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Eastern CT Solar LLC - Profile & Reviews

Based in North Stonington CT, Eastern CT Solar LLC specializes in designing and installing residential solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Installing PV systems since 2006, Charlie Morgan started Eastern CT Solar LLC in 2014 with the desire to continue to bring quality PV services to local communities. Licensed and NABCEP certified, Eastern CT Solar LLC is an approved CT Green Bank PV installer. Dedicated to the highest quality installations and superior customer service, Eastern CT Solar LLC will take care of all aspects of your project from initial consultation through installation and commissioning of your PV system.

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  • "Great company to work with"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2020

    My 10 kw system was installed in January 2019 and after a year of usage everything has worked flawlessly and has provided 95% of my electrical usage as predicted.
    Charlie is easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. He handled everything and his crew did a nice neat safe job.
    I Am extremely happy with my purchase and cannot recommend these guys enough. If you are in the market for solar this would be the company I would call.

  • "Exceptional Quality & Knowledge Base"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2018
    "Exceptional Quality & Knowledge Base"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2018

    We opted to work with Eastern CT Solar after soliciting quotes online and locally for an ~11kWH ground mount array. Costs were comparable across most quotes, but E. CT quoted the most compact array with the highest quality components - pushing the envelope of what the mount manufacturers had available to try and get the most efficient panels. They were able to answer pointed questions on the spot, demonstrating deep understanding of the field.

    Quality of the installation is top notch, and they took the time to do the work properly - not a fly-by-night, in and out job. Communication was excellent throughout the process. The ground mount system is incredible robust, and the array has been exceeding expected capacity in the winter months. Minor sink holes near the concrete footings were identified during a mid-winter thaw (installation began right as the ground was beginning to freeze) and they responded to the issue right away.

    Highly recommend Eastern CT Solar!

  • "Excellent all the way around"

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2018

    My experience with Eastern Connecticut Solar has been exceptional from start to finish. Charlie answered all of my questions along the way. Installation was of highest quality, so good in fact that the town's inspector asked who had done the work because it was done so beautifully. The system has been performing flawlessly, and if there is ever an unexpected signal from the system Charlie gets in touch and comes out to inspect, if necessary. I am extremely satisfied with E. CT Solar and so glad I chose to work with a local businessman.

  • "8.3 KW roof system working great"

    Reviewed Apr 22, 2017

    We found Eastern CT Solar based on searching for a local installer with good reviews and references, and we were not disappointed! They were professional and not pushy, and guided us through the entire process. I was most impressed that they pulled all the permits with the town, commissioned a local professional engineer to do a strength analysis of our roof, and installed structural bracing in our attic to keep everything sturdy. The system was installed quickly and works great...based on the preliminary performance numbers I think it will outperform the estimates based on the initial solar survey. This isn't suprising because I talked to previous customers who had a similar experience. I will update this review once I get a few weeks of usage data!

    -Chris in North Stonington CT

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  • "Best value. Great to work with. Excellent result."

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2016
    "Best value. Great to work with. Excellent result."

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2016

    Eastern CT Solar was one of six contractors that we considered for our home solar system. They included a large company, a franchised small business, electricians, and small businesses. We chose Eastern CT Solar because the owner, Charlie, was very patient and thorough in answering questions about the details of installation and choosing which financing approach to take. We felt that Charlie gave us the best assessment of how details of the installation would be handled and the installation would proceed so that no surprises would come up later. His information was correct. The technology that he sells was, in the opinion of one of his competitors, very good, and the project cost was significantly lower.
    Once we signed the agreement, the project went forward as planned. We were impressed with the workmanship by Eastern CT Solar and its electrical subcontractor. They were all very pleasant to deal with. The job was completed with minimal fuss.

    After the installation, we had a problem with downloading information from the system, which Charlie traced to a Wi-Fi router. Charlie came back to switch to a different router, and the system has operated flawlessly since that time.

    Our system generated more than 1200 kWh of energy last month. It looks great, and we are very happy that we decided to take advantage of this technology and the financial inducements that are offered. We are looking at a 6-7 year payback on our investment, and gravy after that time. We highly recommend Eastern CT Solar and wish Charlie the best of luck in his endeavor.

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  • "Great job"

    Reviewed Jul 28, 2016

    I chose Eastern CT Solar as the installer for my rooftop system over a number of other good proposals from other fine but much bigger companies, because I liked that with Eastern CT Solar from the beginning I was just dealing with one person, Charlie, the extremely pleasant owner. I do not regret the choice. Always happy and able to answer every question, to respond to every request, and to prioritize our preferences, Charlie completed the job perfectly, quickly, and at a lower cost than the competition. Highly recommended!

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  • "service review"

    Reviewed Nov 14, 2015

    Charlie Morgan was very knowledgeable helpful courteous friendly
    professional during the sale and the install of the product

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  • "Awesome Install"

    Reviewed Sep 14, 2015

    This isn't working. This takes too long. What is going on? This is what we were saying when we signed up to get solar panels from one of the national companies. They promised three months and we were now into our sixth with no calls and no panels. That is when a friend mentioned that his friend Charlie had started his own business. We met with Charlie to find out if it would be worth switching or just wait. He explained what he could do and how soon he could do it. We decided to cancel our contract with the existing company and sign with Eastern Solar. Best decision we could have made. After confirmation of our contract was cancelled we called Charlie and he took over from there. It was great to see immediate progress.(and kept informed of the progress) He made all the calls and took care of all the paperwork. We started the process with him in March and were hooked up and sending electricity to the grid on May 11. We have had no problems and nothing but praise for Charlie and his crew. Wayne Hauptmann

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  • "A really great experience."

    Reviewed Sep 13, 2015
    "A really great experience."

    Reviewed Sep 13, 2015

    Let me start out by stating that I install and repair Marine air conditioners. I need to provide on time service that is of excellent quality. Eastern CT Solar LLC, has educated me regarding solar power. They have installed excellent quality equipment, the workmanship was superb. Eastern CT Solar LLC was a pleasure to work with. To top it all off the production has outpaced my useage for the past two months.
    I recommend them highly.

    Matt Snyder

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Eastern CT Solar LLC Headquarters

689 Pendleton Hill Road
North Stonington, CT
06359 US

Workmanship Warranty

10 years


NABCEP PV Installation Professional- Cert.# PV-041115-011107
RI Renewable Energy Professional- Cert.#117


CT Electrical Limited Solar Contractor- Lic.# ELC.0201516-PV1
CT Home Improvement Contractor- LIc.# HIC.0641338
RI Contractor Reg.-39276


Commercial General Liability

States served by Eastern CT Solar LLC

  • Connecticut CT ,
  • Rhode Island RI