Reviewed Jul 07, 2019

    We recently received quotes from multiple solar panel providers. The Future Energy Today folks came in and gave us a quote for installation on the house, and immediately the experience was different. Less sales-y, more information-driven, and overall pleasant. Besides the quote being competitive, and the staff friendly, the installation process was scheduled and completed ahead of schedule. There wasn't any messing about, and the team was super thorough and professional. Overall, we are very satisfied!

  • "Great Company"

    Reviewed Jul 06, 2019

    Last year we started looking to install solar panels on our home but we dropped the idea for some reason, our contact person was Vince Downey. I am in Customer service and sales but I have to say Vince was an excellent person to talk to, he explained everything, even many calls, emails, and text. He never showed any frustration & kept answering all my questions. Future Energy, if you read this I want to say that Vince is the best...and we are very thankful we had the pleasure of going through this process with him and Future! We will refer you to many!!!

  • "Very Pleased"

    Reviewed Jul 06, 2019

    Vince Downey met with me and was able to answer all of the introductory questions I had as we were exploring setting up solar. I spoke with 3 different vendors and Vince was the best, able to explain everything and Future Energy also had the best pricing.
    Everything went super fast, installed within a week and a half, turned on within the next week. I just cant explain how great this was. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

  • "ALL you need to know in my review!"

    Reviewed Jun 19, 2019
    "ALL you need to know in my review!"

    Reviewed Jun 19, 2019

    Did our research for several months and Future Energy Today wound up being our best choice. Vince sent over a quote that was super informative and then he called us to go over it and we had questions, he is very knowledgeable which is a huge plus for us. Everyone we dealt with was always helpful and we don't think we could've got a better deal on solar. We've had our solar panels for about 6 months already and we are extremely happy with them.(We got Panasonic panels.) Since we've got our solar installation completed, Future Energy Today has called us 2 or 3 times just to check up on how everything is going with our solar and how we are doing as well. The fact that they call us makes us feel assured that we made the right decision on picking them for our solar installation! We would highly recommend them. Thank you!

  • "Excellent"

    Reviewed Jun 18, 2019

    I chose to go solar on one of my income properties where the usage was crazy high for the lights and stuff.
    I chose future cuz of the value dollar for dollar best I found.
    Thanks for doing a killer job guys, highly recommend!!!
    Speak with Vince, hes awesome!!!

  • "Easiest Process Ever!!"

    Reviewed Jun 17, 2019

    Our phone rang all the time from solar companys, it drove us crazy! One evening we were out to dinner and my husband was listening to this man talk about how he loves his solar. My husband asks him a few questions and the next thing I knew he had scheduled a appointment to speak with someone about our home going solar.
    We listened to Vince explain everything and what our saving would be...we loved those numbers by the way!
    We went through with it and it's been over 6 months now and we are saving a lot, more than 50% of what we were spending with Edison which us awesome!
    We just both want to thank you Vince, everything you told us was right on point!!!
    We could not be more happy with the process either. Within a month we were installed and turned on and saving from the day we signed!!!
    You are amazing Vince #2!!!

  • "Fantastic Company"

    Reviewed Jun 09, 2019

    Future Energy has done nothing but deliver excellent service to my family and I during every single process and step throughout our installation. Couldn’t have picked a better company, thank you!

  • "Amazing!"

    Reviewed May 24, 2019

    My husband and I decided to go solar. A lot of our neighbors had done it and they were happy. We got several quotes and found that future energys numbers and quality of product fit perfect.
    The guys were super good and clean. It was a great experience and Vince eliminated our entire Edison bill...we are so happy!!!

  • "Future Energy"

    Reviewed May 24, 2019

    My family and I made the decision to hire Future Energy because they had the best price point and our rep was very open and honest throughout the whole process. Amazing Company!

  • "Satisfied is an understatement!!!"

    Reviewed May 24, 2019
    "Satisfied is an understatement!!!"

    Reviewed May 24, 2019

    So, I've been wanting to go solar for a few years, but the hubby not so much. I scheduled a few appts with companys, got a lot of info, but it was quite overwhelming to be honest. Then we had Vince with Future Energy come out and for whatever reason, him and my husband just clicked. We knew within the first 30 minutes that Vince was the one that was getting our business. Just a straight shooter, zero bs!
    We got premium plus panels, awesome financing, saving us over 50% of what we were spending!!! The team Vince sent over to install were on time, and installed very quick. It took two days for 36 panels!!! We were amazed!!! And we were turned on within 8 days.
    So...from signing to actual permission to operate was under 3 weeks, boom!!!
    We absolutely love Future Energy and would recommend them highly.

  • "Another happy customer"

    Reviewed Apr 10, 2019

    Future Energy was very professional and knowledgable. The installation was well done and I am very happy with their service. I would highly recommend using their service to anyone looking to have solar panels installed.

  • "Great Experience!"

    Reviewed Mar 07, 2019

    I resume my review by saying this.

    I had been approached from 6 different solar companies, including 4 of them sitting at my table. I was confused and tired of looking for a company that I could feel comfortable with.

    When Futureenergytoday came to my house, I new this was the one.
    They where honest and very professional in explain everything to me A to Z.
    I felt that I could trust them, and I’m that I did. They didn’t let me down at all! Superb job, and great efficiency!

    Thanks to futureenergytoday for helping me and my family save money and help the environment.

  • "Very professional"

    Reviewed Mar 04, 2019

    From a $1400 bill we went to only paying when we have bad weather.
    From planning to fully connected 22000 kw ground mounted hillside system every step was friendly and professional. I am especially impressed by their installation workers -friendly and unintrusive their presence on our property for the complicated install just was NOT a nuicense. Thank you. I definately do recommend their work.

  • "Saving so much"

    Reviewed Mar 04, 2019

    After spending an enormous amount of money on power, my wife and I decided to give in and invest in some Solar Panels. Little did we know how efficient, fast, and cost effective future energy was. They came in our home for a quote and were performing installation less than a week post our first meeting. I am so grateful for the deal we got because or bill for energy is spare change no a days compared to what it used to be.

  • "excelent"

    Reviewed Mar 03, 2019


  • "Solar"

    Reviewed Mar 02, 2019

    Timely, Amazin, professional service provided. Couldn't be happier.

  • "Amazing Service"

    Reviewed Feb 28, 2019

    Such excellent service and install. Had no issues at all. Almost zero down time and a flawless install. Couldn't be happier with the hard work and dedication to make sure everything is done up to standards. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for solar upgrades to your home.

  • "Excellent company"

    Reviewed Feb 23, 2019

    This solar company is amazing! They were on time and fast with the Installation and there price was better than 3 other companies that gave us quotes for the project. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  • "Love the $avings!"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2019

    We installed our solar system with Future Energy few years ago. The process was seamless and the price was great. System performed as promised. Recently our HOA decided to change the roof on our complex. Future Energy was able to accommodate the schedule, they worked directly with roofing company, removed the system and installed it back. I didn’t have to deal with it at all. Great customer service guys! Thank you!

  • "You Get What You Pay For!"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2019

    Future Energy sales people took great care in explaining how a solar system produces energy and the financial benefits I'd receive after installation. They walked me through each step of the process and when I had a question they were right there with the answer. From the financial to the execution of the installation I didn't experience one problem. They arrived on time and cleaned up after themselves at the end of the day. They told me my electric bill would drop to near zero and it has. What a thrill to see the meter go backwards. Without a doubt my solar system has been the very best investment I've ever made in my house. If I ever buy a second house, Future Energy will be in my future again.

  • "EnergySage"

    Reviewed Jan 17, 2019

    I had a pleasure working with this company. Their price was better than several other companies I checked. They were very knowledgeable and patiently explained all the questions I had. The installation went quickly and I’m very happy with the results.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Future Energy Headquarters

16735 Saticoy St, Unit 105
Van Nuys, CA
91406 US

Local Offices (1)

  • 30985 Quartz Mountain Road
    Coarsegold, CA 93614

Workmanship Warranty

25 years workmanship warranty
25 year manufacturers warranty
25 year roof penetration warranty


CSLB # 1024289 B-General Contractor, C10-Electrical


Contractors Bond, Liability Insurance, Workers Comp Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance

States served by Future Energy

  • California CA ,
  • Texas TX

Languages spoken by Future Energy

English, Russian, Spanish