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18 panels @ 360 W each, with an inverter.

Other Benefits:

Guilt-free using the energy needed for my family to live comfortably in our home.

Maintenance Requirements:

New system.

My Motivation:

Exorbitant PG&E power bills. Long-term savings. Adding to net solar generation in the country.


That installers are able to very helpfully guide and drive the entire process (permits, scheduling inspections, coordinating with utility, etc). One thing to consider is the rated kW of the system is peak DC, while actual output is RMS (so actual output is 0.707x the total solar output).

Experience with Installer:

Installers were very prompt at getting everything done every step of the way! I was a bit nervous as they were the cheapest bid and a bit hard to initiate the first conversation, but after that everything was off-to-the races and exactly consistent throughout with no surprises. The consultant helped trim costs by installing more panels with slightly lower output versus newer styled higher capacity ones, shaving a few thousand dollars off a system of the same size. This was more fair and direct than I could have hoped from any company. Some others actually were not only higher, but after consulting to spec a system quote and identifying my needs, they tried to upsell more expensive equipment. Very happy with the company we chose to go through - communicative, fast, professional, helpful; highly recommend!

Additional Notes:

PG&E was very slow for each of their required steps, presumably since they're not in a hurry for people to stop feeding them nearly $0.50 per kWh, an astronomical rate amongst the nation.

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