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18 panels. Solar Panels: Q.TRON BLK M-G2+ 425; Inverter: Enphase IQ8M (18); Enphase IQ Combiner4; There are two rows of 9 panels.

Other Benefits:

The panels over the entire width of the south facing room with just 3" to spare on each side. I have room for 4 landscape oriented panels on the bottom for future growth.

Maintenance Requirements:

I have had to use a plastic roof rake once to get the snow of the bottom row of panels. The panels have two sections (top and bottom), so the bottom row was just producing 1/2 the power until I removed the 4" of snow at the bottom of the panels. The roof below the panels stopped he snow from sliding all the way off. Landscape panels at the bottom would probably allow snow to slide off roof fully.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

My house if already very energy efficient, and the panels are on a detached garage. I do plan to add a heat pump or geothermal heat to utilize the solar production.

My Motivation:

1) uncontrollable electric bills; 2) 7 year payback; 3) environmental impact; 4) emergency backup potential;


I took down one tree before installation because installer advised to do so to increase production. I will likely take down a few more to add 5-10%. Having control of your trees and ability to remove them is very helpful. Also, do your research and don't go with the high pressure installers. Look at reviews of installers

Experience with Installer:

Great Sky was fantastic. Everyone was knowledgeable, likable, professional and responsive. They took care of everything with town (building permit) and utility. They all seemed to like to work there, which benefits the homeowner.

Additional Notes:

I did a lot of research and then worked with Estimator and Master Electrician to configure my system for future upgrades. Through a new panel promotion, I was able to upgrade the panels to 425W and upgraded my inverters to IQ8M. My system is now 7.65kW. I also added a 50W circuit for an EV (backup) which is now a generator hookup, planning for future EV purchase.

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