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Nexamp Inc.

Nexamp is leading the way to the new energy economy with best-in-class solutions for solar development, ownership, and operation.

With no upfront costs, no credit check, no cancellation fees and no installation on your roof or property, Nexamp's flexible community solar subscription model is making the benefits of solar accessible to homeowners, renters, small businesses and nonprofits. Under Nexamp's pay-as-you-go program, subscribers receive discounted credits to offset their electricity costs while directly supporting a local source of clean, renewable energy.
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Founded in 2007 by two military veterans committed to reducing our nation’s reliance on fossil fuels, Nexamp has grown to become a leader in the transformation to the new energy economy with proven solar energy and storage solutions. Nexamp manages the complete solar project lifecycle, from development, design and construction to financing, operations and maintenance. Our ability to provide integrated, best-in-class solutions makes solar energy and storage simple and profitable for our customers and partners.
The Nexamp portfolio includes more than 150 MWs of solar generating capacity today and is growing rapidly, expanding to include storage for more predictable energy delivery to the grid. At Nexamp, we help individuals, businesses, organizations and municipalities leverage solar to reduce costs, increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
Nexamp’s innovative community solar program features large-scale solar arrays that make solar accessible to everyone—from homeowners and renters to small businesses and non-profits. With nothing to install and no up-front investment, consumers subscribe to a project and save money on their monthly utility bills, while Nexamp’s landowner partners receive a steady source of income through a long-term lease.
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  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • Better Business Bureau
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

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Great idea

This is a reputable company.

Posted by edwards12342003 on Dec 21, 2022
Show me the saving on my Com Ed Bill the accounting doesn't add to the saving they say I would get.

Your Electric Bill is made up of 3 or 4 parts. 1. The Electric you use in a month - measured in Kilowatt hours. This is called "Supply" 2. There is a charge for "Delivery" - no way to save here - just a rate on your bill 3. Taxes and fees - 4. "Renewable Community Supply Details" is the solar farm where you are supposed to save money, but I can't get the number to add up to be 100% accurate. Off $.06 but then I get the call from Nex Amp That I owe them $259.13 This firm has poor selling practices - they did not show you to the penny how the service will be billed - Once they say you signed up, they cannot show me a contract that says I signed up for their service, and if I did - they send an email saying you own them money - no proof that you got any real cost savings. They push it to your Com Ed to explain. NexAmp cannot or has not given me any real cost saving data for my Com Ed Account. You, the end user, have to figure out the accounting for your electric bill. Very poor explanation of their accounting processes and practices. Too many extra fees, taxes, and delivery charges that take any saving you may get. I say- stay away from this firm - unless they show you in a spreadsheet, you're saving with your accounting info. They are selling "Future Maybe Savings" they take 6 months to deliver any savings and then say - you get credits - so you have to pay NexAmp for those credits. You pay your Electric Company, and you pay NexAmp - add the two bills together and show me the savings. Hardly any if any- you have to be a CPA to figure out what the real dollars and cents saving are and what percentage of your old bill is being saved. It is not the % any of use per promised. Did you get promised 10%, 15%, 20% or did I see one person get promised 25% I suggest everyone do their accounting homework before you sign up for NexAmp. Do not assume you are getting a good story. I didn't get a good story- I should have called and had a one-on-one phone conversation with a real number analyst. At best, you are talking to some phone sales person that says - I get an appointment and let me transfer you to someone who knows more than me. The only thing is that the second level person has a little better sales understanding. They do not have the knowledge or tools to prove to you- That their systems and services will get any real savings for you

Posted by tjhughes73 on Oct 12, 2022
Are they there?

I applied a year and a half ago and have not heard back, even after repeated email inquiries.

Posted by griain on Sep 29, 2022
Frustrated and Fed Up!

I have had Nexamp for a year. I have tried several times to untangle the confusing billing and it has gotten no clearer. Why did I try? Because my electricity seems much more expensive than it used to. Emails to the reps did not help--nothing really explained, just assurances that I was saving money. Today I tried again. I added up all my National Grid electric bills for the year before I signed up with Nexamp. The total was just shy of $2,000. Then I added up all my National Grid bills for the following year, June 2021 through May 20, 2022. Total is $925. In the same period my Nexamp payments come to $2,102. Total electrical cost for the past year is $3,027! My bill has gone UP by over 50%!! Perhaps I am using more kilowatts, perhaps prices have increased, but not this much. And, with the bizarre Nexamp billing system it is way too complicated for me to see what is going on . So, I'm done. I will turn off the automatic payments to Nexamp and I will demand immediate termination of my account.

Posted by normcopp on May 20, 2022
Do not try this as a landlord with an apartment.

Nexamp seems to have lost their connection to Central Hudson last fall, through to now. As a landlord, I was trying to keep things simple for my tenants, so I had them register with Central Hudson, but I accepted the invoices from Nexamp, and passed them on to my tenants. Except that there were no invoices from September '21 until now from Nexamp. I talked with them several times, and they said they were working with Central Hudson. My tenant moved out a few weeks ago, and now I finally get a $363 bill from Nexamp. This is a bust for a landlord. I cancelled.

Posted by oliversgilbert on May 13, 2022
never trust Nexap

Every word they say is lies. They say your bill drops 50%. Mine stayed same. Then it takes 2 months to get off. They wont delete your data. Never signup.

Posted by klgiger76 on Jan 27, 2022



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