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SORAPRO was founded in New Jersey by a team of engineers and solar enthusiasts who set a goal to research the shortfalls of renewable energy installations and create new solutions to correct them. By utilizing decades of experience in solar energy and intelligent software solutions, we simplify data acquisition systems by improving the installation practices of renewable energy monitoring systems. Our dedication to ease of use has set us apart as leaders in our field. The company is privately held by its founders as well as by financial partner Howarth Solar Energy.

All of our hardware and software products are developed, designed, and assembled in the U.S. Over the years, Sorapro’s products have been installed in over 4,000 projects, in homes, offices, factories, solar and wind farms. Our engineering department has built customized solutions that serve renewable energy and building managers domestically and around the world.

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • Better Business Bureau

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WIsh I had chosen another company for revenue-grade meter

The initial installation was fine. Basic portal to track generation, which can be used to upload data to PJM-EIS for SREC creations. However, over the last couple years, they have become non-responsive to tech support requests, their portal crashes and you cannot access generation figures. I've been getting a 404 Error when trying to log in for the last 2 weeks (as of 6/24/2020), and there's been no reply to emails. I believe they abandoned this effort and moved on to other ventures, leaving this orphaned. I called NJ BPU, NJCEP, and the PJM-EIS program folks, and have gotten little help there, as well.

Posted by dougstang67 on Jun 24, 2020