More About Us

More About Us

At SunEnergy1, we believe in the future of the environment. The EARTH is our vehicle through time. As a race, we must commit to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and carbon emissions that create toxic greenhouse gases.

Please consider clean Solar power, if not for yourself, then for your children's sake.

From project concept, to completion and maintenance, SunEnergy1 offers comprehensive solar technology, cool roofing, and LED lighting solutions. Our experienced team, paired with established relationships with reputable resources, provides clients with fully integrated system processes from day one. Upon assessing project parameters, our team provides support with all the following:
*Financial model and explanation of tax credit legislation from in-house attorney and CPA
*Internal rate of return projections
*System size rating and projected performance
*Schematic and preliminary design
*Electrical system design and structural drawings
*Engineering drawings
*Installation construction management
*Post-construction testing and commissioning
*Final as-built documents
*Environmental analysis
*Local authority, customer training and education

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Reviews from Our Community
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