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Phono Solar Technology Co, Ltd.

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About Phono Solar Technology Co, Ltd.

Phono Solar Technology Co., Ltd., was founded by SUMEC Group Corporation (SUMEC GROUP), a member of the China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH). They started their renewable energy business in 2004. They state that they have transformed into a renewable energy solution provider who is committed to customer packaged solutions for energy supply , energy management , energy saving and energy storage.
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worst panel

I was considering this panel in good faith, but after reviewing it with Integrated Sun, I came to know that it is the worst panel. Then, they tried to swap the panel. I thought they should have done it initially, before attempting to make this subpar option seem sensible to me

Posted by priscillabenjamin34 on May 07, 2024
Great panels

These panels are on the lower cost side, but they work perfectly fine! They also have a really nice look to them. I would highly recommend them!

Posted by mattbrooks1966 on Dec 19, 2023
Warranty not honored - no customer support

We had a solar panel shatter in an array installed 7 years ago. Panels are under warranty. After 6 months of back and forth there is minimal/no help from Phono. There are NO replacement panels available. What kind of manufacturer does not maintain product reserves! There is no customer support! I can’t recommend to use phonos for such a big investment. Better to use a solar panel supplier who honors their guaranteed products and provides support after purchase.

Posted by annahaller on Jul 12, 2023
Reliable product!

I have had them for over 6 years and they have outperformed what they had promised!

Posted by nirash.g on Aug 24, 2022
They've been working well

I put the new Phono400 panels on my house and so far they have been working very well.

Posted by David Mitchell from MSI on Sep 25, 2020
Zero support after the sale.

My system has 33 of the 250 watt modules currently under phono's warranty, installed by 1 module has failed. What is the procedure to get it repaired of replaced? PHONO USA doesn't answer phones or respond to e-mails from the installer or myself. Thanks for your time, Bill Shuster 760-331-9846 2090 rio vista dr., Fallbrook, Ca. 92028

Posted by bthor on Sep 07, 2020
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