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Sun Commercial Solar division of Michael Fink Electrical Inc - Profile & Reviews

We don't use high pressure sales people. Deal directly with the Owner of the company from start to finish. Honestly. Integrity. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss what works best for you.
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  • "Solar Panel Installation"

    Reviewed Mar 08, 2020

    We had been considering installing solar energy on our house for a while and did considerable research on materials and contractors. We got several quotes from contractors and decided on Sun Commercial and Michael Fink Electrical because of the equipment he used and the time he took to explain the installation process. He always kept us informed of when he was coming and at what point in the process he was. He was always on time and took some extraordinary steps to stay on schedule when one of his suppliers couldn't provide some materials on time. He kept the process on schedule so we could get our full energy credit before the end of the year. He is a local contractor, which is important if there are any problems down the road with the equipment. I would highly recommend Michael Fink to anyone for their solar installation.


    Reviewed Oct 01, 2019

    Let me start by saying, DO YOUR RESEARCH! It took us about a month and a half. We had 8 quotes, and 5 house visits. Some of these solar companies are just interested in selling you. NOT Sun Commercial Solar, Michael Fink is a No nonsense electrician. He has the knowledge and experience to give you what you need. He will not "sell" you. His price point is just as good or better than everyone we talked with. We were informed about every aspect of the job. He was honest and efficient. He took care of all permits and paperwork. This job was done in 3days. His crew was courteous and kept everything neat and clean. We are very pleased with the quality of the work and he stands by his products and workmanship. Fortunately for us, he is a local company. Great job, thank you Sun Commercial Solar.

  • "EXCELLENT service and products!"

    Reviewed Jun 06, 2019

    I had another company (not local) come in and give me an estimate. After doing some research, I found out the salesman lied about several things and cancelled the contract.

    Sun Commercial was another company that responded to my search (thru Energy Sage). Knowing a bit more now, I met with Mike. He was EXTREMLY KNOWLEDGABLE and HONEST. He was able to answer all my questions re the system and the installation.

    Being local (IMO) was also a great asset and I was ALWAYS, even after the install, able to reach him.

    At my request, he brought a panel that would be used for the install. We actually went on the roof (the other salesman would NOT) to decide the best lay out. I explained to him I am extremely anal about my things, installation, neatness, of anything, etc. Mike was VERY ACCOMADATING / patient and his work showed it.

    The electrical box, control box installation (on the side of the house), was installed as I requested, (nice and neat-EVERYTHING fitting below the garage, in wall A/C unit), very un-obtrusive.

    Once activated (sunny day), the electrical meter, spun BACKWARDS (making electric and sending it back thru the lines to LCEC) VERY QUICKLY.

    Enphase, the maker of the control box, monitors the unit and notifies Mike(and I believe myself) of any issues(via the internet). I go on-line and can check the energy production (updated every 15 minutes) for the day.

    It's been installed for approx. 2 months now, not a hiccup.

    I did NOT have an electric bill for last month and still have a $30 CREDIT for the next month. I am also producing approx. 1/3 MORE electric than I'm taking in from LCEC. Worth noting, I'm running the A/C slightly cooler than normal as well. On a sunny day, A/C running, the system is PRODUCING more power than the A/C uses-the meter is running BACKWARDS, still sending excess electric back to LCEC. On a cloudy day, the A/C running, the meter usually stops moving-still producing enough power to run the A/C off the solar, no electric coming in from LCEC.

    Worth noting, should a storm knock out your electric, unless batteries are installed, the system turns off and you have to revert to your generator(safety issue for the lineman).

    Lastly, I was concerned about the mounting system, hurricanes tearing up the panels / roof etc. I observed the installation on the roof and the mounts / rails and panels. There is NO WAY a storm will pull the system off the roof as the rails / mounting tabs are so heavy duty.

    As an investment, the return ($ wise), is MUCH more than any bank / investment firm can do. A win / win IMO..

    My only regret is not doing this sooner and finding Mike to do the install.

    S. Townsend, SW Cape Coral, Florida, 33914

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Sun Commercial Solar division of Michael Fink Electrical Inc Headquarters

3420 SW 7th Lane
Cape Coral, FL
33991 United States

Workmanship Warranty

25 year workmanship warranty, covers all aspects of the installation, electrical, roof, parts, labor.


Enphase. Silfab Solar, Mission Solar, Canadian Solar.


State Certified Electrical Contractor EC13005583


Business Incorporation: EC13005583


Fully Insured

States served by Sun Commercial Solar division of Michael Fink Electrical Inc

  • Florida FL