It took much longer than expected (1 year + 3 months) to get the system installed and permitted while the production is on par with what I expected.

What You Need to Know


21X REC400AA with Enphase IQ8PLUS. 8.4 KW on a West:East fairly steep roof (28°) on the two story house.

Other Benefits:

June 2022: 1225 kW used. June 2023 (post-install) -168 kW sent to grid (i.e. 0 kW used). Enphase monitor indicates ~1300 kW created

Experience with Installer:

NRG Clean Power for the most was fairly diligent and responded to our inquiries. Biggest drawbacks were: 1) sending crews from Southern California (where they're based) to Northern California where the house is, 2) permitting issues due to not being fully aware of recent changes to regulations requiring more distance than expected from the main panel to the gas main. The permitting issues were the biggest hurdle with 2 instances of the PGE field people refusing to allow installation to proceed (resulting into wasted trips). Additionally, the initial project manager either left or was reassigned leading to more delays and the final project manager appearing to be relatively inexperienced and leading periods of seeming inactivity and not (in the beginning) keeping us abreast of progress. There was also some lack of communication with field crews leading to the wrong subpanel being installed.

Additional Notes:

The roof is not optimal, facing west-east. I expected less than optimal energy production around 60-70% of total. For this 8.4 kW system I'm getting (Jun-Jul) about 5.6 kW max (67%)

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