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Skyline Energy Savers, Inc.

We are a family owned business with an A+ rating from BBB. We take care of our customers, personally, as the owner visits every job. We have many financing options to help customers own their systems.
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About Skyline Energy Savers, Inc.

We are a family owned business since 1988. We specialize in energy improvements, especially solar systems. We take care of every customer, personally, and make sure the installation is just right. We help them own their own systems and have several financing options available. Building inspectors tell us we do the best jobs they see. We handle everything from purchase to installation, to interconnection.
Year Established
Phone Number
(916) 933-2773

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

2 years on labor
25 years solar equipment


Business Incorporation: 72-1532520
CA: 549017 B




General Contractor's License
C-46 Solar
C-10 Electrical

Industry Certifications

What Customers Are Saying

3 reviews
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Skyline Energy Savers is the best Solar Option in Sacramento County

The people at Skyline Energy Savers are true professionals. Highly recommend them! They are knowledgeable and friendly, responsive and smart. They have the most competitively priced options I have found and that means I am saving money on my system and with my solar system; I like that!

Posted by g3president on May 15, 2021
The Most Honest Company and the Best Experience

I am so happy with this company and my solar system. I came on here to write a review and saw someone that didn’t have a good experience with them and wrote a bad review. I honestly am wondering if they have their companies mixed up?? I can’t figure it out because Skyline Savers was fair and professional and so responsive. Choosing Skyline has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made with home improvements. I hope that other reviewer gets things straightened out with which company they worked with!

Posted by britani.underwood on Jan 29, 2021
Don't belevie a word they say - Attempted to oversell me by over $10,000.

Company called me saying the State of California had a lottery program to install solar panels and other energy saving devices in my home for free and that I had won. - That was a lie. Sales rep showed-up saying I was mistaken - Second lie. I was told they only sell solar panels and they don't sell home energy saving's equipment. Lie - On his business card it says they do. So I asked for a quote for solar panels. I told him I was a PG&E customer and if he knows how to properly size a system for PG&E customers. He said he did telling me I needed 22 panels. That was a whopper of a lie which would have me spending $10,000 more than needed AND I his design would have me giving tens of thousands of dollars of electricity to PG&E for free. Went with an honest company only who sold me a 14 panel system which is just slightly over producing what I need in the late fall and dead of winter. Only reason this company would tell me I need 22 panels or almost twice as many as I actually need is they either don't know what they are doing or trying to grossly oversell customers to make more money.

Posted by dspindler on Nov 19, 2019



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