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Inman Solar

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About Inman Solar

Inman Solar is a full service, NABCEP Certified Installer of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems with experience through the entire solar project cycle. We pride ourselves on utilizing local talent and know how to complete your project.

Project Management
With diverse experience in systems integration and commercial project management, the Inman Solar team has a demonstrated track record of delivering projects on budget and on time. This involves knowledge of local and national building codes as well as detailed reporting and organization.

Inman Solar has an in-house design and engineering team. Having assembled a team of structural and electrical engineers, we are capable of handling any technical challenge. We design systems with an focus on optimizing performance and minimizing problems. We are also well versed in utility interconnection options and working with utilities to reach the best system configuration.

Incentive Procurement and Fulfillment
Inman Solar places a heavy emphasis on securing incentives prior to beginning projects. We do this to minimize the financial risk to our customers. Once complete, we dedicate resources to compliance with State, Federal, and Utility incentive programs and the associated reporting in order to get our customers paid. We have experience with programs in every state we have operated in, as well as federal Davis-Bacon and USDA program requirements.

Financial Analysis
As a service to our customers, we have done the leg work to accurately determine timing and tax implications of all cashflows associated with each project. As projects are very different, this requires intimate knowledge of the incentive programs, tax law and photovoltaic technology in order to project a correct return on investment. This is significant not only to manage a customer’s expectations, but also to foresee problems in delivering specific benefits to a customer.

Steve Chiariello : Board Member, Georgia Solar Energy Association, Chairperson of the 2011 Solar Summit, NABCEP Certificate No. 031310-37, April, 2010. BS in Industrial Engineering, North Carolina State University

Dan fossitt: BS in Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University

Mark Jones: State of Georgia licensed Architect, license #10283, March, 2001. MA in Architecture, University of VIrginia