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Nexamp Inc. - Profile & Reviews

Founded in 2007 by two military veterans committed to reducing our nation’s reliance on fossil fuels, Nexamp has grown to become a leader in the transformation to the new energy economy with proven solar energy and storage solutions. Nexamp manages the complete solar project lifecycle, from development, design and construction to financing, operations and maintenance. Our ability to provide integrated, best-in-class solutions makes solar energy and storage simple and profitable for our customers and partners.
The Nexamp portfolio includes more than 150 MWs of solar generating capacity today and is growing rapidly, expanding to include storage for more predictable energy delivery to the grid. At Nexamp, we help individuals, businesses, organizations and municipalities leverage solar to reduce costs, increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
Nexamp’s innovative community solar program features large-scale solar arrays that make solar accessible to everyone—from homeowners and renters to small businesses and non-profits. With nothing to install and no up-front investment, consumers subscribe to a project and save money on their monthly utility bills, while Nexamp’s landowner partners receive a steady source of income through a long-term lease.

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  • "Pissed"

    Reviewed Oct 18, 2019

    I called to have my account cancelled. They informed that I can't cancel my account until the next cycle. I called to have my account cancelled in September, the next cycle is December. So I'm stuck with paying my bill till then. This is Nexamp..

    Keith Hevenor
    Response from Nexamp Inc.
    Responded Oct 25, 2019

    Mr. Mitchell,

    First and foremost, we’re sorry you’re leaving Community Solar.

    By being a subscriber of our Community Solar service, you save 10% on your overall energy spending, and support local renewable energy. This is true if you receive your energy through your utility directly or through a third-party provider. When we spoke we reviewed together how you have saved almost $100 on your energy bill to date solely due to your participation in our Community Solar program.

    Second, you are correct that a cancellation is not immediate. As noted by me and several members of our staff, this is a process that requires us to notify your utility and then the utility updates their system. The utility updating their system stops your credits, and that ends your participation in Community Solar. We have already put you in our system as a cancellation, but until the utility removes you from the project, you will continue to get credits on your utility bill (and save money).

    I should note that this cancellation process is not unique to Nexamp nor is it something that should be a surprise. Most every Community Solar company you work with needs to wait for the utility to confirm your removal from the program. Unlike some other Community Solar companies, Nexamp charges no cancellation fees, and all of this was written in the contract you signed.

    Thank you

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Nexamp is leading the way to the new energy economy with best-in-class solutions for solar development, ownership, and operation.

With no upfront costs, no credit check, no cancellation fees and no installation on your roof or property, Nexamp's flexible community solar subscription model is making the benefits of solar accessible to homeowners, renters, small businesses and nonprofits. Under Nexamp's pay-as-you-go program, subscribers receive discounted credits to offset their electricity costs while directly supporting a local source of clean, renewable energy.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Nexamp Inc. Headquarters

101 Summer Street, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA
02110 US



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